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  1. I have to refresh. It has been so long that I've been on here I have to get my brain cranking. Whew. LOL
  2. OMG I haven't been on site for like forever. I miss it. I might as well start w/the random. Let me see... hum... Well, my taste still hasn't come back w/the meds I'm taking so I tend to eat the same thing for days in a row. With that being said, I've had a grilled cheese sandwich for the last 8 days in a row for dinner. The hubby makes a mean grilled cheese w/a mixture of white cheeses. Yummy. What else, well I'm re-watching The Tudors at night before bed. I'm so happy that Netflix picked up my show "Lucifer". yeah! That's about it right now. I'll be back later.
  3. A big hello to all. It's been awhile but I do try to keep up w/all things Gerry. hope everyone is well. Ciao.
  4. Omg how long has it been? I must go and reacquainted myself with everything. Hope everyone is well. Wow... Lol.
  5. Very jealous. I don't go till June. I go every year. Love it!!!
  6. Elissa, I've only been called to Jury duty once in my life and it was beyond dull. I was the first one called to line up for their case out of what 300 people that day and by the end of the day I wasn't acknowledged at all and was sent home. I think they were trying to teach me a lesson. You get that questionaire or whatever it's to answer prior to them asking for your attendance and I wasn't so kind on it. I said that I'm not intersted in hearing a case, I'm too busy, If you call me I'll go along w/everyone else and not pay attention, etc... I mean basically I answered like a child so they wouldn't call me to attend. Well sure enough they did and as stated I was called first and ignored the rest. Good luck! Do your duty proud. Cassie
  7. Hello everybody. Remember me? Long time no hear from moi I know. Whew, it feels like forever. I need to get back to spending my down time catching up w/everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and all is well. 4 inches of snow here in ole Chicago (suburbs). But, the roads are surprisingly good. Did I spell that right? lol. Anyhoo, I just wanted to come in and say hey and I will be back. Take care you guys! Cassie
  8. *SIGH* I miss you guys at the convention. I've missed what the last two I think. It sucks. If only I can convince the family to switch the yearly Disney trip back to March I could start going again. I wish all of you a blast. I have one yet again. :-( I know you guys will have fun.
  9. Holy flipping cripes when was the last time I was here? HA! Hi ladies rememember moi? Oh it's okay if you're like who? I do miss being in here. It's like where does the time go. I can't even remember how to change my pics. I just wanted to drop in and say hey. I need to make it a habit to do so more often. I'm still absolutely in super lust w/Gerry so that hasn't changed, but available time has surely changed. I do miss you guys that I know and hey to the ones I don't. If we didn't change our yearly Disney trip to June last year I would go to the conventions like before. We shall see. Hope everyone is great and having a super summer. I do see a few of you on Facebook when I'm able to get on there so hey. I have a few minutes left of lunch and I've been wanting to get on board to say hello and finally I said do it! So HEY! You guys take care and I'll be back soon. Ciao! Cassie
  10. Hey Ladies. Long time no hear from moi I know. It's hard when they decide to make things difficult during the only real time you have to get online i.e. that being work. I catch a break from time to time. Hope everyone is well and is doing okay. We all know that not such good news is out but you know what, things will be better. I will try and I promise this time, try to be on the site more often. Miss you all. *smooches* Cassie
  11. I know I've been off for a spell, but I will most surely help. I'll print this out and do during my lunch. Cassie
  12. I was so freaking tired last night I woke up going "OMG Gerry's on" and I grabbed the remote and turned it on during a commercial break before his appearance. Love the man I really do. *sigh* And him and Whitney were hilarious. I think she's funny. Cassie
  13. If my hubby can get my kids later and take out the dog I'm going. I would assume that other GALS will be there as well so hopefully I'll run into a few. C U there. Cassie
  14. love him...love him...love him... Pissed off that I'm here at work and he's less than 20 mins away from me. Hate it...hate it...hate it... Freaking mandatory meetings!!! But, I will try later and again tomorrow and lets see what happens. Cassie
  15. I just heard him on the Eric and Kathy show. *sigh* He kept zoning out. bad connection. I'm planning on going down there sometime later today and maybe tomorrow to look for him. I have a few ideas where he could be but I'm not going to stalk. He said in the interview that he's here for a bit which could be a day to a few days. We shall see. Cassie
  16. I'm so freaking proud of him! If I could make it to Toronto I would so go. But w/my schedule such is not the case. I hope it's received well. So proud of him. Cassie
  17. Hello ladies. Long time no hear. Hope everyone is doing well. I've been w/out power since Monday after the storms and it sucks the big one!!! I can't for the life of me understand the ignorance of some customer services reps. Not all, but in this case the electrical ones up here. We lost our beautiful tree out back. Yeah, it fell down over the line and no more power. It was at least a 100 yr. old maple tree and I'm just so bummed about it. I want more power back but I'm still bummed about my tree. Haven't seen one cutter to get it off the line. My husband had to drive around to find a service person and when they got there they were like "OMG, don't go near it. It's on the primary line and w/your generator it can sprark, blah blah blah. Stay out of the backyard, stop cutting, etc.". I've called at least 50 times since Monday, and no one even had it in the system that a tree was down on the line. Crazy nuts. We had ABC 7 out at our house to survey and my hubby made the news. But, what is really funny is my girlfriends have been emailing telling me "Nice Gerry shrine you got going there in the candlelight". Huh? Oh, you mean my autographed picture???? Who knew it was going to be on TV for one and I just set the candle down for light not thinking how it was illuminating Gerry. LOL. So, now my friends really think I'm crazy w/this. Oh well, it's what it's. His pic makes the front row on my stair mantel. All you gorgeous ladies have a great weekend. I really do want to get on here more often I really do but time does have a way of getting away from people. I used to be on all the time now it's fly by. I will make a change. Until then have a great weekend and be safe. Cassie
  18. I know that I've put on 5 lbs in the last two months and the other day I realize that all of it is in my ankles. I've developed cankles! WTF! My sandals are feeling mighty tight and I'm not liking it. I'm off for my afternoon walk around the building right now. Oi! Cassie
  19. I do need to find more time to get on. I'm so far behind. I've been fortunate to have been to 3 of the conventions, but not this year. I'm going to Disneyworld on June 9 for 8 days which is the same time of the trip. It was a lets go again kind of thing planned last month. You girls have a great time which I know you will. Cassie
  20. Hello ladies. Yeah, long time no see. The last time I was on I said I'll be back and it has been what 2 mons or so already. where does the freaking time go. I do miss you guys and getting on here to get my Gerry fix. I need to get on it. Hello to everyone I know and to all of you that I don't hello to you as well. I'm usually not here on a Friday night (weekly scrap on Friday) but tonight is an exception. I have a few moments and what do I do, I get on here. I miss you guys (yes, I said it twice) and I will make more of an effort to be back. Until then. Ciao! Cassie
  21. Hello ladies... I know, long time no posting from Cassie. I've just been so ridiculously busy and tired it's a crapping shame. I miss my girls, so I'm going to try and make more of an effort to get my arse on here more often like I used to do. Oi! I wanted to just say just in case I'm out the remainder of the week: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!! Well, at least for all you who do celebrate the holidays. Be safe and be happy and I will be back soon. Have a great time!!!! Cassie
  22. Hello Ladies.... Long time eh. It's hard to get on at home now w/the little one running around and at work it has been very busy lately. It's okay, it makes the day go by faster. Suzie - Please keep us posted on your SIL. It's hard I know for your daughter but I will keep my fingers crossed for you in that he gets well soon. Accidents do happen but I can't stop asking why... Elissa - Loved your cake. I would have gone for a much lower portion but that's just my thing. A girl can dream can't she. Lish - Congratulations on your heroic effort. Lets hope he's going to be okay. I would have panic and dialed 911 really well. Sue - How you holding up? ALL - I hope everyone is doing well and things are okay and everyone is healthy. No real calmaities holding you down and you're enjoying the change in seasons. Nothing too exciting on my end. My little ones are now 2 and 7, but of course my girl although 2 is really going on 35. She's too grown for her own good. OMG! But I wouldn't change a thing. Everyone have a great day and since it's officially HUMP DAY lets push for this week to be done and lets get this weekend started right! I'll be back. Cassie
  23. I was there. HA! Now back to my visual of Deb on her knees.... NOT! Cassie
  24. OMG I've been off the board for over a month. Whew, that's a long time, but time flies you know. I get to be on the first page of the new floor. Wahoo. Hey girlies. I'll be back I promise and I will read the earlier posts. I'm too busy trying to plan my next Disney vacation. I mean priorities. Cassie
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