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  1. We could sure use a few more icon entries at gerrychallenge! The deadline is Monday morning. We also need entries for our Phantom of the Opera Icontest - poto_stillness. Our theme this time is a lyrical challenge using the lyrics from the new song from the Phantom of the Opera sequel,Love Never Dies. We have just 8 icons for that challenge, so more would be great! Both pictures from the stage production or the movie may be used. The deadline to get entries in for this challenge is Wednesday, Dec. 1, 10 p.m. EST. We hope you will join us!
  2. In anticipation of the release of Law Abiding Citizen, we have chosen it as our theme for the new challenge at gerrychallenge. Several screen caps from the trailer and promotional stills have been provided, but you may use your own favorite pictures if you like. All effects are allowed (blending, textures, stock images), including animation! Come join us for this fun challenge! You can see all the details and images HERE.
  3. oh man, it's gone already due to copyright.
  4. Just a quick reminder that there are just a few days left to enter our special challenge at gerrychallenge! The deadline is this Friday, August 21. The response to this challenge has been a bit disappointing and we could use more entries. I hope some of you will join us and enter the challenge!
  5. We are excited to be celebrating our 100th challenge at gerrychallenge! Our special challenge has been posted and is a 4-part challenge. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 21. Part 1: The maker's favorite previous entries - up to 5 icons may be submitted. Part 2: A new Community Header challenge. Part 3: A banner celebrating the 100th challenge. This banner will be placed permanently on the community's profile page, with credit to the maker. Part 4: A regular icon challenge - maker's choice of their favorite pictures of Gerry as himself or one of his roles. A HUGE pic-spam was included, but makers may also use their own favorites. Up to 10 icons may be submitted for this challenge. We hope all you very talented artists will come join us for this very special challenge!
  6. A quick reminder that entries for Challenge 99 at gerrychallenge are due this Friday, July 31. Challenge 178 at poto_stillness is now posted; the theme of our new challenge is the Phantom's vulnerability.
  7. Thanks! Man, if I had been patient and waited just a couple of days, I wouldn't have had to spend over an hour transcribing this article! LOL
  8. Challenge 99 at gerrychallenge has been posted and this time we are using pictures of Gerry from the premiere of The Ugly Truth. *thud* The deadline for entries is Friday, July 31. Also, another reminder that entries for our Meg Giry challenge at poto_stillness are due this Friday, July 24.
  9. A reminder that the deadline for entering The Ugly Truth challenge at gerrychallenge is next Friday, July 17! We have several beautiful entries, but we can always find room for more! NOTE: The deadline had to be extended until Sunday, July 19. ETA: The new challenge at poto_stillness has now been posted, the deadline for entries is Friday, July 24. The current challenge is Meg Giry, with pictures from the 2004 movie and stage production provided; however, participants may also use their own favorite pictures of Meg if they like.
  10. glad to! Thanks for the welcome. I hope to see a few members join us at one or both communities.
  11. Challenge 98 at gerrychallenge has just been posted. The theme for our new challenge is The Ugly Truth! The deadline for entries is Friday, July 17, midnight EST. Come check it out. I also want to let everyone know that there is also an icontest dedicated to all thing Phantom of the Opera - poto_stillness. The theme for our current challenge is Hands/Touch, the deadline for entries is next Friday, July 10, midnight EST.
  12. Hi! I'm the moderator of gerrychallenge. The deadline was extended until Wednesday, midnight EST. The new challenge will be posted some time Friday or Saturday. Would love to have you all join us!
  13. ''Shattered" promotion...btw thanks for putting it up on your site!!!

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