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  1. hi elle! it's nice to see other skating fans here!!! i've become quite the avid traveler because of skating! it's been fun and i've met some really great people! i'm finding that i'm meeting some pretty terrific people being a gerry fan also! amy
  2. that's so awesome, i'm going for a figure skating event too. it's the 20th anniversary show for stars on ice and it's their opening show. i'm a huge figure skating addict....ok, i admit i have another man...alexei yagudin....but that's beside the point. he'll never take gerry's place! LOL. the weather isn't lookin too promising tho.....pray for no blizzards ok! amy
  3. ok, so i'm headed up to lake placid new york next week, which just happens to be near montreal. just wondered if anyone knows when his filming will be over? just a hypothetical, but wouldn't it be soooooo awesome if he decided to take in a holiday in lake placid!!!!! i know keep dreamin, but hey it's only about a 45 minute drive! oh well, even if i don't make it to canada i'll still be oh so close! :bonnie: :scotland:
  4. you know even in tr2 he doesn't seem skinny thin, just muscular thin. maybe he really is that thin and like you said, we just don't see it on camera. but i did notice it this time, my eyes are getting better! LOL becoming more in tune with the gerry attributes! :gerryholic: have a wonderful day ladies....i'm off to work....day dreaming of the gerbear! amy
  5. gb.net here's the video one of the girls took from her cell phone....kinda hard to see, but at least you get a visual.
  6. OMG.....SOMEONE CALL THE EMS.....GET ME A ROOM IN THE GALS GUTTER HOTEL.....QUICK!!!! check this out... gb.net all i have to say is i could only wish to wake up to THAT every morning... whew.... amy off to have a ciggie....(and i don't even smoke!)
  7. is it me, or does his face look extremely thin???? or maybe it's just that beard hiding it. i don't know but i hope he's not getting too thin. i'm all about a healthy man, but no over-doing it! i love the beard but i think i prefer it just a bit thinner. i still love to see that gorgeous face of his!
  8. i think it's unanimous, the treasure trail.....stays! :mopboyjackie:
  9. i would love to be gerry's chest waxer....and i'll be sure to go easy on him ladies!!! :hugsnkisses:
  10. if you get him to "rough and tumble" with you, when you're finished would you kindly send him my way! LOL. we gals share right????? :high5:
  11. dr. em summed it up beautifully for me. i'd say if i was to settle for just one of his characters, it would definitely be the stranger. i loved him in dear frankie. he's so in tune with lizzie even tho he'd only just met her and willing to open himself to frankie. so touching and bittersweet. get my tissues!!!!
  12. OMG!!! that is great! size 11 eh? a bit of trivia i was unaware of.......and of course we all know what they say about the feet! that just makes my day! i'm not sure how you post pics like that....just a little slow on the ways of the internet in that respect. but i'd definitely like to see the difference!
  13. ah yes, gerry in a giftbox! woohoo! and maybe a little....ok, huge, red bow conveniently placed! te he!!! :boner: trying to think of a gerry song to go along with the *all i want for christmas is my two front teeth* tune. altho, i'm not doing very well with that one! LOL
  14. oh, i definitely want to weigh in on this one. just to get it out there, i definitely think he's gorgeous and masculine and all that, but i don't think in a "runway model" kind of way. it's more of a rough and tumble "i'm all man" kind of thing with gerry. i love that about him. and even tho i think he knows he's got a look, he doesn't let that take over his man-ego and walk around like God's gift to women....even tho he is! roflmao! :mouthmaulme:
  15. ok, you're probably going to want to beat me with a stick :bottom: ....but i think he looks kinda cute...i mean in a gerrylicious kind of way. of course the hair is bad, but i still want to with him! LOL....i don't think he could look bad enough for me NOT to want to! thanks for sharing!!!
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