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  1. Please, please Gerry, take up singing again. Then put a CD together for us. Imagine the possibilities!!!!
  2. Not a conventionally handsome Hollywood actor? When was the last time you had your eyes checked? LOL No one holds a candle to our Gerry.... Debbie
  3. OMG! Hello there handsome. Haven't seen you around in a while. You are as gorgeous as ever. I cant calm down. OK I think I have made my point. LOL
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love Gerry but I too want the hairand beard to go NOW! I miss his clean look. So much that I have been cheating with an actor names James Purefoy. I'm with ya Gspot. Debbie
  5. Anna! So good to hear from you sweetie. I think of you often and keep you in my prayers. Glad you are able to visit Italy. Hope you have a wonderful time. How is Himself doing? I know the GALS in Vegas will miss you. I wish I could be there but being jobless right now makes that an unatainable dream. Keep in touch. Much Love Trekkiegoober Debbie
  6. LOL Good one AbrockWell our Gerry is going to be one busy boy for the next several months. Just think about all the movies we have to look forward to...... Be still my heart Debbie
  7. Thats the Gerry we know and love. Stick that pinky out for us while telling the Papps to bugger off! Take care Gerry Debbie
  8. I agree when will the poor guy sleep? My, he will be busy! Lets hope one of them calls for a short haircut! Its time. Debbie
  9. Jon: I am so very sorry for your loss. Things often happen that we have no reason as to why. My heart and prayers go out for the boys mother and you. Debbie
  10. Hi Jon! Welcome to our big family. So happy you found us. Dont be afraid to tell us your feelings here. We totally relate to the Gerry love. I discovered him in "The Phantom Of the Opera". That was 8 yrs ago and I am just as crazy about him as when I first saw and heard him sing. Hope to see lots of posts from ya. Take care Debbie
  11. OMG! What a wonderful article. Gerry is our Alpha male and has a heart of gold. I will follow and support him forever! His movies will stand the test of time. Debbie
  12. Great interview! Thats really the first one I have seen with Sam Childers. Thanks for sharing. I pray that they will remarket MGP in the US. Debbie
  13. OMG! When I was in high school I was in love with Napoleon Solo.That show was the first "spy" show on TV. I was heart broken when it got cancelled. It would be a lot of fun though. But I think Gerry would pass on it. Debbie
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