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  1. Hey There Sandy! It's nice to see you here.

    Thanks for the job sympathies. The company I worked for is not doing well and I fear they'll be gone soon. After things looked so promising, a huge investor backed out. As a result, I lost my job.

    I have a few prospects already. As a matter of fact, an old job of mine opened up with another company and I quickly applied. I'm crossing my fingers that my old manager is still there and hires me back. :pointy:

    Have fun in San D..... Sandy! Hee hee.... Get it? I know, I know.... it's very lame. :lalala:

    Safe travels everyone. We'll be waiting for pictures and stories when y'all get back!


    ~ Donna Lee

  2. Everyone have a great time! I hope to one day go to this thing. This year seems to have all the cuties I adore like of course.... GERRY, Hugh, Keanu (OMG.....my twins look just like him), Brenden, etc...

    Susan.... I hope you get to meet Hugh. Can you imagine? Ahhhh, I really, really hope you get to meet him. :pointy:

    I will be staying put for a while. I was just recently hit in a lay-off this past Monday. Until I find a job, I'm grounded for a while.

    I will live vicariously thru the stories and photos all of you share.

    Keep cool GALS and ENJOY!!!! :music:


    ~ Donna Lee

  3. Oh, I'll definitely be there next year! It will be my first time to Vegas, but most likely not the last.

    I LOVE THE THEME and absolutely love "DEAR FRANKIE!" In fact, I love and believe in the saying, "We're All Connected" so much that I had it tattooed on my leg along with a thistle while in Scotland last year! :pointy:


    ~ Donna Lee

  4. Wintour will also make a cameo at a Men’s Vogue event hosted in honor of Gerard.

    Well, the boy must be doing something right in the world of Fashion to be the honoree at a Men's Vogue event! :dance:

    Good for you Gerry! :yo:

    ~ Donna Lee

    :( I can't see the photos till I get home from work, darn firewalls!

  5. Aw.... I can't see the wallpaper here at work. It's another "wait till I get home thing" I guess, but I do remember the story being told at CUT. I think Martin and Tony started talking about growing their beards and then this funny tale emerged!

    Can't wait to get home to see it!

    ~ Donna Lee

  6. Thanks so much Alice for posting the "Call Video!" It's nice to see how thoughtful and generous GB is. I still love the fact that he can be his adorable, funny, self with his fans. A simple phone call can send us all to oblivion.

    It don't take much..... you know? :drool1:

    I'll wait patiently for the transcript....... or at least I'll try. :music:

    ~ Donna Lee

  7. I got to meet Martin at CUT and I have to say he is so very adorablisious! :kisswink:

    He seems to be a guy who would auction off his pants for a good cause. Methinks he feels right at home with Gerry's fans... every silly one of us! :pointy:

    ~ Donna Lee

  8. I remember that interview! She was all cute, giggly, and blushy with him and he was all cute and playful with her in the back seat! He weezled his way into kissing her, but I can tell she enjoyed every bit of it! :p Who in their right mind wouldn't? :kiss:

  9. I'm 45 and will be 46 in about a month! After having 4 children, I'm surprised that I don't have many wrinkles just a few rolls instead! :kisswink:

    ~ Donna Lee

  10. Safe travels ladies and gents! Give us updates when you can. :dancegal:

    I'll be thinking about how much fun you're all having and believe me, I'm there in spirit too! :butterfly:


    ~ Donna Lee

  11. Oh Swannie,

    You've managed to say so eloquently what is in so many of our hearts! Well done, Swannie! I wasn't in Vegas in 06, but I was in Glasgow that same year and witnessed the genorousity and love of not only Gerry, but his family as well. It was truly a magical evening as was Vegas in 06. I'm so thankful to be around in the beginning before "300" and I plan to be a permanent fixture!


    ~ Donna Lee

  12. Hmmmm, I'm thinking he needs a long, relaxing rest somewhere this weekend like....say.... :vegasbaby:


    That was such a subtle hint, I almost missed it. :kiss::D


    gee, i don't know what ur talking about.... :cunning:

    That would be so wonderful for all of you going...have fun and have a few Gerritas for me!

    Oh Boy would I love to join you ladies, but work, weddings, and money get in the way of my Gerry Fun once in a while. Please have a few Gerritas for me too!

    ~ Donna Lee :music:

  13. One positive thing I found out from seeing this video last week (which absolutely made me cringe) was that Gerry is attuned to how his fans feel (at least at GALS and other respectable sites). He was absolutely correct in that "His fans don't want to see him like this!" Many of us know exactly what he meant by that and it wasn't because he didn't look HOT, because he definitely looked that!

    ~ Donna Lee

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