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  1. Like many GALS here, I saw the video last week after seeing the photos. It was like going from ecstacy to agony in a matter of minutes! I felt sickened to see how they actually were taken and I swear I felt a lot the the tension that he must have felt too. I thought Gerry handled the pap's beautifully. He didn't even raise a finger! Thanks Dr. Em for showing that GALS have class! ~ Donna Lee
  2. Yeah, I got the homesick vibe too. Poor guy. I'M HOMESICK FOR SCOTLAND TOO GERRY AND I'VE NEVER LIVED THERE!!!!!!! Great article and I too will miss his bracelets, but I do understand his reasoning behind it. I can imagine taking all those bracelets off and putting them all on again. I think I read in another article that he sometimes misplaces them when he has to take them on and off so much..... ~ Donna Lee
  3. Okay, I've self-combusted. Clean-up on Isle 12 please! ~ Donna Lee
  4. I really would love to know what Gerry thinks about all this. Surely, he's heard of this by now. Me thinks Gerry needs another jog by "Just Jared!" Inquiring minds want to know. ~ Donna Lee
  5. Here's a shout out to the MODS & ADMINS from me too! I really appreciate all the work put forth to keep GALS what it is. I LOVE IT HERE! I'm sure Gerry is proud to have his name associated with us here. We may get a bit out of line, but I'm always appreciative for the way you push us back in. It's always respectful and please know that you all have my respect as well. ~ Donna Lee
  6. Way to go Moira! I just heard on the news a few minutes ago that Naomi was arrested once again for assaulting a police officer as they tried to get her off British Airways! They apparently couldn't find her luggage and she spat on an officer.~ Donna Lee
  7. OMG..... I think we all need sustenance while we wait for Moira. Spot..... I hope you brought a thermos full of Gerritas to share! ~ Donna Lee
  8. Mine too! This was hilarious. This little girl is good. She had me in stitches with not being able to do the things she used to. ~ Donna Lee
  9. I'm proud of you too Swannie! What a labour of love and what a beautiful accomplishment. You can bet I'll be one of your first customers! Big Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  10. Oh Wendy, you're not crazy! As a matter of fact a few years back, watching Gerry in POTO and discovering the forum that GALS sprung off of (GB.net), I swear is what got me out of my depression. Little did I know that when I was taking Zoloft for my depression all I really needed was Gerry!!! That's funny I know, but I swear that's when I snapped out of it. I went through a rough patch like most people do. It took years to build (caregiving for loved ones), but Gerry and the girls on the boards helped me out of it. We cry over PS I Love You because I believe it strikes a chord with all of us. I think about what I would ever do if I lost my hubby. We've been married for almost 24 years now and he is my best friend. Also, it's just because it's a sad film at times. I've cried just listening to the film score. That's how bad I am! So no, Wendy. You're not crazy. Like Knight says, "You've got GALS." Don't worry. You're among friends. ~ Donna Lee
  11. It has nothing to do with his looks anymore. It's whatever is inside of him that radiates out into the Universe. Like a gravitational pull. And no one is immune to it. And frankly, I don't want to be immune . . . I'm very happy being addicted to Gerry Juice. [/b][/font][/color] You've said that perfectly Phoenix! It has nothing to do with Gerry's looks anymore. I've discovered that long ago. I think it was way back when he was on Leno for the first time and he told the story of his dad buying copper instead of gold. I was hopelessly hooked right there and then. ~ Donna Lee
  12. The way that shirt stretches over his chest drives me crazy too! OMFB!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Chelle! ~ Donna Lee
  13. I love it in the beginning when he's says, "Holly Baby" while he's kissing her! Those kissing scenes drive me crazy! FALCONETTE! Happy to see you come out of your Lurkdom! ~ Donna Lee
  14. You're cracking me up Swannie! I can't tell you what it is. I think we all wonder the same thing, "What the heck is it with this man?" I get that roller-coaster feeling, my heart pounds, the tears fall, and I am TOAST along with you dear. EVERY TIME! I think it's what we call GALS, right? Hugs, ~ Donna
  15. I haven't looked at the deleted scenes yet and although I won't like to watch this one, I can only be thankful that maybe this scene is THE REASON Gerry finally was able to quit smoking! Remember he said he quit smoking for good because of his work on this film? If playing this scene is the reason for that...... I'll gladly watch it over and over and over again. I'll just have to buy stock in Puffs facial tissues. Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  16. I had pre-ordered it way back when..... it was shipped 2 days ago. I got the blu-ray version! Ah, it'll be nice and crisp and clear! But, I can't wait for it to arrive so I'm gonna go to my local grocer and rent it for a dollar. They have this kiosk there that rents movies for a buck. They have PSILY listed. That should hold me for a couple of days till it arrives I am so hopeless! ~ Donna Lee
  17. I most definitely second this thought!!!!! I'll be crossing everything in hopes that she signs on the dotted line........................................ ~ Donna Lee
  18. Chickens..... makes me think of feathers. And speaking of feathers, do you like feathers? Do you like feather pillows or beds or both? Do you like being tickled with a feather? ~ Donna Lee
  19. I'm still stuck on this remark and can't get myself out of the gutter. I've tried, but I can't!!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  20. CONGRATULATIONS DONNA! ENJOY!!!! I wish I was able to go........ Don't relatives know to plan their weddings around MY schedule? Sheesh! ~ Donna Lee
  21. He certainly looks as if he's enjoyed himself! I love the brown suit! YUMMY!!!!! I wish we could have heard his speach. ~ Donna Lee
  22. You know I'll be clicking everyday! How hard is that? ~ Donna Lee
  23. I have to wait till I get home too. Those darn work filters!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  24. Maybe his pants have that static cling effect and are sticking to his socks so that they won't go down all the way. I'll volunteer for laundry duty! I know how to use those dryer sheets that prevent such things from happening. And..... you're right, Phoenix. It does make him more adorable and endearing. ~ Donna Lee
  25. Oh Heck Yeah, I'm READY for some ROCK N ROLLA!!!! I believe my twins will come see this one with me. They love Guy Ritchie's films, especially the signature "Guy Ritchie" films. They're the ones that told me about Snatch a long time ago. BRING IT ON ALREADY!!!!! I'm tired of waiting! ~ Donna Lee
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