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  1. Oh Yvonne... What a lovely poem! I would hope that I would have the self control to walk on by and give him that gift. A passer bye's smile and privacy. Well written. ~ Donna Lee
  2. What a great find! I hope they finally got the scene to a wrap! I could watch Gerry walk on the sidewalk all day!!!! YOWZA! I love to watch him strut! Thanks Deichdeern! Your first post and what a doozy!!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  3. I'll have to wait to get home to see these pictures. The links are blocked from me here at work, but I really think I can wait for the porta loo pics. Personally, I'm not surprised at all by what the paparazzi feels they can photograph. They have no shame in that area whatsoever. ~ Donna Lee waiting for lunch time to arrive. Hurry up!
  4. Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my!!!!! I LOVE THESE PICS, but I still can't help to feel bad for him that he can't even take a jog without a camera in his face! I love the attitude and that bad boy look! I tell ya, the photo hounds have guts. If I saw Gerry looking all bad like that, I wouldn't get up in his face let alone ask him if he's dating Cameron! Way to practice that self control Gerry! ~ Donna Lee ETA: Then again, I love his sexy potty mouth! If I were the paps, I might have thought of something else to say to p*** him off!
  5. I do cringe at the thought of the paparazzi. I suppose we're a bit protective of the man and that's why we cringe at this. I have no problem when he's giving them the finger because they deserve a lot more than that! I liked the comment about walking him home and then having coffee, Leslie!!!! That was great!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  6. One of the best things I love about Gerry is that he's not afraid to say what's on his mind, especially when he's around his fans! He can let the "F" bomb rip and would we mind? Heck no! As a matter of fact, we LOVE it!!!! Why is that? I don't know. It just sounds so sexy when he says it. That is why I love listening to Gerry's interviews. You never quite know what might come out of that sexy crooked mouth! ~ Donna Lee
  7. Joining in to say Silvia!!!!! You're going to LOVE it here! Cheers ~ Donna Lee
  8. I saw it the Saturday after it opened with my mom in law, Peggy. We live together and I was trying to sneak out early to the 10am show. I had an unexpected turn of events that had me taking my daughter to work and missing the 10am show. I decided to go to the 12:20 instead. Upon seeing that I was upset about having to change my plans, Peggy asked what the matter was and I told her. She then said to me, "You were going to go without me?" I swear, she's Become! By that I mean that she has fallen into the delightful affliction we call "GALS!" I think it really happened last month when she finally saw him at the Nim's Island premier. We were there for CUT and popped over in time to see Gerry. I had warned her that he is even more handsome in person. She just wanted proof that he was real! We both enjoyed the movie together! I suppose I no longer have to see Gerry's films alone anymore. She is now quite hopeless! ~ Donna Lee
  9. I like Cameron! She's smart and she seems like someone who would be so much fun. She probably likes the Scots as do we all! I remember seeing her in a movie with Ewan McGregor. I can't remember what it was called but it was definitely a dark comedy. She was great in it! She gained my respect and applause when she had appeared on an award show as a presenter (many years ago). Upon announcing the winner (who was Chris Isaac) she stood there to hand him his trophy. He took it upon himself to grap her and kiss her! She had to fight him off! Afterwards she said that she didn't know him and that she doesn't know what gave him the idea that it was okay for him to grab and kiss her like that! She was PO'd!!!!! I admired that she stood up for herself like that and didn't just go along with it because it was on television. I hope Gerry and Cameron are having fun. They both deserve it. ~ Donna Lee
  10. Hey Cassie! Sorry to be responding so late, but I haven't posted here much until recently. I sort of kind of defected to GALS from another site. Now I post here more than there! I LOVE IT HERE!!!!! I met you at CUT last weekend. I remember you, although you most likely don't remember me. It's easier to remember the pregnant one! I have 3 boys (2 of which are identical twins) and a girl. The youngest is one of the boys who is now 17. I wanted a girl so badly and I remember when my doctor told me (after an ultra-sound) that he can tell me (right then) what I'm having if I'd like to know. It was very tempting, but I was afraid of any disappointment I may have had if I'd found out it was another boy. I elected not to know until he/she was born. I'm truly happy about that decision. To me, it's a lovely surprise to not know before hand. Girls are truly a blessing as is any child. She was such a tom-boy growing up! I wanted her in dresses and bows, but she wouldn't have it! She is now (at 19) the girly girl. She is loving and nurturing and wants to be a nurse. We bump heads sometimes, but we have a special connection that I believe only mothers and daughters have. I love our mother/daughter outings. She has just recently moved out and I miss her. She's not far away, but I miss our everyday time together. Our next mother/daughter date is this weekend. We're seeing Nim's Island! LOL!!! You may be disappointed now, but believe me it will all change once she's born! Best Wishes and Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  11. Oh YEAH!!! I can really relate to Swannie here. One of my favorite scenes in "Dear Frankie" is when Gerry as The Stranger is walking (or strutting) along the docks! The camera shows him strutting between the cargo containers. Oh, and when he's walking up the sidewalk with Frankie at the end of "The Day." Those are two parts where I keep hitting the back button over and over again! I just love to watch him walk! ~ Donna Lee
  12. After sleeping on this....... I tend to think it was taken way out of context. I can remember an article that was not so friendly to us in Scotland.... What were we, "Menopausal Menaces" or something like that. Remember? I was horrified to see that awful picture on the front. IT WAS ME! I was so embarrassed by it and happy that I know nobody in Scotland! So, I'm over it now and it didn't take long. All is right with the world once again. ~ Donna Lee
  13. Thanks for your encouraging words Swannie! I do remember his call to Bethy and how the news of that touched everyone of us. I also remember how he seemed to be as giddy as we all were (on the phone) at the Glasgow Con in 2006. After reading this article and that little paragraph, I'm just happy to have known Gerry when he was relatively "unknown" and to have been witnessed the magic of the early days. I hope the magic isn't totally lost with him. Maybe he wasn't in a good mood or maybe it was a bad sandwich the day of this interview. ~ Donna Lee
  14. I read this and I thought, "Uh oh, it's happening! Hollywood is getting to him." I hope it is indeed taken out of context because I have to admit as a fan of Gerry's, the comment did sort of kind of hurt my feelings. Even though I can understand where he's coming from, it did nevertheless hurt a bit. ~ Donna Lee
  15. I saw an ad this morning for Nim's on the television and it was great, but the ad bothered me too! At the end of the trailer, the announcer quoted a reviewer as saying, "Foster and Breslin Shine!" What about the BUTLER? How dare they leave him out, after all he's two characters in the film! Then I stopped to think that how funny it is that I feel slighted when Gerry is. I just chalk it up to this GALS that we all share. I still don't want a cure. Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  16. Hey Ger, I'm happy too that you are a guy! But if you weren't a guy, I'd surely still love you in that "TNLW." Pugs.... my ex-boss and always friend has 3 pugs. His newest addition's name is Lola! For some reason I keep calling her, "Lolita!" Why is that I wonder? As he knows of your existance, he is constantly reminding me that his little girl's name is "LOLA" and not "LOLITA" and that his name is "Jason" and not "Gerry." although he must be taken out for a walk every once in a while too. He says the leash is optional and I don't even want to go there! I have a cat named, "Hershey" because he gives me hugs and kisses. I'm sure you have no trouble getting kisses (messy ones at that) from Lolita. Have a Happy Monday! ~ Donna Lee
  17. I don't mind Gerry if you wear socks with sandals. Just don't take it a step further by wearing those little sock suspenders! Suspenders with the boxers in PS I Love You was adorable, but I think that's wear the line must be drawn! Oh, and I love your barefoot photos too! You have such gosh darn pretty footsies! Do you like to play "This little piggie?" Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  18. He looks adorable and I love the curls too! Like Sam, I'll take him as he comes. I do not discriminate! ~ Donna Lee
  19. And what a package. Uh.... methinks I would love to open that package up for Christmas or maybe my birthday, whichever comes first!!!! I seem to have always had a thing for the Brits. I'm just so naturally drawn to them. Gerry stuck to me like "super-glue". ~ Donna Lee
  20. Gerry can be in a potato sack and I'd still think he was a hunka hunka! He looks great as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a bit tired, but if he's coming from a work out and from a jaunt back to Cali via India and Hawaii, that's to be expected! To heck with the paps! I think the protectiveness comes to us naturally. We simply care, that's all. ~ Donna Lee
  21. WOW!!! Gerry seems to be everywhere! *looking over shoulder* His voice is very commanding and he can very well command me to do whatever he wants! What a fun project this could be for him. Go Gerry!!! ~ Donna Lee edit: I just looked inside the book and you're right, Nordic. This book is a riot! No wonder Gerry signed on for it! It's sure to be lots of fun!
  22. One of the great things about Gerry is that I love hearing his voice as much as seeing him on the screen! Either way is a winner! What a cool project! ~ Donna Lee
  23. This video was just simply Beautiful! Can you imagine the time involved? Thanks so much for posting the link. I don't think I'd have seen it otherwise! ~ Donna Lee
  24. Love The Kilt Photos! There's nothing like a handsome man in a kilt!

    ~ Donna Lee

  25. OMG, that was so funny! I loved it when he tipped his head and waved to the girl on the sidewalk. I wonder if she had any idea what was going on! ~ Donna Lee
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