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  1. You always make us proud!!! Thanks Dayna! ~ Donna Lee
  2. Dear Gerry, If you saw a Sasquatch running towards you, what would you do? Just curious, that's all. ~ Donna Lee
  3. I'll be seeing you very soon too Girly Girl! Hee hee!

    ~ Donna Lee

  4. I'm happy that Gerry was at least NOMINATED! That's a bit of recognition. He wasn't totally snubbed for the award. One day his award winning role will come. Look at how other actors are overlooked. He's in good company. Awards or no, I don't think awards are what drives dear Gerry to act. I'm happy for now that I no longer have to explain (to almost everyone) who Gerard Butler is. Go Gerry! ~ Donna Lee
  5. Oh yeah, I can see my place of work sending me to those "free psychiatrist" visits they offer for those that need them! I already have Mini Marek and Little Leo. They're used to seeing them. Maybe a pint sized Alex Rover won't be noticed......... Nahhhhh, I don't think so! Alex would be a lovely addition though, don't you think? ~ Donna Lee
  6. Yippeeee! I've been waiting for this news! Thanks for the long anticipated information! Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  7. Gerry you must know what you do to us and if you are reading this thread (which you're most likely not, as Muse has said) I feel comfortable saying this too! Attila was when I first noticed our boy! I let out an "Oh Jesus!" too I have to admit! I felt very ashamed as I let out that exclamation, but I absolutely could not help it! If you've seen Attila and remember when Gerry is first introduced into the film, he's riding on a horse across the plain. They come in closer to him and ...... that's when I shouted! The Roman bath scene is when I almost died! That strut when he walks into the water is a killer and then..... and then.... the kiss with tongues and all! Oh my gosh!!!! Gerry, you're such a tease! ~ Donna Lee
  8. What a cool program! Why didn't they have this stuff when I was a kid? The only thing we had was Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! ~ Donna Lee
  9. I can just picture it..... Gerry being Mobbed by wannabe Pimple Poppers! ~ Donna Lee
  10. I had the complete visual with the Gerry/Chris Farley-like sketch! It was AWESOME!!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  11. He does look happy and healthy! With great food and great company, what should we expect? It's nice to see him being his smart-arse bird-flippin' self! ~ Donna Lee
  12. Oh Hot Dang!!!! Yes, keep the burr...... PLEASE!!!! What fantastic news! I'm happy he's working with Zack again. Those two looked like they really formed a friendship and I'm SO happy they're working on this together. I knew Zack would find something for Gerry to go with Watchmen! Way to go Zack! ~ Donna Lee
  13. Oh, well Gerry I think Donnakat is hot in TNLW. I mean look at her eyes. Look at your eyes. You look at her eyes and I will look at your eyes and your lips. In a totally married woman who is hopelessly in love with her husband who also has pretty eyes and lips too kind of way. I will just look at your eyes and lips in the gallery. In person. I would probably look at the inside of my eye lids because I would faint or freak out if there was a crowd and let's face it. There is always a crowd. Your most socially challenged fan, Tracy OMFB! I am rolling here!!!! TNLW..... that's something I'm going to use the next time I talk to my gay boss! I'll see if he knows what it is! I might have one up on him this time!!! ~ Donna Lee
  14. Wow, this discussion seems to be poppin' up all over lately, right Donna? I have had serious thought about a reduction myself and I will most likely go through with it when I've lost weight. Unfortunately doctors want candidates for this surgery to lose weight first. And.... unfortunately I've always had this problem since the girls showed up! Fortunately, I have the blessing from my dear hubby. He's all for it because he's known me in my perky teenage years (we're highschool sweeties) and knows how I've talked about it way back then! We're talking over 25 years now! I understand and sympathize completely, Muse. I'll most likely go thru with it within the next 5 years or so. Gerry if your listening, What is your take on this? Did we completely scare you away? Give us the male point of view! ~ Donna Lee
  15. FINALLY!!!! It's about time "300" can get some recognition for the masterpiece that it is! Go get 'em Leo and Company!!!!! :dance: ......... I think we're lookin' at a possible 10 Saturn Awards Baby!!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  16. We DO KNOW who the real star is and maybe it's really better for him too. If it's shot in LA, there won't be much of a hassle being that they both stay out there. I guess it would work better for Gerry too! It's just me. I always try to find the positive in everything.......... Sorry Swannie, Issy, and Amie. ~ Donna Lee
  17. I purchased a Karaoke Player/DVD System for my hubby for Christmas this year. We're both enjoying it. Until recently, neither one of us would get up there and sing, but now it's something we love! I can't sing, but I do love to try! I loved watching Gerry in the Karaoke scene in PSILY! It was one of the best parts in the film! Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  18. I can't say that I agree with all of the "People's Choice" nominations, but I placed my vote for "300!" ~ Donna Lee
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY! You've given so much of yourself to so many of us. We are truly thankful. I wish you only the best for your birthday and the year to come. With all your new projects, it seems like WE'VE received the lovely gifts! Hugs, ~ Donna Lee
  20. :tasty: :woah: :spontaneous: I'm self combusting over here! I never thought I could get so excited over a kids movie, but hot dang!!!!!! ~ Donna Lee
  21. My mom's side are the ones with the Scottish heritage. My dad's side is quite a mystery to me because they would never really talk about their heritage. The only thing I know about them is that they came over from France. So, I'm rather partial to my mother's side for the fact that they used to talk about themselves. Unfortunately, I was too young to pay that much attention and they're all gone now including my mother. My mom's maiden name was Christie. John came over to the US in the 18th century. They were a sect off of the Clan Farquharson. I do remember my mother dressing me in a kilt now and then with penny loafers and knee socks and a beautiful pin attached to the flap in the front. It was one of my favorite things to wear. Cheers! ~ Donna Lee
  22. If anyone ever doubted that there was such a thing as Spontaneous Human Combustion ....... :spontaneous: DOUBT NO MORE!!!!!!! And that's just the poster! Can you imagine when it actually hits the movie houses? I'll definitely need an extra large drink with this one and maybe a towel too! :tasty: ~ Donna Lee
  23. I've noticed more and more celtic talent making its way to mainstream films. It's okay with me! I love the celtic tongue! It's always been my favorite! :bleh2: ~ Donna Lee
  24. I always thought this movie sounded a bit like Stephen Kings, "The Running Man." Whatever plot line they use, I'll be there to see it. Either one sounds good to me and the bonus is that Gerry will be in it! Cheers! ~ Donna Lee
  25. All of you GALS did an awesome job! GOOD LUCK to you all! ~ Donna Lee
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