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    Gerry moving.

    Anywhere on the East Coast is better than way on the other side of the Country! We East Coast Tarts with GALS are starving for some Gerry Appearances! New York is just a couple days drive away from me here in Florida! I'd do it in a heartbeat if The Man were to do a Broadway Play! Are you Kidding? The theater would be overflowing with all of his Tarts with GALS! Everyone of the Mop Boys would have to be in attendance! :omfb: :flames: Donna Lee
  2. Hey Stef! Thanks, it worked! I just thought it was me. My eyes aren't quite like they used to be :SHOCKED: Thanks for your help. :appl: Donna Lee
  3. I tried to choose my Country under "My Controls > Edit Profile Info, but I didn't see where to make this choice. Is there something I'm not seeing or is it not working now? Help! Many Thanks! Donna Lee :Waving4:
  4. I want to be Gerry's and Craig's "Brute Bond Girl!" ( in reference to their conversation on the CF show)! Come on Bad Boys! :wink: :mm: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  5. Donna Lee


    Ahhhhh! Terry in TR2! I LOVE the Badness of GerryTerry in TR2! :gg1: :gg2: :mm: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  6. NOT ANYMORE!Whoops...sorry to let the cat out of the bag, Ger, I know I said I wouldn't say anything yet....but they're GALS, afterall! P.S.....I'll send a replacement for the case of 1000 we went through last week.....Magnums, right? Where does the line form?? Me next!I'm in line after you MishW for a GREAT BIG BEAR BSH (Boobie Squishing Hug) from Gerry! Line forms behind me! NO CUTZIES in the line! :mm: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  7. I've always wanted to hear him say, in the flesh, "Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes!" Referring to this bit of audio: http://www.gerardbutler.net/sounds/gerry_butler.mp3 So, I'd probably ask him to say that for me. Then I would proceed to *faint* hopefully into his arms! Then I would *wink* at him! :gg1: :gg2: :mm: Donna Lee :paperbag:
  8. Here they are...When you click on a pic to enlarge it, it will have a caption. Hey, they're paparazzi. They are creepy! Yeah. I agree. Paparrazi pics are pretty creepy. From what I've seen on various shows, a lot of them seem to try to cause trouble with their target in order to get a negative reaction from them. Thata way their pic would be worth more to a mag publisher.Pretty creepy indeed! :stirpot: I bet he keeps some tunes in that bag too. Maybe a little Rock n' Roll! I would love to hear him sing some Rock n' Roll! "Sing to me my Angel!" :gg1: :gg2: :mm: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  9. I agree with you Bethy ... Every word! GB.NET was where I found many friends from all over and likewise here! I will always be a TART with GALS! :gals: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  10. I would LOVE to hear him sing as "Gerry!" I defended him at work one day with someone who loved The Phantom of the Opera play and said that they threw popcorn in the movie theater once they heard Gerry singing! If Gerry was good enough for Andrew Lloyd Webber himself, what's the tiff about? He was definitely good enough for millions of theater goers who went to see it again and again! And more than good enough for me! SING TO ME MY ANGEL!!!! :gerik: I'd love to hear him sing some Rock tunes! We want GERRYOKE .... We want GERRYOKE! Donna Lee :geettongue:
  11. Oh boy! VEGAS! I'd love to go. Another place I'd never been to, but it's definitely on my "Things to do before I die" list. Not that I'm planning on dying any time soon, it's just a list I keep in my head! :eye: I'm saving for the GB.Net Scotland Convention now, but would love to go to VEGAS to meet all my GALS pals too! (how am I going to tell the hubby about this trip?) :paperbag: He already thinks I'm going thru a mid-life crisis! :whatever: The SAHARA! How pairrrrfect! :camel: :rofl1: Donna Lee :geettongue: :gals:
  12. You are definitely not alone Swan! You have stated my thoughts and feelings more eloguently than I ever could. I just turned 43 a few weeks ago and Gerry has definitley sparked up my libido! I'm married almost 21 years now and was losing some of that spark until his performance in POTO woke me up! I had been watching Gerry's work since Attila, but his performance as Erik in the Phantom turned the fireworks back on again! I don't see Gerry when I'm with my hubby or anything like that. It just fueled my drive to not just go through the motions, but to really enjoy him. We got too used to the routines of everyday life and some of the fun had gone. It definitely has returned in these past several months! I've written to Gerry way back in early February and hope one day to get a response. I am a little sad that I may never get to meet him. But, never say never! I have fun here with all of my fellow TARTS and I definitley have GALS. Almost everyone of the symptoms. May there never be a cure! Donna Lee :geettongue:
  13. Gerry's TARTS are a wonderful group and I am so very proud belonging to them! I have never seen such a loyal Fan Base as Gerry's. We are a zany, crazy bunch of women! I LOVE 'EM! Most of us "get" the sense of humor. He is truly an amazing man who is comfortable (even with his Tarts) enough to say the funny, naughty things he says! I love it that he feels that he can be himself with us! Have you ever heard of another actor being able to say anything around his fans? For example, The 3AM comment! I thought that was one of the funniest things I've ever heard! :rofl1: I have never been offended by anything Gerry has ever done or said. The tongue pic included. I'm never judgemental about him or anyone else. What's that saying, "judge not lest ye be judged?" So, I'm never judging anyone...lest I be judged! :good: Gerry can always be himself as far as I'm concerned. I love him that way and no other! :blowkiss: Donna Lee :geettongue:
  14. Donna Lee


    Aren't we all? I was just thinking the same thing.... Me too! By the way, I think we all know where Gerry is at 3AM! He'll never live that one down! :geettongue: :paperbag: :mm: Donna Lee
  15. OMG! A Sing-a-Long w/Gerry! That is one of my ULTIMATE FANTASIES! NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR! :hissy: Does somebody on here know somebody who may know someone who owns a private jet that will seat a couple 100 Tarts? :ponder: Japan is so cool when it comes to organizing events with Gerry. They love and treat him so well over there. Hopefully we'll have plenty of pics and maybe even a video to watch. Donna Lee :geettongue:
  16. I remember that story too Donna! I loved it! I loved the way he ditched the other girls that "didn't know who he was" and he asked you to "educate them!"~ Donna Lee :camel:
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