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    Writing and reading romance novels<br /><br />BUY MY BOOKS! Visit www.lesliedicken.com and www.jordannakay.com

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  1. LeslieDcup

    Agenda updated

    Barb, I'm supposed to be a "vendor" selling my books and jewelry. When would I be scheduled to do that? Thanks!
  2. Can we bring it along with us or MUST it be mailed to Susan ahead of time? I'm still debating on what to make. Thanks.
  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!! Looks like you got yourself a roomie, Annie!! But this time we won't spend a small fortune on pearls! LOL!
  4. (Psssst...I know I haven't be on here in like -- well FOREVER -- but can I still come to the conference? I hope so, because I just registered and paid. )
  5. (in my next life I want to return as Gerry's bicycle seat)
  6. COOL!!!!!! I firmly believe Gerry's superior acting ability can pull off anything!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!!!!
  7. How about FOOKALICIOUS (see avatar) IMPRESSIVE ENTHRALLING ALLURING DESIRABLE INTELLIGENT (I'm probably repeating stuff, so stopping now!) GREAT SIGGIES, Isaboo!! LOVE THEM!!
  8. I'm having a day like that too.....and all of this GERRY GOODNESS is revving me up like nothing else can!
  9. For some reason when I saw the "300" on that picture, the line from the Tootsie Roll Pop just "popped" into my head. And, well, since I spend most of my time on this site I liked the innuendo part of it too!!
  10. Well, mine was boring until recently. LeslieD is my first name and last initial. But when I met Holly in Vegas last year, she kept telling me that my claims of being a "C" cup were inaccurate and I was really a "D" cup. She started calling me LeslieDcup so I decided to change my screen name to that. As many creative abilities as I might have, coming up with creative screennames isn't one of them! I usually use my initials or name! LOL!
  11. klench...release...klench, klench, klench...release...repeat....
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