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  1. Gerik - for Gerry's Phantom

    Droolicious - does it really need a definition - if you have GALS you just KNOW what it means.

    His Royal Thighness - Gerry in GOTL, Attila and anywhere else his gorgeous thighs are visible.

    I so agree with you all on all of these!! :yahoo:

  2. It has been almost nine years since we met and it has been the most incredible nine years of my life, for which I am so grateful to to you for. So today, I want to wish the most incredible birthday wherever you may be. You truly deserve the love and caring that follow you. Thank you for being the man I have come to know.

    Happy 44th Birthday, Gerry, and many more in return my friend.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sherrell :wuv:

  3. :igotgals:Such a fun night, I truly wish I was there in Vegas along with my friends. Everything was so much fun. Congratulations Stuart on your award. Most important getting to see and hear Gerry at the convention. He never ceases to amaze me with his laughter, his kindness and the love for his GALs.

    Thanks for a wonderful time and I will see you all next year!!! :congrats:

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