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  1. Swannie, That cake is absolutely incredible. No one could do it better. Bravo!!! Sherrell/Bermos
  2. What a great moment. Gerry is such a sweetheart for going the Spartans Midnight Madness game. Gerry you are too cool.
  3. No, my mistake Susan. I misspelled it, it's supposed to be MacManly
  4. You would be surprised at the littlest help can make such a huge impact
  5. What a tragic, but beautiful story of this young man. Nothing is more painful then losing loved ones in any accident, but to have to go through physical therapy due to severe burns and the memories that will follow is truly awful. If there is any way I can help this young man, whether it be e-mailing, talking on the phone, donating money for his recovery. I want to help. Life is hard enough as a normal teenager, but to have to go through this at a young age, he needs every kind of help there is. Yossi sounds like a very strong young man and I believe that in time is wounds will heal, but he will probably need physiological help with loss of his family and of the crash. Please lets help him. He is an inspiration to all of us. I have been to Mackinac City and Mackinac Island, these are two beautiful places. I wish is family could have seen them. It never seems to amaze me, that Gerry is always there to make things better, in whatever way possible.
  6. Hi Peigi, As of today, no! I'm keeping an eye out, but I'll let you know when I do. Yes, I will be there this November, wouldn't miss it. Will you?? Thanks, Sherrell
  7. I will be buying more trees in the months ahead. Thanks Peigi for everything Love, Sherrell
  8. This is so great. I am ready for another weekend of fun When will you be sending out more information about the convention and also. I would love to help out. Please let me know
  9. Happy 5th Anniversary GALS Congratulations on all the achievements we have accomplished. The successful charities drives that have raises lots of money and have helped many many people. To all our friends we have met along the way. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your friendships, your kindness, your support, but mostly importantly your love. I'm looking forward to another many more years and most importantly to Gerry for making dreams come true!
  10. Happy 5th Anniversary to GALS! It has been truly incredible being apart of this website and meeting all these great people! Good Luck everyone!!
  11. That's are sweet Gerry. He never ceasing to amaze me. Thank you Gerry for your kindness toward others.
  12. Hello Peigi, Here are two more trees that I purchased. I hope I am helping. Name : Sherrell Frederick Transaction Reference Number : 35931847 Transaction Date : 2010-07-04 Your friend, Sherrell/Bermos
  13. Hi Bonnie, I know I have said this before, but congratulations again on your first book. I am so looking forward to getting mine. Many Hugs Sherrell/Bermos
  14. Gerry, I want to say a very big Thank you for your generous donation to the Shelter Tree. I was honored to be part of the Vegas experience and to hear you tell everyone there that you would match what we donated brought me to tears. The Shelter Tree is very special to the community and to my heart, for a portion of my life, I was physically and emotionally abused. You are truly and incredible man and I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful group of GALS> Sincerely, Sherrell Frederick/Bermos
  15. I would love to love the King Leonidas doll, and the Bounty Hunter T-shirt. Please add my name to both of these. Thanks so much
  16. Brianna, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious cat. My thoughts and prayer are with you and your family right now. I understand complete. My cat Cinnamon , developed kidney failure and went complete blind about a week ago. I'm worried about her everyday, wondering is something worse is going to happen. I pray that for all the animals out there who are sick or injured get better soon
  17. Jennifer Aniston was not on the cover of AG, only "W". Either way, this is awesome news. Thanks for sharing
  18. I will be there, I know it has been difficult these last couple of years, but I plan on being to support you and the Phantom. Please send the info and if you need any help, please let me know. Merci' Sherrell/Bermos
  19. :yay: This is fantastic news. I am so proud of all the GALS who contributed to this charity, Dr Em, Susan, Thank you for finding the great charity. This means a great deal to me in a personal way, being a victim of abuse since I was a small child. I had so much fun at this convention, the girlie, the fun, etc. Most importantly, thank you Gerry for your wonderful donation to "The Shelter Tree" and to your GALS. You are a HERO in my eyes. Thank you for sending us ReNo. He is true gentleman and was very gracious to each and everyone of us. I hope everyone enjoys all the pictures I took for us.
  20. I would like the bag and 3X t-shirt. Payment is made
  21. Hey Barb, I will be adding mine to Photobucket in the morning and I will then send you the link, along with the Phantom Pheast from last Nov. 2009 Sorry for the wait. Sherrell/Bermos PS: barb@gerardbuttlergals.com (Butler only has one "t") Check your spelling
  22. Hey everyone, Wanted to let you know that Sally/Cybrsal and I are now here in Vegas and ready to party. Give me a call and we can make plans to have some fun. Sherrell/Bermos will be here tomorrow. Give me a call and we can make some plans See you all soon, Deb/KnightPhanton
  23. Keep the votes coming. Help Gerry to win!! * Gerard Butler 91% * Jim Carrey 1% * Jamie Foxx 1% * Jake Gyllenhaal 5% * Taylor Lautner 2%
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