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  1. Hi, Gerry! Wow! Another one! A birthday that is and a good one, 43! Being in your 40ies mean that you're more mature, that you've achieved a lot in your life and that usually you deserve to get the best and never settle for just anything. I wish you success in all you undertake, whether it be in your professional life or personal life. I hope you'll find the right person to share your life with, somebody who would love you even if you were just a lawyer and not famous. I hope you're having a ball celebrating in Scotland with your family and friends! Take care, xoxo
  2. This is a recent picture of Pryanka with makeup and look at the picture of the woman in NYC (she's not wearing makeup) and they do look alike: Pryanka Chopra
  3. Hi! A Fur-cedes! What a great idea for Lolita! I have one question for you: I had made for Gerry's birthday a beautiful charm in 10 karat gold representing "Glencoe" and I do not know where to send it to him. Could I send it to you with the $20.00? Please let me know. I wish I could attend the Convention this year but I won't be able to unfortunately. Bromweynlise
  4. Actually, I think he looks better now, happier. I actually saw pictures today in which the smile seemed to reach his eyes. Between May and November, he seemed to look sadder, more like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, like things were not going too well in his life. I've seen lots of pictures during that time where the smile didn't reach his eyes at all! In the interviews, he didn't seem to be his usual funny self. Usually, Gerry will have this particular laugh that we all love and it seemed to be gone. Now, he actually looks like he's got a weight off his shoulders. So
  5. :inlove: What a great idea! Knowing how Gerry loves leather! I wish I could fit in the bag but then I don't live so far away from where he is working now, so maybe I could give him my address and/or telephone number and who knows! :inlove: with :Draculababy:
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