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    These days, trying to figure out who I want to be for the rest of my life.

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  1. Oh, Gawd! How can I make this choice? Frosty has so many layers, emotions, strengths, and Gerry, I think, was able to really stretch and learn. Leo had fewer layers, but the depth Gerry reached with him was so powerful, both physically and emotionally, that I just couldn't get enough. Ok, enough stalling...I'm sending...Frosty home...(Damn, that hurt!)
  2. It pains my heart...but Creedy it is.
  3. I'm still voting off Clyde. As for the question, I'm going with Frosty. He was a wonderful husband, and he was a father to not just his kids, but to Jay, too.
  4. Terry can do whatever he wants to me, but he cannot come within a mile of my daughter! That man would throw his own grandmother to the wolves if the money was good! Oh, and George needs to go home.
  5. I vote to send Clyde home. King Leo would survive with so little because he would never give up on getting back to his son and Queen Gorgo. Issy
  6. Hello...question...not sure I understand the payment options under Support GALS button up top. I would like to do $10/month, but I'm not sure which option that would be. Issy
  7. Send George Dryer home, give Dracula immunity
  8. I'm with Sue...bye-bye Neil and Archie.
  9. Love the idea of seeing HTTYD2, haven't seen it yet!
  10. Don't think I'll have time to make bags for everyone, but the bracelets are packed! Can't wait to get and give great big hugs to all. Issy
  11. I'll be in Vegas in 16 days!! Can't wait to see everyone, and give great big boobie squishing hugs!
  12. Well, looks like Photobucket is having issues, so the pictures aren't showing up. Guess I'll wait to load the pictures of the new ones.
  13. Last one for tonight...I think...
  14. Don't know who will get this one, but I do know a couple of GALS that like these colors, so if anyone wants it reserved for them, just let me know.
  15. Here's yours, Lugerry! Let me know if you want it fancier or more sparkly, they're easy to redo!
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