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  1. priceless...and that is all i have to say about gerry giving the one finger salute
  2. GALS: Maybe if we stop and look the other way when he turns around he won't notice us... Gerry thinking: Ok maybe just thes once I can lead them home ....
  3. Ye knoe two hands...err heads.....ehh...minds are better than one....
  4. Well et es 3...but in the PM, so maybe if a look the other way and smoke a ciggy...
  5. "combat sex sweat." ....right on the money there AdoringPara!!!!! :gg2:
  6. Can I just say that as a Tart with GALS I trully love GB.net, but this site lets you do more than just cool off you toes in the pool, besides the chatroom at GB.net can only get so guttery before you have to tone it down! I think of GB.net as a home because it lets me know that I'm not the only loony in the world who is head over heels in love with this :sexy: Scottish Chuck 'a' Hunk, but this is home away frm home!
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