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  1. OK Spotty, Last year I paid registration, then horribly couldn't go, so maybe this year I had better do this fun Registration, and try again. Hope your all well Hugs Chris
  2. I haven't received any pm's but I did receive an email tonite, from The Man (supposedly) and I believe this is a cruel trick. How is one to know who should be trusted and not to be trusted. Gotta love the internet, but also hate it. Chris
  3. :ohbaby2: DID SOMEONE SAY VALETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncydrool3: :droolpuddle:
  4. And see you all thought we dropped off the face of the earth and here we still are in Idaho. Hugs and Miss ya Chris
  5. Ok Gals, I have a problem which is not really a big problem but I am bringing a fellow Gals daughter with me she is 15. It is a really long drive and she will keep me company. Since no one under 18 is allowed in the convention part of our weekend, I was wondering if there would be other teenagers that maybe she could make friends with? Chris
  6. *dancing around house* I am so excited yippee yippee only 3 nites and blast off. Vegas here we come. Chris
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  8. Ok Jenn, Holly, Katie, Perrin and whoever else, I am going solo this year so I am gonna be your shadow, so Can I follow ya on the shuttle to Chippies Chris
  9. Hey Perrin, I am ready for vegas. I am drivin alone, but so excited to see you all. I need a vacation really bad. Hugs Chris

  10. Spotty We have to do the Cha Cha Slide Again. Hugs Chris
  11. He is definately not a happy camper Chris
  12. Awesome Jenni you are freakin Awesome. So ya gonna have more books for sale in Vegas. I need the new one sounds like I better read it. Chris Congrats
  13. Guess What I AM SIGNED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE Believe me Dont be afraid of VEGAS, Cuz us Gals will make you feel right at home and we will have a ball. :dance: :headspin: Chris
  14. Jenn, Perrin, and Spotty Gals what the plan I need a roomie, Not sure what Toni is doin but I am going. Chris
  15. Maybe we should make it yellow towels with leather thongs. Chris
  16. I know me and Toni are not on to much anymore, but count us in. Chris :tasty:
  17. Well first thanks to Jenn and Spot for remembering me and Toni, we will definately be there again. Make sure we get an email, cuz it has been so hard to get in here lately. School started so soon Gals time will begin again. Last year was the bomb, but I have to agree with Spotty, Gerry showing up was so unexpected and chances that it will happen again are probally slim. If he shows even better, but the best part was meeting my GALS, and I can't wait to see ya all again. I love you guys. Didn't Toni mention maybe a toga ball, for 300? What ever you decide just make sure its longer and rooms are connected. Chris :inlove:
  18. *wonders into SC exhausted after reading 20 pages* maybe that will teach me to be gone for so long. *thinking to self, Do they still remember me?* :cry: Where do I start, My Grandpa is doing well, this weekend my aunts are going to start goin thru Grannies clothes, so I am thinkin this weekend it will be ruff, my mom is coming to Idaho to be with me and my girls, I am thinkin it is to much for her to handle. My Granny was her best friend. But thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers. A huge HUG and HELLO to everyone. You know it really stinks to be so busy and have absolutly no energy to do anything. I have so been kinda in the dumps lately, so my Doc gave me some help. It seems to be working alittle. Stress is a wonderful thing isn't it. I have decided that I must have been someone very bad in my last life, cuz I am sure gettin the poopy end of the deal now. There has been so much dont know where to even start so I will save you all from my poopy life. I will say that I need lots of prayers, I am applying for a full time position in my office and that would make my life so much easier to have one job full time rather than have 2 parttime jobs and work everyday. Jenn - Gotcha beat my daughter starts school tomorrow. :dance: Katie - How ya feelin, I miss ya. Thinkin of ya. Bethy - Please teach me your math all mighty professor. Lish - Hows the house? Swannie - Hope your feelin better, tell poopy mom Perrin - It has been to long how are ya? Did anyone ever decide on a CHAT NITE? Hopefully with school starting life will calm down alittle down here. Well off to take daughter school clothes shopping. Talk to ya all soon. Chris
  19. Happy one year to me, Happy one year to me, Happy One Year to meeeeeeeeeee. I am havin a total lazy day, I need to plop my butt in my chair with a bag of cookies(I know it should be carrots), but I have Chips Ahoy callin my name. Now to pick a movie, unfortunealty my hubby is home too, so :cry: No Gerry today. :cry: Why he can't see Gerrys beauty is unknown to me. I see it clearly :ohbaby2: Katie, I am sending lots of luv and hugs your way. LOVE YA Suz - I talked to Dawn for a couple minutes last night, she is super busy and she will return from MIA soon. Swannie - I am downloadin your new video now I can't wait to see it. Lish - Vanilla, you, I don't think so. So did the push up video change your mind. Good Idea Suz. Mel - you not so chatty whats up with that? Jenn & Perrin - Is it time to go on another NG adventure yet? Hi to all the Gals I missed. I am off to my chair for a little SIESTA. HUGS Chris
  20. Ok just got done with the naughty party, can I just tell you that next year Spotty you plan a nite while we are in VEGAS and Make it your naughty party nite. It will be so fun. But then again Maybe me, Toni and Pam will already have everything in the book, but it will so be the BOMB. Pam, I love ya lots, and lunch soon, you name time and place, a monday or tuesday would work better for me. Then I will meet you and Toni and we will have date. :inlove: (thanks for coming to my party) Also Pam tell Dayna next time in town, we need to do lunch. That could be me and Tonis day that we call in and use our new found VACATION time. :headspin: Toni, read what I wrote to Pam above, OK, I am making lunch plans for us. (nobody else read this K) *whispers to Toni, so was Jeff surprised with your little black bag* :whip: Mousie, we are only in Idaho, if your ever here stop by we will welcome ya and invite ya in. Chat tonite GALS BE THERE, WE REALLY NEED A CHAT NITE. Jenn, Perrin, Spot, Swannie, and everyone I so miss Chat. Hope your in there tonite. :yippee: Lish, glad your back hows the house, its gotta be good ya got the net. Susan you lucky gal. Rush congrats on new job, I to am applying for a full-time position in my office and I know it will be so nice. Guess what TOMORROW IS MY ONE YEAR AS A GAL WHOOOO HOOOO Chris
  21. *sneakin in wonderin if anyone remembers me* Wow last year this time Toni got me hooked, I am a GAL FOREVER. It is a real bummer that sometimes life gets so busy and out of control, that we *looks at self in mirror* don't make more time for our friends. I am hoping that when school starts in August and it starts gettin darker quicker, so kids go to bed earlier, then I will have time for my GALS again. Congrats on a new year, There will be more years to come. DEFINATELY. Dayna, Stef, Jen you all do really ROCK. Mods you need a big thank you hug. My Chat buddies, you honestly don't know how much I miss ya. This winter we will have much more adventures with NG in chat. PROMISE!!!!!!! Everyone else HELLO, Newbies welcome. Chris :inlove:
  22. Ya know something, I am kinda, missin him too. I remember the day when he annoyed the hell out of me with his writing, but he has really grown on me too. When my granny died he sent me the nicest prayers. I hope all is well for him and I hope he makes it back here quickly Chris :cry:
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