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    READING – Books are my passion. I read every chance I get. I’m into romance novels mostly but I do enjoy the Harry Potter series and stories of it's kind. My favoite author is NORA ROBERTS. I read as many of her book that I get my hands on.

    MUSIC – I find pleasure in all forms of music from all over the world. I enjoy everything from Chopin to Metallica to Garth Brooks. I am also starting to get into talk radio.

    MOVIES/TV - The greatest invention in my eyes was the motion picture. I can’t get enough of movies both on the big and small screens. I LOVE all things SCI-FI =time travel to vampires to alien to ghosts- I love it all. I also am intrigued by mysteries – the WHO DONE IT. I like nothing better than to try to solve the crime before the good guys do. And being a GIRL I also get a giggle out of chick flicks- it fits in with my reading preferences nicely.

    FOOD – Being a culinary major has it’s own rewards. I love food so I get to try all kinds. I have to say though my favorites are Chinese food and pasta- all kinds.

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  1. hey Gals -- just gonna pop in and give my 2 cents -- bye bye Sam. LOL
  2. i'm the binkie - got to love me ;p

  3. thank you for the bday wish sweets -- BIG HUGS to ya :)

  4. Happy Birthday Binkie!! xo

  5. yes Hi :) we have chatted before and I've seen some posts from you too. Yes i do work in a Hilton in Dallas.That is a difficult question - simple answer - not sure yet - but i hope to. :)

  6. I think I've chatted with you online before. You work at a hotel in Dallas, right? Are you going to next year's convention in Vegas? I'll be there!

  7. the party bus was VERY fun!!!!! we got a Hummer limo to take a group of us to the Mandalay for a show - Lion King (if you haven't seen it GO - its AWSOME!) the return trip was on the party bus - it was like $10 a person including tip. not too bad for Vegas. There were so many of us that we needed a big ride to get us to the show. LOL GRRRR me - I lost the card the driver gave me -- but there are a zillion car peeps soo it wouldn't be hard to find one. and YES there was a pole and there WAS pole dancing with pictures (needs to find Cheryl's camera and delete said pics LOL) HUGS B
  8. GOOOD LAWD GALies!!! *note to self* don't read Gals treads at work - may cause guests to give me strange looks. This is why I love it here soo much - you cant help but LAUGH reading almost any thread. Any NEWBIE still on the fence as to make it to Vegas or not know you will be met with open arms and a let PARTY attitude LOL HUGS Binkie
  9. things are a changin in my little world a bit soo I may or may not be there this year - soo I'm gonna hold off till i get a better idea of things. As of now the ONLY one I've missed was OF COUSE the one that G-man went too!! BUT i did get to go to Scotland that year so trade off lol Binkie
  10. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! big hugs DI DI lol

  11. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

  12. I was wanting to see if anyone would care to join me and some other GALS for dinner at Benihanas in the Hilton. We would be meeting there about 4:50 - 5 pm to be seated. **we're going to a show at 7 and dinner there takes a bit** the more the better and its a fun restaurant to eat at.if you want to join in please pm, facebook or twitter me soo that i can make a reservation and get us a great table. sooo cant wait for vegas *BINKIE HAPPY DANCE* Binkie
  13. just wanted to say HI -- and see how ur doin - hope all is well -- BIG HUGS


  14. Well not sure about any other shows -- I was getting times dates and prices for ones I haven't seen yet. a good place to look for tix is Vegas.com - thats where im getting the info i have. For those who would like to see Lion King and Ka here is the info i have. it may change cuz we're so far out of the dates - i will post if it does. Ka - Thurs 9:30 pm @ the MGM 140.00 with tax Lion King - Sun 8:00 pm @ Mandalay Bay 185.00 with tax Also free show at Treasure Island - Sirens Of TI @ 5:30, 7, 8:30, & 10 pm the Fountain @ Bellagio runs every 30 mins till 1 am ----- I think Like last year(for you who went with me to Criss Angle) it would be better to buy them as a group to be able to be seated together. if you have questions or want to know more - pm me here HUGS Binkie
  15. Binkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! How you doin?

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