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  1. the party bus was VERY fun!!!!!

    we got a Hummer limo to take a group of us to the Mandalay for a show - Lion King (if you haven't seen it GO - its AWSOME!) the return trip was on the party bus - it was like $10 a person including tip. not too bad for Vegas. There were so many of us that we needed a big ride to get us to the show. LOL GRRRR me - I lost the card the driver gave me -- but there are a zillion car peeps soo it wouldn't be hard to find one.

    and YES there was a pole and there WAS pole dancing with pictures (needs to find Cheryl's camera and delete said pics LOL)



  2. GOOOD LAWD GALies!!!

    *note to self* don't read Gals treads at work - may cause guests to give me strange looks. :lol: This is why I love it here soo much - you cant help but LAUGH reading almost any thread.

    Any NEWBIE still on the fence as to make it to Vegas or not know you will be met with open arms and a let PARTY attitude :yahoo: LOL :vegasbaby:

    HUGS :wuv:


  3. things are a changin in my little world a bit soo I may or may not be there this year - soo I'm gonna hold off till i get a better idea of things. As of now the ONLY one I've missed was OF COUSE the one that G-man went too!! BUT i did get to go to Scotland that year so trade off lol

    Binkie :wuv:

  4. :detect:I was wanting to see if anyone would care to join me and some other GALS for dinner at Benihanas in the Hilton. We would be meeting there about 4:50 - 5 pm to be seated. **we're going to a show at 7 and dinner there takes a bit** the more the better and its a fun restaurant to eat at.if you want to join in please pm, facebook or twitter me soo that i can make a reservation and get us a great table.

    sooo cant wait for vegas *BINKIE HAPPY DANCE* :yay:


  5. Well not sure about any other shows -- I was getting times dates and prices for ones I haven't seen yet. a good place to look for tix is Vegas.com - thats where im getting the info i have. For those who would like to see Lion King and Ka here is the info i have. it may change cuz we're so far out of the dates - i will post if it does.

    Ka - Thurs 9:30 pm @ the MGM

    140.00 with tax

    Lion King - Sun 8:00 pm @ Mandalay Bay

    185.00 with tax

    Also free show at Treasure Island - Sirens Of TI @ 5:30, 7, 8:30, & 10 pm

    the Fountain @ Bellagio runs every 30 mins till 1 am ----- I think

    Like last year(for you who went with me to Criss Angle) it would be better to buy them as a group to be able to be seated together.

    if you have questions or want to know more - pm me here



  6. HAHAH you beat me to this!!! I have some that I want to see and I was gonna make a post. LOL great minds and all -- TEEE HEEE

    I was thinking KA and The Lion King this year. I got the prices and dates if they interest ya? I also thought about kinda of balloon ride they have on the strip. was looking into that too.

    let me know what ya think

    WOOT Vegas BABY!!


    Binkie :)

  7. Copy then add your name to the list :wave:

    Deb - Knight Phantom

    Sally - cybrsal

    Paisleyscot - Cheryl

    Suzie - Texas Gramma

    RedDragoness - Char

    RezzRN - Naoma

    MzSamBewitched - Samantha

    No screen name - Suzanne

    alamdenannie - Annemarie

    ready2fly - Bex

    Poppy- Linda

    Deetz - Donna

    Lady Elissa-Elissa

    Good Sport-Bill

    No screen name-Erin


  8. I was not a stranger to the Gerry Juice when I attended my first convention in '07, having been lurking the site and CHATTING with LATE NIGHT chat GALS for about a year. Missing the 1st convention in '06 due to other travel - I was determined to make it to the 2nd. AND BOY was I GLAD i did. Also no stranger to getting on a plan to a place where i didn't even know where I would be sleeping that night, I made plans and was on my way. I did HOWEVER take a friend with me the first year for his birthday - he didn't get the JUICE - soo he didn't join in the "FUN" LOL . It is true what others have said about being nerves the first time, but as soon as your there its like nothing you can imagine.

    The first day of registration is the BIGGEST Squeal/Giggle/Hug fest on the earth. you know other people in the lobby are LOOKING at you BUT you DON'T CARE. I was VERY luck that I was taken under wing by 3 WONDERFUL/SWEET/FABULOUS Gals in chat ~ SPOT,JENN & PERRIN~and they where the first people I got to see when I got arrived that year and it just got better. From that Thursday going to dinner and seeing POTO on stage (with a backstage tour) to the Dinners/Dancing to the GALS talent showcase. It was the TIME of my life. As said before - no one questions you, no one judges you and you feel RIGHT at home. The phrase "FANmaily" is SOOO true.

    When the dates for the next year where posted I was THERE with BELLS on. My family STILL thinks I'm nutz after 3 years. Oh well you cant win everyone over to the GERRY SIDE LOL ~ so they just go with it.

    ON TOP of all the CRAZY fun & good times there is a part of this that warms the heart even more. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We help, we encourage, empower and inspire. I know just having the great ladies and some of their guys in my life has made me want to be and become a better person. Gerry brought us together but we stay that way cuz of the bonds that we make.


    cant wait for THIS year


  9. SOOOOO here is what I got -- :) its just gonna be a viewing this time. DANG RL (real life) LOL - always getting in the way.

    The Ugly Truth is playing at The Studio Movie Grill on Central Express Way (75) and Royal Ln

    The show that we're going to is the 700 pm showing -- there is a 940 but we don't want to be out too late LOL

    Those who can make it - the best meeting place i can think of is in front of the POSTER itself. If there is more than one (don't think there will be but who knows) the one CLOSEST to the box office.

    PM me if there are any questions

    See ya tomorrow !!!

    Big HUGS


  10. OK Peeps :wave: -- SOOO sorry that I haven't replied to this -- had Vegas hangover !!! LOL and NO Mike Tyson or a baby was not involved. LOL


    SOOOOO saying -- I still want to do SOMETHING for TUT. Even if its just dinner and show. :pointy:

    If anyone is still interested -- PM here. I'll get a list going and then make final plans.

    Big Hugs :wuv:


  11. .........

    To all the GALS that I had the pleasure of meeting. You are all godesses!!! Paisleyscot, Binks, Snap, Deetz, Poppy, and Lugerry... :yourock: FYI...I am punishing my evil liver as I am writing this!!! :spit:


    :dancer::fall::yahoo::naughty: HAHAHAAH :funnyup::pointy::spit:

    I will be partaking as well this weekend for the 4th sooo -- WOOT!! LOL

    Big HUGS


  12. What an incredible thing for him to take time out of his day to share a few moments of his life with GALS and to get a glimpse into the con activities. I really don't care what anyone else says about how he lives his life - this man did not have to call. He didn't have to sign anything for the raffle/auction. He could have chosen to not acknowledge the con or the fans or anything that was done that weekend in his name.

    But he didn't. He called, he signed, he was kick-a$$ enough to be part of the con as much as he could and that's frickin awesome.

    I don't know him pairsonally, I never will - but I do know that he made an incredible weekend for the fans who attended the con into a spectacular one, just by leaving that message. By his comments and baffled tone, I don't think he really understands how much we appreciate his talent and generosity when it comes to the time he gives to his fans and the depth he brings to each new role.

    I could not have said better myself - I AGREE with you Aimee 100% - the only thing I would add is a whole hearted THANK YOU to him for being the wonderful man he is.

  13. I AM SOOOO ready for next year ALREADY!!!!!!

    Lets see === CHECK LIST



    SHOW MONEY -- [you know I'm doing Criss Angle (tee hee) again with one or two other shows]- CHECK


    I have a tin bucket that I'm putting lose change and money in -- it has a PIC of the G man on it -- INSPERATION!! LOL

    miss y'all that I saw this year - cant wait to meet new GALS next year.

    BIG :hugs:


    PS -- THANK YOU __ THANK YOU --- to ALL the MODS and VEGAS helpers for putting this all together and making it one KICK BUM TIME!!!! you gals ROCK!!!!

  14. Early on in the planning there was mention of a pajama party. Is that still on?


    Not sure about the pajama party, Sally, but I'm sure you could wear your PJ's to the hospitality suite! We'll make a party out of it!


    Yeah -- we had a kinda off the cuff PJ party last year in the hospitality suite -- was GREATNESS!!! - we watched PS I Love You

    OOOO and the year before with 300

    HUH i guess we do Do the PJ thing -- HAHAHAH

    See ya'll there :kiss::wuv:


  15. Pack your sunglasses, too, because reluctantly, due to the high temps, I will be bearing some lily white legs during the day!!


    DITTO on the glow in the dark legs for me too. LOL

    Hey Binks-- We (Bea and I) wont get there til around 1- We could do lunch- PM me you cell# and I'll call you when we get there.



    you got i'll send it here in a bit.


    I won't be there in time for brunch on Thursday but I would love some company for dinner thursday evening.


    P.S. I can't believe it's just a few more days away!

    Well POOOO!!! Im going with a few Gals to see Chris Angle (9:30) with dinner BEFORE the show at 630. If you would like to join us for dinner you are MORE than welcome -- I'll pm you my cell so you can call me when you get a chance.



  16. :wave: Thanks, Naoma! Sounds just like home! :D

    RIGHT!! its like 99 to 100 today -- HOT HOT HOT -- LOL - TX weather.

    Note too -- from what I remember from last year - it was a bit chilly at night too. So anyone who's doin (lol) the strip at night pack for that too.




  17. :wave: HELLO ALL :wave:

    I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited :pointy: we are in the home stretch, only a few more days and we'll be in VEGAS BABY!!!

    I made a post in the "when do you arrive" thread about brunch on Thursday morning. I'm just putting this here soo we can have a per-limb count and meeting place.

    I'll be getting to Vegas about 10 am and to the hotel about 10:30 or soo. if anyone is interested in meeting up I'll be in the lobby (between the check in and the main casino) about 10:45 ish and we can go from there. PM me if you would like my contact info.

    Can't wait to see y'all

    Big Hugs


  18. Binkie

    I'm leaving it in your capable hands to make sure there is pole dancing on the monorail. :funnyup:

    Everybody have a blast. If my work colleague was not off I'd be doing my best to be there.



    OH YEAH -- SOOOO gonna be DOING that again - LOL

    we really scared that guy that night!!! hahahahahahaha



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