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  1. i am 5'3 --- grr i hate being short
  2. binkie1490

    Zodiac Sign

    Traditional Scorpio Traits Determined and forceful Emotional and intuitive Powerful and passionate Exciting and magnetic On the dark side.... Jealous and resentful Compulsive and obsessive Secretive and obstinate YEP that is ME !!! hehehehehe
  3. i say :mopboymarek: but i love them all! 2 :mopboyerik: 3 :mopboystranger: 4 :mopboyterry: 5 :mopboyattila: :headspin:
  4. Not that i don't LOVE the Harry Potter books -- i have read all 6 so far!!!! --- but i have to say OTHER-- and i do so because then one book series i can NOT live with out is IN DEATH -- by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb!! these books ARE GREATNESS--- if you haven't read to give em a try and if you have --- IS'T GERRY SOOOOOO ROARKE !!!! Nora Robert -- JD Robb book list take a look see --- you wont be sorry Binkie
  5. This was tough! But i said meet my future hubby --- i'm a Romanic -- what can i say!! :inlove: :wub:
  6. i said the FIRE one-- i got this image of me and Gerry sitting next to a bon fire off Loch Ness !!! hehehehe ----- me sitting between his legs with my back to his chest, his arms wrapped around me!!! WOW :headspin: :spontaneous: binkie
  7. binkie1490

    Pudge VS Stud

    ANY WAY I CAN GET HIM --- altho the Timeline look was the best for me ..... both hard and snugable at the same time !!!!!
  8. binkie1490


    Can i just say -- WOW!!!! --- BAD BINKIE!!!! hehehehehe hehehehe- you said what i was thinkin --- again --- BAD BINKIE!!!!! Now i dont have a tattoo, i WANT on, but havnen't gotten it yet. i think when i do it will be one of TWO things or on my lower back. i am waiting to get brave enought.
  9. i like the scruf. it is TOOOOO hot on him a few of my fav looks GOD!!!! can he BE any HOTTER!!!!! :spontaneous: --- BINKIE
  10. I was just at the end of the 80's music wise --- but i like to listen to it now --- and at that point i was listening to NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. OY!!! what was i thinkin? BIG Bon Jovi fan -- love him ---and that one song --- "I'm Walkin on Sunshine" cant remember who did that but it’s my fav.
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