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  1. cool P :)

    hope to see you there. pm if you can make it



  2. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: Genius --- PURE Genius!!!!!! CANT STOP LAUGHING Binkie
  3. CONGRATS TO YOU ALL -- they where FABTASTIC!!!!!!!!
  4. I have to SAY this is TOOOOOOO CUTE. the pic of her (she a cutie herself) standing with Gerry and him having his wallet out given her cash -- I . and it went for a good cause. SOOOO what a GREAT story. it made me smile binkie
  5. OK -- GALS I may need - what am i saying -- I do need a COLD shower after seeing that PIC of Gerry -- HOT HOT HOT :tasty: I think this will be GREAT movie and i cant wait to see the enter action between Gerry and Abigail - they seem sooo CUTE. Gerry as a DADDY -- WOW what a thought. again :tasty: . the GREATEST thing is the "swear pot" - that is tooo FUNNY i was rollin. binkie
  6. BOO - :)

    just sayin hey to the QUEEN B


    B (the other one) - LOL

  7. hey ill be home toorrow -- around 8 pm

    I MAY be going to Killeen this weekend.



  8. I never had a real strong thought one way or another - but if *HOLDS breathe* Priest (one can dream) gets made now ---WOOT!!! but I'll be happy with what ever he does. binkie
  9. you are WAY to crafty for this to be true - altho i get what you say about being BORED -- thats what happend with my 300 vid -- or my attemt at one - LOL binkie
  10. A SQUIRREL? :funnyabove: THIS IS TOOOO FUNNY!!!
  11. OOOO this should be a -- lol -- SCREAM!!!! I would say SUNDAY -- that way its after the WILD and CRAZY Gerryfest! - most peeps would be able to come and still not miss any of the Con. and at night - better to see the ghosties. let me know if this is a good day and if we have a lagre group I will see about getting a GROUP RATE on the TIX. see ya in Vegas Binkie
  12. thank you !! :)



  13. thanks :) -- Yeah -- VEAGS is goign to BE BAD A$$$ cant wait to see ya



  14. HI -- there was one thing that I didn't get to do last year that I REALLY wanted to do -- take a GHOST tour! I am a BIG dork and LOVE to have a few cheap scares. I have taken a few ghost tours both here in the states and one when I was in Scotland. They are lots of fun and have great info on the city and its past. I think they are a hoot. I was wanting to see if there are and BRAVE GALS/PALS - friends of friends - who would like to join me. Just a little something that can be fitted in on some down time in SIN CITY. here is a link to the site for one of the more popular tour Haunted Vegas HUGS binkie ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED: May 21st > Post #34 WELL -- AFTER what seems like FOREVER --- Vegas is once again upon us!!! I have one thing to say to that -- WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! its about time!!!! LOL OK soo enough about me being nuts -- here is what I have for Haunted Vegas -- IF we can get 20 People total -- we can have our own bus and guide - that's for $50 a person. if we have just the number I have down so far -- 11 -- we join a regular tour and it's $48 a person. What ever one we do the tour would start at 9:30 and last about 2 hours. Its a DRIVING tour soooo CMF shoes are OK (there may be some walking but as far as I know not much.) We DO have to pay in AVANCE -- to hold the bus and guide or to hold that many seats on a regular tour. I can put it on mine and you all can send me the payment. WHAT DO YA THINK? Let me know hugs - cant wait for Vegas Binkie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED June 3rd Sooo to keep things ORGANIZED (so I dont stay LOST!!) lol - Here is the list of people who have said they ARE going and WHO out of that has paid for the tickets. Paid = who's money I have gotten in the mail so far. for those who have let me know the money is on its way -- I will update the list and pm them when it comes in to me. Dayna - Dr. Em Celine - gerrynutsnap Suzanne - zany Sherrell - bermos Eliza - Eliza1013 and her friend Meghan Leslie - LeslieDcup Katie - songbird Bianca - Binkie 1490 Marge - FergieMGR Mike - Big Mike Valerie - VAL Tina - TLHTX
  15. I GOT MY TIX -- I sooooo cant wait. this will be GREAT!!!!! binkie
  16. HE'S JUST SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! this pic makes me giggle -- he looks sooo happy.
  17. BOOO -- i see you !!!

    HUGS -- ill be on chat tonight

  18. NO big -- my phone is a POS too -- LOL

    when do you come back from potyland (LOL)?

  19. Count me in as a GRUNT or anything else that needs to be done. LIB -- you know how to get a hold of me -- just let me know whats what. IM your GOPHER/GRUNT gal. HUGS binkie
  20. OK - IM SOOO there --- i didn't get to go to the con in 06 SOOO this is a real treat. -- i bet the pics don't do the costumes justice. CANT WAIT. Not sure when ill get into Vegas but I'm there till Monday. keep the info comin. COUNT ME IN binkie
  21. OK what does that mean?

  22. this sounds like fun -- WOOT -- cant wait to see eveyones ideas. :dance: HUGS Binkie
  23. I SOOOOOO CANT WAIT -- THIS IS GOING TO RRRROOOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!! VEGAS better be ready for US this year!!! LOL PARTY!!!!!! :dance: HUGS Binkie
  24. WHAT's GONIN DOWN?!?!

    - i might have a place for us to stay if we take that road trip ti NM?!? -- just a thought

  25. My heart is heavy and my soul cries. She touched those who knew her with light and joy, love and care, hugs and laughter. to me - Dee was a LOVELY, CARING, FUN HAVING, LIVE LOVING person. She will be missed deeply. Binkie
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