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  1. just wanted to say HI to ya and send lots of LOVE your way

    HUG and ALL THAT ---

    B :)

  2. IM GOOOOOOD -- a bit miffed that i cant do a SHattered get together tho -- bu thats ok.

    BIG HUGS to U and the FAM.


    B :)

  3. wanted to give BIG HUGS to ya !!!

    binkie :)



  5. BOOO!! Miss you -- be in chat in 30

    B :)

  6. HAHAH -- thanks for the Comment Card at work.

    tee hee 3 am.

    hugs to you and the fam


  7. OOOOO that is sooooooo cool!!!!!!

    Thanks BFF! :)

  8. booo --- hey what you doin?


  9. I miss my BRAIN!!! where are you FOOKSY?

  10. well i getting evil and good fox all ready --- we will have a good time --- hugs to you .

    wub u bunches

  11. cant sleep huh? me either -- see you in a bit -- wub u bunches!!


  12. OK --- waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I wasn't Nervous till I started to read here either -- BUT hey like it was said before -- WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!! LOL WE WILL ALL DO Fabulous!!!! AND if not -------- (namely me) its OK cuz we are GALS and we stick together. I just can't wait to see and meet all of y'all. we are going to PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (bring bail money - I have a feeling we may need it. LOL -- J/K) hugs to all -- see you SOOOOON binkie
  13. HEY !!! I MISS YOU !!! cant wait to seeyou in VEGAS!!!



    hugs binkie

  15. I MISS YOU !!!!

    hugs binkie

  16. I MISS YOU !!!!

    hugs binkie


  18. Close call - I saw this just in time because Libby had sent me a PM on your behalf but it said you wanted THURSDAY night, not WEDNESDAY. I am now putting you on WEDNESDAY night (which is when Libby is going too). Hugs Susan OK see -- Im a gumby head --- I was trying to say THUR. But I - as always --LIVE in LOST !!! I am PM ing -- to clear this up. I hope its not toooo late --- SORRY!!!!!! binkei
  19. WOW -- I just got to a pooter to see this -- my cell has been ringing OFF the hook. -- SOOOO in case sweet Libby hasn't had a chance to put this on here -- I would like to change to date of my tix to WEDS. (its Binkie + 1 -- Matt) I also want to give 1000 cheers to SUSAN and all who have had to deal with this (in a word) CRAP!!!!!! You have don a FANTABLOUS JOB and we love you for it. I can say that i will not be staying at the *hotel that shall be NAMLESS!!* any time soon. I'm going to be going back to Vegas after this and was thinking of staying there -- NOT ANY MORE - THE )*&^%(^%(^&%(^& !!!! OK BINKIE is good now!! Like many have said -- WE look to the HAPPY thoughts!!!! SOO again binkie + 1 will go on WEDS and would like either the upgrade that the theater is giving(if i got that right) -- OR seats that are the same as we had --- just let me know. HUGS cant wait till next week!!! Binkie
  20. :funnyabove: DAMN she beat me to it -- soooo what she said !!!!! LOL 2 for me and my bud matt HUGS can't WAIT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO see you there binkie
  21. SEEE --- if that ever happened to me -- (yeah right) but if (in some wacked out place in space and time) it ever did -- I would DIE a VERRA happy woman!!!! WOW!!!!! is all i have to say --- :spontaneous: binkie
  22. OMFG -- LADIES you just KILL ME!!! :funnyabove: :spontaneous: :spontaneous: here i am -- AT WORK -- TRYING to be a GOOD - and then i see this !!!!! :angel2: whats a GAL to do -- I tell -- WHAT!?!?! soo here I am in a puddle on the floor and the people at work want me to do my JOB -- are they NUTTS!!!! and he's either from another planet or He's FREAKIN GOD!!!! (man that man is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!) putting myself back together before I get fired! hugs to all binkie
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