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  1. I've been good -- busy - putting together this event for 300 in my town -- BUT it will be soooo much fun ---

    cant wait to see it. hope you have a good day

    hugs & snogs


  2. HEY ---- the 300 shirt that i ordered *&^%$&^%$*%&^%*%$*) HAHAH -- so i got another one and i am giving you this one. if you want it. TTYL


  3. OK ---- CALLING ALLL DFW 300 attendees --- you would think that this putting a get together is EASY --- my head HURRRRRRTTSSSSS (LOL) how do they do Vegas -- I BOW to them on that one!!! Here is the List I have sooo far Janet Kollmeier/planet -- no room *2 movie tix Beth Crawford/cleobethra -- king non-smoking Nanci Nelms -- no room Jerrie Alexander/tx fan +1(jackie OR JJ) 2 beds non-smoking Libby Lea +1 (connie) 2 beds non-smoking Dleores Dickinson/ teresita - king non-smoking Karen Zambrana/itmekz - no room maybe Kristine/theblond - king non-smoking Seeker - maybe Diana - DI / FancifulRomantic - Alexis Zeler 2 beds Non - smoking Spot + 1 (big mike) king non - smoking Dee's 2nd childhood king non- smoking I need to know if i have this right --- for room names - badge names - movie and MT tix (if you have already emailed or PMed me about your attendance then I have you updated on this list.) If there is some one ON the list that is NOT coming OR if there is someone NOT on the LIST that IS coming please let le know ALSO --- i am talking to the MT people and they about a GROUP rate for us to go --- as well as seating together medieval times when i get a head count and stuff i willbe able to let them know if we be able to get a GROUP rate. * if you want to send the payment to me NOW -- before the set group rate --- what ever the difference is will be given back. I SOOO CANT believe that it is in 9 DAYS !!! (EKKKKKK)LOL see ya soon BINKIE
  4. Im lonely -- im miss lonely i got no body in chat with me

    --- hahahaha ---- im bored -- can you tell ? it my ocd and add --- wow i got all 26 letters goin on here

  5. Im lonely -- im miss lonely i got no body in chat with me

    --- hahahaha ---- im bored -- can you tell ? it my ocd and add --- wow i got all 26 letters goin on here

  6. Im lonely -- im miss lonely i got no body in chat with me

    --- hahahaha ---- im bored -- can you tell ? it my ocd and add --- wow i got all 26 letters goin on here

  7. HEY!!!!! you didnt call me back --- i dint know if you had gone to sleep or not soo i didnt call. Did Justin call you for the inherview? --- hope you are ok with the walk out -- EVERYONE does that once in there lives --- that job was POOPY anyway!!!!

    love you bunches --matt is in town this weekend - want to do something?

    call me

    binkie - novel o

  8. did you Lil P get off ok --- I was just wondering when her "flight"gets in




  9. Hope you are feeling better ---- ill try to call you before i go to bed n the morning --- HUGS


  10. HUGS -- cant wait to see you and BM


  11. OOOOO i want a quote!!! I want one --- I want one !!!!!!!!!! HAHHAH -- ME BIGGGGG DORK ---- OK but seriously here is mine Spartans! Enjoy your breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hell! hugs binkie
  12. WELL MY fellow Gerry STOCKES -- ummm FANS --- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ----- the time is almost upon us !!!! SOOOO here are some FYIs and stuff for those who still have questions (if i haven't answered all of them after this let me KNOW!! i want this to be FAN__TASTIC!!! 1) now that we know Gerry will be on CF on the 9th we will most certainly be back at the hotel in time to see his hotstuff on the boobtube!!! -LOL- (.)(.) <----- for BIG MIKE. 2) for those who don't have a CC or don't want to put it online -- I am more then happy to buy their tix for both the movie and MT. you can do this one of three ways --- MT ==== Medieval Times (to lazy to type it out -- LOL) A - cash B - check C - money order all of these can be sent (any one you are most comfortable using) to me at my work (the Hotel) if i can have these by the 5th of march (Monday) i can have the tix that day. 4505 Beltway Dr Addison TX 75001 C/O Bianca Lopez the amounts are : movie -- 8.25 per per person MT -- 75.69 per person 3) the hotel can take ANY form of payment -- IE : CC, cash, check when you check in is when you use one. ****cc's will not be charged UNTIL check out / cash and check upon check in with a $20 deposit. 4) LOVELY Planet has volunteered to make the Badges sooo i will need a CONFIRM LIST to give to her soooo IF you are 100% here email me (biancaclopez@gmail.com) soo i can have an updated list to her. *also i need a CONFIRM fro hotel room. who needs one -- who is sharing ect.. ******* EDIT**** ok binkie made a BOO BOO!!! it is TexasFan doing the badges --- Im a Gumby head -- SORRRY!!!!!****OK i think i have covered everything -- if not just let me know I SOOOO CANT WAIT -- WOOOOOOOOT LOVE U ALL HUGS AND SNOGS w/ Gerry Juice Binkie
  13. to Di and Jenn ***VERY SMALL VOICE*** still thinking about it hugs binkie
  14. OMG YOU GUYS !!! IM SOOO GOING TO CRY!!!! this is going to be FAN-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK --- I'm good now - HAHAHAHAHA NOW --- UPDATE 2/21/07 Everything that is in the above posts still stand --- here is a recap Friday: Arrival in Dallas in the afternoon -- check in and get settled --- Meet in the hotel Hospitality suite for Welcome drinks around 5 pm. **** Dinner and Movie together. ******The times for the movie has not been determined yet but I am posting the site so that you can buy the tickets online. They will go on sale on the 5th of March. We are looking to get into the 7 ish show. I am also in talks to have a stretch hummer to take us to and from the Movie.(this may or may not happen -- I will keep you posted.) Saturday: **** 300 Bowling (afternoon) this is a bowling alley with pool tables and arcade. They have a restaurant and full bar here as well to do Lunch. ****Medieval Times (evening) dinner and tournament( tickets can be bought on line - I will post the site ***** or if we want a better chance of us all sitting together i can buy the tickets in a group. they range form $59 per person to $69) the show starts at 5 and ends around 7. ****Gerrython --- the hotel Hospitality suite will be set up as a media room and we will watch G's movies till our eyes fall out. Kidd's Kids Raffle and T-shirt sale--- This is a VERY worth while Charity that raises money to take terminally ill children and there families to Disney World every year. I have designed a T-shirt for our event to be bought on cafepress --- ALL proceeds from the sale of the shirt as well as the raffle will go to Kidd's Kids. **** for those of you who are crafty and want to help out a good cause please let me know if and what you can donate to the raffle.*** Sunday: Check out and Farewell Brunch at Hotel Intercontinental( around 10 am) *********************************************************************** now the only thing that IS changing is NO RAFFLE --- Not enough time to get it right and if and when i do something for KIDDS KIDS i want it perfect --- blame my OCD!!!! hahahaha SOOOOOOO here are the LINKS that i have told you about the BIGGY !!!! MOVIE TICKETS I have talked to the manager of the theater and He has told me that the tickets will be on sale the 5th (Monday) the times will be posted no sooner than this (bummer i know but what can we do) --- we are looking to go to the 7 ish show -- if there is more than one --- it will be the later one (i will send a mas email to confirm the time soo everyone buys the right ones.) T-Shirts Now you don't have to get one -- I thought it would be cool to have matching (somewhat) shirts to show off when we see the movie and to have a keepsake. * money from the shirts will go to help pay for the Hummer Limo ride.* Medieval Times this you can buy now or wait till you get here ---the one thing is when we go we need to say that we are all together soo we will be seated in the same place -- i will call them and ask about (and let everyone know ) how is the best was to get seats for us to be in a group. we are wanting to go to the 5 pm show --- soo we will have time for the Gerrython!!! SOOOOOOO I cant tell you how excited i am for you all to be here!!! I can't wait to meet/see you!!!!! 15 more days --- WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT OK if you have anymore questions , comments or concerns please let me know --- email or call me any time. OOOO the IMAX question --- this is a good one to ask ---- I have talked to the IMAX at webb chaple and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that are NOT having it play there. But as soon as it dones come out I am in line ot see it again that way!!!!

  16. Im always down for A PARTY!!!!! count me in ---- if you need help with the hotel let me know -- I'll see what i can do. see yall in the big D!!! (.) (.) huggles binkie
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *pours a drink and does a HAPPY Dance**

    ***goes to find NG to give hobbes a lapd

  18. you are up WAYYYY passed your bed time Missy!!! HAHAHA hugs

  19. hey just wanted to say HI --- soooooooo HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs binkie -- see you in chat later maybe

  20. hey there sexy --- just wanted to say HI!!!!

    hugs binkie

  21. popin in to say HI --- SOOOOOO HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  22. just checkin in on ya --- seeing if your doing ok. Im here if you need me -- just call.

    hugs binkie

  23. binkie1490

    talent show

    Hi all --- Me being me -- I can't find where to sign up for the talent show -- I'm sure it's here somewhere. Soo ** closes eyes and takes the plunge** I would like to be on the list (where ever it is). just let me know what i need to do. Sorry if this is a copied topic. Thanks Bunches :hugsandsnogs: binkie
  24. hey whats you doin --- im on in skype if your not tired --- 12 34 my time on thrs mornig weds night

  25. booo --- just wanted to say hi !!! TTYL

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