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  1. Again just in case the update is missed --- i have put a list together of who has said -- yah -- nah -- or MAAYYYBI !!! LOL sooo if anyone else needs to be added or *sniff* taken Off -- let me know.
  2. was it you or Hobbes that wanted ROME? i cant remember -- i've slept and eaten since then -- LOL

  3. just wanted to say hi -- and give you a big hug for being sooo strong and big mike a BIG KISS --- (.)(.) hers a boob flash for him -- HAHAHAHAHA

  4. let me know that addy soo i can send it to you

  5. hey sweets -- just wanted to say hi !!! miss you and HUGS --- WE need to get togerther this week sometime -- if you can .


  6. your one sexxy beast !!!! lol wub u binkie
  7. hahaha -- did you get to do a boarder run?

  8. bethy --- you are my HERO!!! i want to be you when I grow up

  9. BIG LOVE to you and BM and the BOYS ---- HUGS and SNOGS


  10. hey -- just checking --- your going out of town for the weekend of March 9th (300)?


  11. UPDATE --------- 01/17/07 in case it gets missed from post #1 WOOOOOT WOOOOOT --- i am loving that there is so many of us wanting to get together -- BUT if i can ask ONE small FAVORE? TO keep my head on (cuz like my avy says -- I live in LOST ) can those of you who are a YES or a Maybe please email me at biancaclopez@gmail.com soo i can get a workable list going. I am getting the room rates now and then im going to the SMG to get seating. also working on some other stuff soo i need to know how many of us there will be. THANKS bunches binkie
  12. ok -- I just found this -- sooo phantom here we come ----------------- WOOT hahaha just want to have you add me and maybe a friend to the list of who is going. I will get you the payment as soon as i can. front mezzanine at $119 for now ill let you know if it changes. Thanx binkie
  13. Update --- 1/26/07 As of now here is a tentative plan for the event. I have arranged for the hotel rate of $39 + tax = $44.07 per night you can get rooms two ways --- you can call / email me to arrange a room or you can call the hotel directly and ask for the 300 Movie Event group rate. Friday: Arrival in Dallas in the afternoon -- check in and get settled --- Meet in the hotel Hospitality suite for Welcome drinks around 5 pm. **** Dinner and Movie together. ******The times for the movie has not been determined yet but I am posting the site so that you can buy the tickets online. They will go on sale on the 5th of March. We are looking to get into the 7 ish show. I am also in talks to have a stretch hummer to take us to and from the Movie.(this may or may not happen -- I will keep you posted.) Saturday: **** 300 Bowling (afternoon) this is a bowling alley with pool tables and arcade. They have a restaurant and full bar here as well to do Lunch. ****Medieval Times (evening) dinner and tournament( tickets can be bought on line - I will post the site ***** or if we want a better chance of us all sitting together i can buy the tickets in a group. they range form $59 per person to $69) the show starts at 5 and ends around 7. ****Gerrython --- the hotel Hospitality suite will be set up as a media room and we will watch G's movies till our eyes fall out. Kidd's Kids Raffle and T-shirt sale--- This is a VERY worth while Charity that raises money to take terminally ill children and there families to Disney World every year. I have designed a T-shirt for our event to be bought on cafepress --- ALL proceeds from the sale of the shirt as well as the raffle will go to Kidd's Kids. **** for those of you who are crafty and want to help out a good cause please let me know if and what you can donate to the raffle.*** Sunday: Check out and Farewell Brunch at Hotel Intercontinental( around 10 am) My list - so far Janet Kollmerier/planetaryview -- no room Beth Crawford/cleobethra -- king non-smoking Nanci Nelms -- no room Jerrie Alexander/tx fan +1(jackie) 2 beds non-smoking Libby Lea +1 (connie) 2 beds non-smoking Dleores Dickinson/ teresita - king non-smoking Karen Zambrana/itmekz - no room maybe Kristine/theblond - king non-smoking Seeker - maybe Diana - king non-smoking Spot + 1 (big mike) king nonsmoking Dee's 2nd childhood - non- smoking
  14. I will SOOOO be there for this -- PLEASE add me ---- THANKSSSSS --- HUGS
  15. OK -- i have a question -- that might have been answered ------ how much is this and phantom ---- i would like to do both but i dont know if have enought together tooo --- if i have to choose i would do phantom ----- i will be in vegas on the 6 sooo i will be in town for both shows ----- hoping its not toooooo much to do both. hugs Binkie
  16. Gerry, May you always have light to guide you and the strength to carry you on your life's journey I hope you have a wonderful day. Bianca ::
  17. OK it was a hard choice but i had to go with the OLDER Gerry! he seems more at home in is own skin and i agree with the saying He ages like a fine wine -- only better with time. God i LOVE this man --- hehehe OK im better now :: :headspin:
  18. OK -- i can't wait for Sept 15th. I am about bust!!! --- i will be there even if i have to WALK!!! cant wait to meet you all And yeah --- SLEEP is for the weak!!!
  19. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: OMG--- this is the CUTEST think i have heard in a long time. it made me giggle and think of Kermit and Ms. Piggy. hehehehe kermit as Christine and Ms Piggy as the phantom!!!
  20. OOOOO i have that book --- it was greatness!!! Linda howard is # 3 on my fav Author list. and what does he have in his manly bag ---- hmmmm .... i like the condom idea but i think those are in another bag. sooooo.......... cell phone gum ciggys w/ lighter scripts he's readng a book for any flights he's on snacks for extra braclets and you know evey man has one --- a little black book ---- oh to be a listing in that!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- oh and if he did ever put one of his bags on ebay --- what if he "left" something in it? and what would it be? hmmmmm --- wow what a thought!!!!
  21. hmmmm what are my guilty pleasures? I would have to say BOOKS - romance novels to put a finer pint on it. --- I am addicted to the written word. Anything Nora Roberts, a diet coke, with Chinese food and i am gooooood!!!! oh yeah -- cold stone along with starbucks is a no no for me!!! binkie
  22. i like them all -- but 1 and 4 are my favs. I picked 1 because you can SEE Gerry! he isn't all grainy like 4- but i LOVE them ALL.!!!
  23. BIG- HUGE sci fi nut!!! All things SCI -FI Vamps, Aliens, monsters, all of it !!! HIGHLANDER is my Fav --- The Crow a near 2nd
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