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  1. I thinking the crisis of the last couple of years has played into it. Proper always tot to cut into thrift budgets and find money for some vacations.

    Personally for me it is not possible to attend as uit is a verf long flight and costs a lot of money. June is also a busy time at work and I can't always have loads of holiday time.

    Maybe you can do an event in the US and maybe in Europe (London or so). Then eveyone can chose the event they want to go to. It might save money for some re travel costs.

    It is just an idea

  2. It has just finished the show and it is a good one. It was not thos standard questions like "how did you become lawyer" anbd stuff like that. Het told the kilt story and also the near drowning one from the movie shoot. If you have evre seen a Graham Norton show then you know it is entertaining. I think that one of our GALS wasin the audience because they talked about the conventions. Even Noel Gallagher was good , he is the most normal one of the Gallagher brothers. When he was on Gerry told that hey had sand 'Wonderwall'.

    There was this funny bit: they had also the dog on the show from the movie 'The Artist4 and for therapeutic reasons the dog did the drowning scene so Gerry could get over it. It is one to watch

  3. I will watch it on 6th since I'm in Europe. I will post hjow it was so you know when it aires. I have already loads of Graham Norton shows and it will lots of fun. Graham really makes a funny show. I just hope he doesn't ask the same question as all th others: "So you trained to be a lawyer and how did you became an actor". I have heard this one in every Gerry interview since 2005. Journalists don't really have a lot of imagination regarding questions. They should ask us for the questions, I think that we have some original ones :goodjob:

  4. I think every actor wants an oscar for their work.

    Well, let's hope for once that the members of the Academy Awards choose the nominees based on thei skills and not their popularity.

    They already choose last year a great actor so maybe this year.

    Although I think an award where the normal people can vote, counts a lot too. As we (normal) people are the ones who actually have to buy their ticket instead of seeing it for free

  5. For once I could post a video, normally I watch your videos because it was broadcast in the US.

    i think he is renting it for the summer, I have to rewatch the inbterview to be sure. But I think that after Ischia he goes back home. He is talking about going back to Scotland in 2 weeks and I don't think that it was taped a long time ago

  6. i have the interview on my pc, I am trying to edit it and upload it. It won't be youtube because of copyright. As soon as I have the link I will post it.

    Sometimes it freezes up but that is because my pc is old and I recorded it straih from TV and it couldn't really follow

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