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  1. It has finlly worked, here are part 1 & 2. Enjoy it, it is 1 am with me so I'm going to bed
  2. i have the interview on my pc, I am trying to edit it and upload it. It won't be youtube because of copyright. As soon as I have the link I will post it. Sometimes it freezes up but that is because my pc is old and I recorded it straih from TV and it couldn't really follow
  3. I have the channel on my tv and will do my best to see if i can tape it.
  4. Those are indeed his tidy-whities on te back so this means that he is going commando. Or he put them on the car afterwards to avoid any more pics. Cause he clearley knew the paps were there. I do have to say that those picture made my pc freeze for a couple of minutes
  5. He looks hot in those pictures. He is starting to have football legs too
  6. wating for the Phantom to pass by

  7. I saw it in December and I also saw it last night. It was the last show with the original cast and it was a magical evening. The crowd was excited and right after the first song the roof went off the Adelphi theater and it did again after other songs. When Christine finshed the song 'Love Never Dies' she received a standing ovation When I got to the stage door there were around 300 people waiting in the cold to get an autograph or a picture. Eventually I left at 23u15 and there were stil 30 people waiting and Ramin was still signing autoghs and taking pictures. I have seen already 2 tim
  8. They have just shown him for a second laughing with a joke by Kevin Spacey.
  9. i think that they have changed the seating because I can't see him when they are showing Colin Firth. And they have already shown him (Colin) a couple of times
  10. I have to say that their coverage was crap. It was scheduled for 2 hours but after 1hour 10 it was already finished and you didn't see much
  11. I watched the coverage of the Red Carpet on E but they didn't show him. In about 20 minutes the show will begin on BBC, I'm going to watch it
  12. I will be watching the BAFTA's. I was already planning to wach it live but now I have an extra reason
  13. Hi girls, I was this weekend in London and wanted to see LND. I booked my ticket in November and was on row 5. I have to say that it is amazing. I love POTO 1 and for me it is a good sequel. The music from ALW is really, really great and I sang all night and all day today the same 3 songs: Till I hear you song - Love Never Dies - Coney Island Waltz. Ramin was not singing yesterday but his understudy is also really good and has a great singing voice. Sienna is amazing as Christine and when she sang LND I got goosebumps and started to cry. Also the sets and costmes are amazing, the s
  14. I was this weekend in London and in Boots there wasa picture of Gerry with L'Oreal products. I really had to control myself or I would have taken it with me
  15. When the ads will be released in Europe and I can find something then I will post it. In Belgium the ads for l'Oreal are often dubted by Dutch speaking people. So I can already imagine a Dutch speaking Gerry
  16. When I saw the pictures my heart melted, it is so sweet. He will be a great dad someday
  17. Enter me in the competition for the Leonidas figure - posters and Architectural Digest
  18. Well, it was already hot here but with those kind of pictures it only gets hotter. I so want to ride away with me. I can already hear the song from Grease 2 " Cool Rider " in my head.
  19. Those pictures nearly made my pc crash. He is so good looking in them. I just love his hair in it: waves, a bit longer and that salt and pepper colour
  20. Me too, I start to cry from when he dies and it goes on until the end
  21. I searched for it but I can't find it in Belgium. Would somebody in the UK or USA be able to buy a copy for me and sent it over? I can transfer the money. thanks, Sofie
  22. I do have noticed one thing after looking long and carefully to the pictures. I just had to look into every detail. It seems that lately Gerry only has 1 pair of shoes, he is alwyas wearing those blue trainers.
  23. Ooohhh!when i see those pictures of Lolita I want to pick her up and cuddle her. She is so adorable. She looks like she is well taken care off, she is one lucky little pug
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