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  1. Abrock, I agree with you if I want a date with the G-man. It should like a normal date where he asks me on the date.I want a date "au naturel".
  2. Zany, I just love the way your mind thinks. It is so funny. I just started to laugh and it took me 5 minutes to stop. Can I use my visa for the shag?
  3. Those pictures made my day. He looks so hot in them. And please ,girls, leave those pants alone. We don't want to seem ore flesh :eye: Please hose me down , my hormons are going bananas. Love the arms. What would it be like to fall a sleep in them? :gg2:
  4. I just love the GALS. And it os nice to see that everyone puts in a bit of their personal lives. And it amazes me that we all have the same feelings. I'm also picky with men and I don't know why but Gerry is an attraction to me ( not jus his looks) but for his personality. And the guys from my age are still boys but a guy like Gerry is a men. And I like that.
  5. Wow, It is so nice to read all of your stories an find parts of my own story in it. I'm 23 years old and never had really a boyfriend. It is not that I don't want to but the guy I liked never liked me. ANd I always had a thing for older men , that 's why I think Gerry is an attraction. And it is not because he is good looking. But by reading fan encounters and interviews I found out that his personality is such a big attraction. The way he is with his fans , his charm ,... And it sometimes hurts to read the fan encounters of others and knowing I will never meet him but I 'm in an other way
  6. In the future he just have to loose the shirt if he has such a problem with his buttons.
  7. We should all thank the mother of Gerry for giving us something to drool over. But also for giving him such a nice personality.
  8. Bethy's dream IS to get THE bracelet..But I would love to see The Man do Gerryoke! Bethy You want him just for the karaoke. I just want HIM.I don't think he was singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt , too sexy for my shirt" of Right Said Fred
  9. Why don't we open a bank account and post a message on the forum here and on GB. net. Everyone who wants can make a donation of maximum 10 pounds , dollars , Euro or any other coins. And at the end we give the money to Gerry or the company who is responsible of Burns. In return Gerry has to come to all countries of all the pepole who gave money. What do you think?
  10. I read the story of the phone call on GB.net. OMG what rude of her to say those things. If I had the privilige of meeting Gerry or gettin a phone call. I would get excited but never talk to him this way. I have to much respect for him.
  11. I just love MOTN. The wat he sings it , makes my heart cry. It is so emotional and he brings it with that passion.
  12. I'm also al little bit jealous at the people who already met Gerry because I know that the chance is small that I'll be seeing him.
  13. This a thread that is my cup of tea. Since I saw Gerry I have been on cloud 9. I sing the whole time the music of phantom. And i get really fascinated with his tongue. That is something weird , I can say more but that is not PG 13. Gerry is like a feromone bomb , I feel all warm inside and hope to meet a clone of him. I'm still single that is not a problem. And if it was Gerry himself , age is not important.
  14. I have no idea....I personally think that she'd have to be kinda wrong in the head....if ya know what I mean!And although I do love MOTN, PONR was such a passionate song. :boner: I agree, the sexual tension was tangible, it was like electricity. I was so entranced...just staring at the screen with mouth open, heart beating in my ears....in that song, Gerry, or the Phantom, or the mix of both of them....were liturally sex on legs (sporting a sexy black mask and open shirt and tight pants....). Fanning flushed face.... You are so right. Christines was a fool to choose for Raoul.Gerry
  15. I had also somedreams about Gerry: The first one was the scene Masquarade from Phantom. But I was Christine and not Emmy and I left Raoul for the Phantom in the end. My second one was also with the phantom theme (it is the only Gerry movie I have seen). It was a saturday night and we were in a house somewhere in Schotland. The room was dark and the light came from candles and a fireplace. Gerry and me are sitting in the couch , drinking a glass of wine and Gerry smoking a sigaret. And we are watching a movie. It appaers to be Phantom of the Opera. And of course at the end I start to cr
  16. Donna, you are so lucky. I wish I could meet Mr. Butler like that.
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