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  1. I want to wish you all the very best for 2010 !!!!!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true
  2. I saw the movie last Thursday at the Showcase cinema in Paisley and i have to say that it is a great movie. The way the plot goes is very good and not what I was expecting. When the nude scene started my jaw dropped.
  3. I just saw the videos and I just laughed at the 3some thing. If you look back to older interviews Gerry has already said loads of things in that way. So for me it doesn't shock, I take it with a big grain of salt. And if it is real then I don't bother, he is a hot single actor so go for it because it only lasts until the 15 minutes of fame are finished.
  4. If someone wants to got to London, let me know. I might go and see it. I loved that song they showed, I already got tears in my eyes.
  5. Hiya all, I'm still alive and kicking. I'm just been so busy lately. Lots of work and stuff to do. Most of the time I just had some time to catch up on the news and not much more. I'm gonna try to get more online more and maybe start back on my posting. Suz - Luv ya too and miss you much too. I can understand that your computer, I have had the sames issues with another computer but it is now ok. Maybe we cant catch up in chat sometime?Big hugs
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GALS !!! And tomorrow it is actually my 1 year Gerry-Lust year. Last year I saw POTO on DVD and got hooked. And it has been a crazy ride all the way and I still love it. It is so freaking hot here , not nice to work or sleep in.
  7. Today was yet another warm day over here. And not the good warm but the sticky warm weather. The last 3 days or so it was around 86°F which is for our country a lot and not that healthy. Luckily we have airco at work but then in the evening when you need to take the train , you feel like melting. It is a calm period at work now but it can change everyday , some days calm and sometimes busy. And I found out that on a Belgian website we can pre-order Beowulf for when it comes out 25/7 and I saw GOTL last weekend. It was available in our videostore.
  8. HIYA Gals, I'm still alive but oh so busy. I don't have much time anymore between going to work and driving practice. And it is so hot here that I don't have much courage to get behind the puter (I also work already all day on it). And I have to admit that I'm not in a posting on GALS mood last weeks. I just read but don't post.
  9. Thank You , Fergie for that lovely story about me on a stick. Glad to hear that I was so busy and that I'm photographed with so many GALS Thank you
  10. Hiya all, I know that I havn't posted in a while but I have been reading those wonderfull Vegas stories and was mad at myself for not being there. I even cried on Thursday cause I knew I would had left then for Vegas. But nothing can stop for being there next year. I want to say to all who has pics , they are woderfull and also the videos are great. Makes me feel part of it. Congrats to the ones who got the chance to get close to Gerry. I always had the feeling that he would show up , why I don't know but I got that feeling. Great to see Tonya in those pics and she is gorgous. Just a l
  11. I hope that we finally get a pic of Lolita , it will be from her good side not like this. Some other funny ones Look how cute that puppy , maybe she is about this size now
  12. Bethy, Your story moves me and breaks my heart with it. Knowing how you wanted to thank him for that call and then finally you could. That pic you said with the look , well that is my favorite of them all.
  13. Here are some update pics on Lolita: Baby Lolita Lolita rehaersing her POTO role After a night on GALS chat On the town with her owner (The Hollywood treatement : she is hiding for the paparazzi) After GALS and PALS we now have ..........PUGS
  14. Now we know that he was there for a moment. Did he receive his gift? And what did he say?
  15. HIYA, How are you all? I'm still a bit sad about not being able to be in Vegas but life goes on. And next year nothing can stop me. Today I have to go to a wedding and later to the reception of that wedding. So I don't know if I'll be online later. Yesterday I got a text message from Dawn and everything was going good , she was out with Fergie. Suz and Lish - maybe later or if not tomorrow for sure.
  16. I want to all you GALS going to Vegas : a nice and save flight or drive. Make sure you all arrive there in one piece and come back also in one piece . LOL
  17. D - You have to party for the both of us and drink for the both of us. But normally Marge will have a Flat Sofie to keep her company so I'm still a bit there too. But I'm gonna feel sad starting thursday , I know it. But remember if you have to marry a guy let him be rich!!!! Mel - Please take those blackmail pics , tell me what you want for them and I'll get it for you.
  18. Hiya GALS, I want to wish all of you going to Vegas all the fun in the world and you're all so lucky. Even more now that Tonya is coming. Tomorrow I have a Dutch gathering with fellow fans. A bund of Dutch fans are gonna meet. And it will keep my mind from not be able to come to Vegas.
  19. I love the look(clothes and scruff) on the new pics but he looks so sad and unhappy about something. ANd it is not only in those pics but also the video. Something is not right in his life at the moment.
  20. I feel so weird cause I have got 3 kinds of emotions going one : very happy for GALS and eveyone who is going , sad cause I can't be there and jealous. Suz, can I join you "I need a life" club?
  21. Aye, no worries, Sofie, I was just teasin' you and Cassie. :finger: :: I know
  22. No you're not, but I didn't want to say anything. My grandma (god rest her soul) used to call small cars like that "stingy cars" because you could only fit two people in them. Although I think he looks absolutely yummy in the car, I'm not a fan of the car. I'll take my little Passat over that any day!. Cassie Oh, you GALS just don't like it because it doesn't have a back seat! Oh, and Jill....you're dating YOURSELF?? Oh...you mean...heh, never mind. It is not the "no back seat" that I don't like. I just don't like models that BMW has.
  23. GABE , please come back to us. We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Those guys were autograph hounds , you can tell by the amount of pics they have and they are mostly the same pics. And you could tell by the look on his face that he doesn't like those kind of people but those are the negatives sides to being a celebrity. I just hope that in the future he will still have time for his real fans. I still don't like the car and am the only one thing thinking that. I just don't like BMW cars. Well, I can tell something : last night I was havind a bit of a fever and cause of seeing that video I had a weird Gerry dream. Nothing to do with the video itself jus t
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