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  1. OMG, thanks for posting that video. At the moment the car arrives I had the feeling "oh, fancy macho man car". Don't shoot me guys but for that is a macho man car.
  2. Hiya Gals, Just a drive by post. I'm fighting a cold which means I'm tired and feeling sick. I love his beard but not the full Leonidas beard more the softer one.
  3. sofietje

    Chanson:The CD

    wow, those songs are amazing. I got goosebumps and I only have that with music of Cirque du Soleil. So it is really good. It sometimes reminds me of the music of "Twin Peaks" (which is good in my eyes). It is written like a movie music , just amazing.
  4. Got some news : in Belgium for now the release date is set on 28th March 2007. A couple of days before Germany and Netherlands
  5. Hiya GALS, So I have had 4 driving lessons so far and it is getting better so I'm glad. And now I don't have a lesson for a week , I'm glad cause I finally have some time to post something. And it is also a short week for us , only have to work till Wednesday (Thursday is a public holiday and we are also closed on Friday). Everything is going great at work and I have really good co-workers. I got some news : in Belgium the realease date of "300" is for 28th March 2007. But it can change but I'm glad cause it means that movie is coming to our theatres. Bethy - I have all your songs rea
  6. sofietje

    Chanson:The CD

    Well, you can put me on a list for the CD. I would ove to have piece of your son's great work.
  7. Hey GALS, Today I had my second driving lesson, it is freaky hard to drive (it is hand-change not automatic). But I can drive on the street already at a moderate speed. Still a bit afraid for some situations. But I'm still alive and I ahve a patient instructor. On the job everything is going fine and my co-workers are just great. One co-worker left last week and I was on training most of the week but I got the chance to say goodbye. Next couple of weeks will still be busy for me cause my driving lessons are from 7pm till 9pm , after I get home from work. And after those 2 hours I'm just
  8. Happy Mother's Day to you all !!!!! I love the new videoclips , I just can't stop watching it. And I have a splitting headache and PMS so I'm a bit cranky to day.
  9. Hiya GALS, How are you all doing? I'm doing fine just finished another training course for work. This time a bit harder then the other one. Swan - That music is heavenly , it is so gorgous to listen too. I just speachless. It is even better then pieces he did for that play and that was amazing already. He is so gifted your son. I hope you'll give us a achance to buy a CD when he has finished it.
  10. Good new cause then it will open in Belgium maybe also on April 5 th. And it will be just 2 day before my 25th Birthday so a great gift for me. Cailleach - Where did you get that information?
  11. I know, I know - I can never get enough of him. :tasty: Risa, just keep posting those lovely cleavage pics. I just can't get enough of them
  12. Bethy - Congrats on your licence. I still need to do the practice exam and hope I'll get through it too. I love those new pics , made my weekend. I had a relaxing weekend : yesterday some shopping an I rented some movies : "Into the Blue" with Paul Walker and "Pride and Prejudice"
  13. Have all a good night and have some fine Gerry dreams or mopboy dreams
  14. Hiya you all, I 'm still here but have been very busy , busy. On Monday I did my theory part for my driving licence and .... I passed. I only had 4 faults but I had to study the whole weekend (but I can start now with the practice part). ANd now tomorrow I start with a training course for my job. Till monday I have one and on next thursday there is another one. So I'm still busy the next 2 weeks. And also I'm sad cause I can't make it to Vegas and I know it is not that far now. Hugs and kisses to everyone.
  15. A whole floor dedicated to the man's eyes. I just love those eyes , I could drown in them. Lucky for me that I can swim. I don't know how you can't love those eyes. I'm doing fine and my new job is going great, this week I have 3 days of course for my job. And normally on 2 May I'm going to do my theory exam for my driving licence
  16. Hiya GALS, I have finally a bit of time to post something cause I have been busy lately. I have finished my theory for my driving licence and now have to do an exam. But I need to study a little bit first. I just read on a newspaper website that they are thinking of making the musical "Mamma Mia" into a movie. Maybe something for G ? We can hear him sing again like that.
  17. You are so right about the crows' feet. Hey, they match mine. Doesn't that mean something?? HMMMM But I'm still against the hair colour. Why mess with perfection? :inlove: Cailleach You are 100% correct. Why mess with a good formula?
  18. I'm going to send my contribution at the end of the month , it gives me a bit of breathing space on my financials. But I'll probably just donate the money but not gonna do the messgae of 250 words. Cause I really don't gave a clue what to say.
  19. Eeeck, GAH, lovely! :angry: If that's true, that's just sad. Oh, but that reminds me of "Notting Hill," where William is going to the celebrity suite and that reporter follows him right up to the door...hiliarious! Anyway. *psst* deleted your first post, so you're good. :smile: I agree with you , that is just sad. And thanks for deleting my first post. I forgot that you got MOD powers ::
  20. I'm fine , a bit tired cause I had a course last night and I went to bed late cause of that. I'm feeling great , till now the job is going well. Still have a lot to learn.
  21. I just read on another board that Gerry had to leave is hotel cause fans were going through the hotel. And knocking on every door to see if he was in that room. How can you do something like that? I love those ears. I just want to whisper sweet nothings in those ears for a whole night.
  22. Thanks everyone for the nice B-Day wishes on here and on the B-Day thread. It wa a nice day and today my present came too. For my birthday I'm going to see "Alegria" from Cirque du Soleil in september and the tickets arrivd today. Abrock - I'll have the shirt one before the birthday cake and the no shirt as dessert That is ok??? Lish - We'll have to talk sometime soon. Let me know when you have time to chat.
  23. Okay a update on the job. So yesterday was my last day and I bought some chocolates (from Leonidas) for my co-workers. They surprised me in the afternoon with a huge bunch of flowers. And then it was time to say goodbye and it was sad (I didn't cry) but it was sad. After that I took the subway and the train trying to keep my flowers good and it worked. Today I had to be at my new work at 9am. I was on time and was introduced to everyone. After that they started to show me the new reservation system. It is nearly the same as the one I worked on but the formulas are not always the same. Afte
  24. In my experience(booking flights) it is better to book good in advance. Cause then all the classes on the airplane are not yet full and you can get some good deals then. And look a bit around and on different dates cause it can be that on Wednesday it is nearly full but on Thursday not and that will give you more choice in tickets and prices. Also in ticket you have much difference between a ticket that needs to be flexible or not. If you don't think that you will change your flights then a non flexible is the best and the cheapest. Best is also to keep the same company on outbound and inboun
  25. HIYA Gals, I'm back. Tomorrow I'm working my last day at my current job and on Wednesday I start a new job. A job closer to the train station , I gain 1 hour every day by changing jobs. But I'm a bit nervous about changing jobs , not knowing if it will be fun to work there , if the people are nice , ... It should be spring by now but not here. It is still raining and it is cold with sometimes a bit of sun.
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