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  1. Hiya GALS, Still alive but some personal stuff (job switching) things going on with me.
  2. You can also count me in the "Hell" club. We are at 4 now , we can already start to play some card games
  3. Hiya GALS, I havn't posted that much the last days but I'm doing the early shift at work (starting at 8am which means at 6:35am taking the train) and we have changed our time already this weekend. So 1 hour less sleep at night. Suz - Glad to hear that the kids are feeling better.
  4. Great idea. Just a little question : how much do we need to raise in total? I'll have a look at my budget and see how far much allows me.
  5. I like that idea of You, Dr. Em. I think she would love it (an mothersday gift from us). I would gladly contribute to make sure we can do it.
  6. Hiya GALS, Finally the week is over and the weekend can start. It was madhouse at work today and it won't get any better next week. I had some news about the job interview : they got a good impression off me but they choose somebody with more experience. But I'm actually not that sad cause it didn't feel that good with the job. But on monday I have another job interview and I really hope that one goes very well cause it sounds like a nice job. Suz- it was good to have a little chat with you (I know it was short) and I hope we have a longer one soon. About the how to please Gerry question
  7. I was looking on the IMDB Gerard Butler message board and look what they had over there. Doesn't that dress and girl look familiar? It is still a very beautiful dress by the designer Octavio Carlin. I wish I was thin enough to fit in it.
  8. I was looking on the IMDB Gerard Butler message board and look what they had over there. Doesn't that dress and girl look familiar? It is still a very beautiful dress by the designer Octavio Carlin. I wish I was thin enough to fit in it.
  9. Hiya Gals, I'm back from a fun filled weekend with my best friend. We have had so much fun and did some shopping yesterday. i'm a bit nervous cause tomorrow I have a job interview. So if you all can put in your prayers tonight. Hugs, Sof
  10. I have to say , Sporran. That the first pic with the sunglasses (where you are reflected in) is one of my favourite pics of Gerry. I like his style in that one.
  11. Hiya GALS, I hope the week is going great for everyone. I have also skype and my nickname is sofietjegals so you can add me too. I won't be online for the whole weekend cause I'm going to visit my best friend.
  12. Hiya GALS, How are you all? I hope better then me. It is freezing cold here and I have sneezed all day and I was blowing my nose all day. So now my nose is hurting because of it. Suz- what a week. I hope the little ones will get better. I'm still thinking about you Lish- Congrat on the mod job , I had forgetten to congratulate you. Abrock - I hope you are too feeling better.
  13. HIYA GALS, I'm havn't been on the last days but I have my reasosns. On Thursday and Friday I was sick at home with migraine and high blood pressure (cause by all the troubles at work). I don't like it there an I'm looking for an other job but till then I still stay there. But it gets too me and cause a high blood pressure. Yesterday I did a walking our to get my head cleared and was a way all day. And so today is the first day I can get online. Suz - I'm sorry to read all the problems. I 'm still here for a while when you want to talk. Dawn - pm me with the story of Suz and we need a c
  14. I just saw on a website that Maria Menunous will present the Eurovison Song Contest in Athens this year.
  15. Oh , poor Swan. But be happy : the chnuzzle has returned. I looked at the pics of Mayte but the nose and lips not really 100% the same. The lips of Mayte are bigger.
  16. She does looks like her ( wasn't she married to Prince) I admit I'm curious (like everyone on here) to know who is but won't judge her before I get to "know"her. Maybe she is really funny person but because off all the media coverage she frooze. I have to say that she has a lot of courage to have done it. Just imagine being his date or GF and it is the first time you'll go public. And there are like 50 or more photographers who watch you so closely and just take pics of you. I think anyone of us (even the person who always laugh and smile) would freeze up. And knowing that his fans watches
  17. Hiya GALS, Dawn - I just read your news . I'm so sorry , I know I havn't been online much this week but I have to start to work early (and I'm a bit sick) but you know that I think off you and hope you'll get through it. You know my phone number , email , msn , ... just contact me if you need to talk. Suz - I'm so sorry to hear about Noelle , the poor thing. I'm still a bit "high" on the new pics from the Oscars.
  18. Yes, well, he DOES fill them out well, so...look on the bright side! I'm just happy that we have new pics , I don't care if he is in clothes or not. We know now that he is still alive and kicking
  19. I have searched nearly all the photo sites (including wire image who has inside pics of the party). But nowhere you can find another pic then the one we have (he isn't in a pic with other people). But I can tell at the EJ there was a lot of movie stars and good looking people. I like the way he is looking now , just a normal regular guy (not the really buff version for 300). I too miss the grey hair but it will come back just like :treasuretrail: comes back. I hope for him she is nice girl and if they date that it will last a while.
  20. OMG what a nice surprise to see those pics. So the GALS were right and he was there (GALS 3 - GB.net 0). He looks great and the girl too but her hair could have been better. I taped the Oscars and maybe I'll watch it or not cause I already know who won.
  21. Hiya GALS, It has been since Wednesday that I have posted something but I havn't been online since then. I'm so busy with things. So it is Oscar night and I have to tape it cause it starts to late here. I finally saw "Sin City" yesterday and it is not bad but a bit wierd in the beginning. For the casting I need to think about cause for the moment I'm reading the whole Outlander serie so I can't really find something. I first thought about maybe Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" but I need to think about it.
  22. I have send some money through Paypal today.
  23. Hiya GALS, Just a drive by. It was so busy at work that I hardly had time to go to the bathroom. So I ended up staying 30min. longer. Dawn - So who is the other celeb? Beans - sorry to hear that you have to leave the mod squad. I hope your acting career goes well.
  24. Hiya GALS, Perrin- you have made my week with that new pic. I feel like everything is miserable but now I have a smile on my face just by one pic. He looks different without the beard or it is just us getting used to his face again. Since he has been MIA for a long time. Fergs - I got your card today , I loved it.
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