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  1. Hiya GALS, I hop you had a good day all. It is calm at the office because of vacation so the time doesn't pass really quick. I had a Gerry dream last night but yet another weird one. And later I woke up with bad stomach cramps. I asked for vacation from 7th June till 14th June so I could come to Vegas and .......... I GOT IT. One step closer to making it to Vegas. So Dawn, you can make sure you'll get there , even if it means you have to be delivered with FedEx (Suz , maybe something for you too). Lish - Paul Walker isn't that bad to date?? I hope Gerry will be at the Oscars so we
  2. Lish, your new siggy looks great!!!!! Bethy, you did a great job
  3. Hiya GALS, I'm having a calm weekend. And finally got the chance to get my sleep back that I had missed all week. I wen to see my grandmother and she is so fun. Sarah - nice pics of your little one. Dawn - good that you have a day off Suz - so how is your day been going? A chat soon????
  4. Abrock, I'm still alive and kicking. But I had some late days at work lately so when I come home , I don't want get behind the computer. That is why in MIA the last days. I'm gonna try and post a bit more but I can't promis you anything. It's all good, Sofie...I totally understand being beat and just wanting to crash. Just wanted to tell ya that's it's good seeing you. :smile: Oh , that is so swwet. You are so kind , Abrock Suz - I know kids can be sweet , I have some nephews that gave me some experience.
  5. Abrock, I'm still alive and kicking. But I had some late days at work lately so when I come home , I don't want get behind the computer. That is why in MIA the last days. I'm gonna try and post a bit more but I can't promis you anything.
  6. Hiya GALS, Thank god that it is weekend. I can use the sleep. It was cold today outside and even colder in the office. Ant a lot of my co-workers are sick or getting sick and I'm too getting a bit sick. So is he or is he not attending the Oscars? Either way I can't watch it cause I have to start work at 8am and which means getting up early. So if he is coming and it is on tv , could someone please tape it and get it in the multimedia section?? Suz - you have some little devils at your home. I wasn't excited about having kids one day but after you horror stories. Dawn- so how is the fat
  7. Hiya GALS, I'm still here just have had some late days at work. And when I come home late , I don't always want to get oin the computer cause I haven been on it all day at work. So I rather watch some tv or read a bit. But I still try to come online now and again. I see that there is not much news on G. He has disappeared from earth Dawn , Suz , Lish - luv ya and we will catch up one of these days. All the others - enjoy the week and weekend.
  8. Hiya all; I'm still alive but have to work till 6pm this week which makes that I come home late and don't want to come online that much. I avoided Valentine's day yesterday , it gives me a bad feeling. It reminds me again that I'm single and alone. Girlies (Dawn , Lish , Suz , Beachie , Song , ....) - We need to have chat soon cause I can use some fun. Let me know when and where????
  9. Happy Gerrytines to you all!! I know tomorrow I can sure use some chocolate. Valentine is not that much fun when you're alone
  10. Dawn - actually I'm not free this weekend but we will meet sooner or later. Like I said if I can't make it to Vegas then I'm coming to Canada.We just have to meet. And yeah, it would a long flight for just one weekend and being back on Monday to get to work. Abrock - aaahhh That is so nice from you. You are so great.
  11. Hiya GALS, I would play strip poker with him (but my problem is that I don't play that game very well)or a game of twister. Suz- I get your point. Whenever I talk to Dawn (evnthough it is short) it feels like we know eachother since long. BTW you and Lish need to give me your number so maybe we can talk sometime on the phone. Ladies- I'm here for a while
  12. Hiya GALS, I hope you are all fine. I saw "Dear Frankie" today , it broke my heart. The moment she tells him how got to be deaf. I had my good cry today with that movie. Dawn , Lish , Suz ,Song....Where are you ???? I feel a bit lost.
  13. Good evening GALS, Yet another week has begun. Suz- We were not hitting on him , it was just great fun but you know that LOL When I look at Gerry's heart and soul : I see a man who is generous, who is interested when someone is talking to him, makes time for his fans (ex:Bethy's call). But on the other side he is also human which comes with good sides and bad sides. We havn't seen his bad character yet but he has that , he is a human after all. He is one of the few celebrities who cares about his fans and understand that is us who go and watch his films not the critics.
  14. Hey Suz, Have fun tonight!!!! To the others - I'm having problems to get on msn and don't know if I'll get on it tonight.
  15. Oh Lish , how did you do that? We can't leave you alone for a minute , can we. So how is the finger now? :roflmao: Suz , Dawn , Fergs and Lish- I can't get on msn so maybe I won't see you all and I need an early night sleep too. I'm just so tired from a busy week. But I'll sure catch you this weekend and then we can a good chat. Luv ya ,guys. Can you send this guy to me just to have some good dreams.
  16. But they let her loose all the time maybe we should call the men in white??
  17. So you are keeping our special friend company???? Dawn- you makes us laugh and that is why we luv ya (TNLW) Fergs- Where are you??? Are you lost again??? I'm the bimbo not you so I normally should be lost. A sign might be needed to make sure her brain stays okay
  18. Dawn, Leave some room for more people. So I'll start at the bottom oh his legs and nibble my way up...... Lish- Did you find your bodd already? Suz- She thinks she is funny but let her think it ,LOL LOL LOL
  19. Hiya Friends, Beachie - ooowww a wedgie. Not great feeling ,I guess. Suz and Dawn ....I'm having fun. I want to start to nibble his chnuzzle , got to the back of his neck ,past the earlobes and end with his mouth. This will take a couple of hours. Lish - Everytime fine ???? Missing you
  20. Wow , it is just so amazing. The presentation ,the message , the money we all gave. wow, just amazing. I want to see that video. When will the plaque and the stones be ready?
  21. Hiya GALS, Finally I have a bit off time to post something here. It is extreme busy at work and I work every day at a different hour. It is only Wednesday and I'm already tired. But all those sexy pics is keeping me up to post something. I'm always ready to nibble some bits : his lips , earlobes , chnuzzle , mipples ,... You gave a good idea for a Gerry dream tonight.
  22. Hi all, yeah I haven been so busy lately at work that I just have time to read it all. But I'm still alive.
  23. Suz, Please don't do it, come back to us. Like Dawn said , we only guessed based on the facts we got in the thread. We all just googled and came to something. It wasn't meant to let some feel like we know more then others.
  24. I have smelled one of the Lolita ones and It doesn't go for me. I'm using "Deep Red" by Hugo Boss.
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