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  1. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    This week I vote off A Family Man and Playing for Keeps. I know I've already voted for these 2, but I gotta keep trying!
  2. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    This week I am voting off Playing For Keeps and Geostorm. Sorry GALS, I just found them both to be a hot mess!
  3. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    This week I am voting off Shooters and Reign of Fire. Reign of Fire because they killed him off too soon, and Shooters because I just don't like it!
  4. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I'm voting off, Young Person's blah blah blah.... AND.....wait, The Bounty Hunter is STILL in the running???? Okay, well I vote off TBH again. Only Gerry film I walked out on.
  5. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I'm voting off Shooters and Reign of Fire. Shooters is too violent for me, and Gerry just wasn't in Reign of Fire long enough to make it special. I ca
  6. Swansong

    In Memorial: Libby Lea (Touchmetrustme)

    Oh I love this! And yes I do remember her receiving that award!
  7. Our sweet GAL and friend Libby passed away today. Libby was not only a wonderful MOD of the GALS website, but she was also a dear friend to me and many other GALS and Gerard Butler fans. Libby made it possible for me to attend the first GALS convention in Las Vegas by paying my airfare and letting me share a room with her, and she took care of me when I became ill with a kidney infection during the festivities. We had lots of laughs, and spent time together at the '07 and '08 conventions. Libby was also one of the very first fans of my Chanson de l'Ange book series through following my on-line postings before the story ever became a book. I'll never forget the first time we met at the airport in LV. As soon as she saw me she shouted my name "Swannie" and we grabbed hold of each other in a big boob squishing hug. She was a lovely generous woman who will be missed by all who loved her! Rest in Peace, sweet friend.
  8. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    Yes, please thank her for me, Elissa.
  9. Swansong

    Bill's Alzheimers

    And still the docs keep changing his diagnosis. Now they say he doesn't have Alzheimers, he has vascular dementia. He really hasn't progressed a whole lot since I last posted on this thread, so I am counting my blessings.
  10. Swansong

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    Yeah,I was finally able to get into my original account! I'm going back to this one from now on!
  11. Swansong

    My Mom Passed Away

    Thank you for your prayers, ladies. My friend passed on Oct 30th. I feel such a gaping hole on my insides. My mom died from old age and complications of dementia. My friend died from cancer. Life is just too hard sometimes.
  12. Swansong

    My Mom Passed Away

    Dear GALS, my mom passed away on October 21, and one of my dearest friends of over 20 years is currently in the transition stage of her passing. I really need your prayers. I wake up several times a night, my heart pounding with the unreality of what is happening pressing on my soul. I was with my mom when she passed. My friend is passing with her family around her. Much love to you all, Swannie
  13. Swansong

    Asking for renewed prayers for Lugerry

    So sorry to hear of this setback. Praying that Barbara will regain her strength and recover quickly.
  14. Swansong

    Prayers for Lugerry/Barbara

    Prayers for Barb....from Swannie.
  15. Swansong

    Prayers for Zanyzombie

    Zany just sent an SOS on her facebook. Apparently the situation is very bad at home. She has no one to care for her, get her meds, take care of her house or family. Her husband is neglectful and does not help. Is there any way GALS can advocate for her? Does anyone have her contact info? She really sounds desperate.