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  1. Barb, my prayers will be with you. I pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery! Be strong and have faith!
  2. Dear Frankie to the vault, Tomb Raider into the trash bin!
  3. PSILY to the vault and voting off Playing For Keeps!
  4. Voting off Miracle Match and keeping PSILY safe in the vault!
  5. Dear Frankie to the vault and The Gods of Egypt to be booted!
  6. PSILY must go into the vault! Voting off Family Man again.
  7. One more before I go to bed. This is original artwork from this artist: https://www.deviantart.com/frodos/art/Feel-it-hear-it-159780641 Love to see how artists honor our Phantom....
  8. This is an illustration from a new illustrated Phantom of the Opera book. I think the book costs costs around 350.00. Wish I could afford it. The artwork is gorgeous!
  9. Would love to have any new GALS stop in and say hello! Did you find this site through our FB page? Tell us something about yourself!
  10. Yeah, but he's a genius! He can figure out anything. Whereas, I am not! Apparently I have gotten dumber because I used to be able to figure out all this stuff!
  11. That is awesome! I've gained so much weight since my mom passed away. *tears*
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