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  1. Swansong

    My Mom Passed Away

    Thank you for your prayers, ladies. My friend passed on Oct 30th. I feel such a gaping hole on my insides. My mom died from old age and complications of dementia. My friend died from cancer. Life is just too hard sometimes.
  2. Swansong

    My Mom Passed Away

    Dear GALS, my mom passed away on October 21, and one of my dearest friends of over 20 years is currently in the transition stage of her passing. I really need your prayers. I wake up several times a night, my heart pounding with the unreality of what is happening pressing on my soul. I was with my mom when she passed. My friend is passing with her family around her. Much love to you all, Swannie
  3. Swansong

    Asking for renewed prayers for Lugerry

    So sorry to hear of this setback. Praying that Barbara will regain her strength and recover quickly.
  4. Swansong

    Prayers for Lugerry/Barbara

    Prayers for Barb....from Swannie.
  5. Swansong

    Prayers for Zanyzombie

    Zany just sent an SOS on her facebook. Apparently the situation is very bad at home. She has no one to care for her, get her meds, take care of her house or family. Her husband is neglectful and does not help. Is there any way GALS can advocate for her? Does anyone have her contact info? She really sounds desperate.
  6. Swansong

    My Sister Has Cancer

    Just an update. My sister's 22 year old son (my nephew) was recently screened for skin cancer including melanoma. A small mole was removed from his arm. The biopsy was positive for melanoma. He'll go in for further exploration to see how deep the cancer has spread into the layers of his skin. Thankfully we now know that melanoma is not the death sentence it used to be. But is still scary that someone his age who has never been into tanning or sunning, could get melanoma simply because my sister is a carrier of the gene.
  7. Swansong

    My Sister Has Cancer

    Just a quick update on my sister. She had (we hope) the final surgery last week to explore and remove melanoma from her back. While they did find more cancer in the area, they removed it and believe they got it all. She goes back in in 3 months to have another tissue sample taken, and then if that sample is clear, she will go again in 6 months. The doc told her she really dodged a bullet!
  8. Swansong

    My Sister Has Cancer

    The first opinion was from a dermatologist. When Reba got his report she decided to seek out an actual specialst in melanoma and other skin cancers. I am so glad she got a good reccomendation from a family member.
  9. Swansong

    My Sister Has Cancer

    Thank you for your kind thought sand prayers, ladies. My sister will have a very large scar on her back (14 inches long) and a small one on her face by the time they complete her surgeries to remove the cancer, but the melanoma specialist she saw (second opinion) yesterday informed her that her lymph nodes, lungs and organs have not been invaded. The first doctor she saw was wrong. The specialist also told my sister that she will be on watch for the rest of her life for the disease, and will undergo full skin scans every 6 months, but the specialist believes they caught it soon enough. No need for chemo or radiation, but she must always use protection from the sun. I guess a diagnosis of melanoma, even an aggressive case, does not always equal death. I am so thankful that I will have my sister in my life, and that she and her husband will be able to live out their dreams. love, Swannie
  10. Swansong

    My Sister Has Cancer

    GALS, once again I am asking for your prayers. My sister Reba, whom I am VERY close to, was just diagnosed with a very agressive melanoma. She tested positive for the carrier gene marker, and has had one positive biopsy. She'll undergo another biopsy and based on those results, we'll know how far the cancer has spread, and if positive, they will biopsy her lymph nodes, do xrays and PET scans. She is only 55 and has always been a support to me through thick and thin. She has been there for me during all the changes and sorrows of Bill's ALZ, and back when Nathan was so sick. I am devastated. We are praying that the next phase of testing will rule out spread of the disease for now, but the doctors have warned her that she will be on cancer watch for the rest of her life, regardless. She has been through so much in years past. Pray for her please, and for me to have the strength to be a support to her.
  11. Swansong

    I just want you to know my sister passed away

    I am so sorry, Patricia. I know how special sisters are. God bless you and be with you in this time of sorrow. Swannie
  12. Swansong

    Bill's Alzheimers

    Dear friends, please keep us in your prayers. Bill has now been confirmed to be in the moderate stage of Alzheimers.
  13. Swansong

    Bill's Alzheimers

    Thankfully, apart from a few little arguments, Bill and I do not fight and he is not combative at this stage. It's just that sometimes the stress of dealing with all our losses gets to be too much and I HAVE to get it out without upsetting him. So I wait until he goes up the street for coffee, or goes for a walk, or is asleep--then I let it out. I am sorry about your own experience in dealing with a loved one who had this awful disease. God bless you, May.
  14. Swansong

    Bill's Alzheimers

    I spent last night throwing things in the garage and cursing my head off at this awful disease. I have never in my life thrown things in a rage, but I did last night. Not sure how to get through this. Please pary for me and Bill.
  15. Swansong

    Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome (GALS).....Continued

    I'm trying to find distractions so I'm finishing up the fairy costume I've been making for the local renaissance faire I'm attending in August. I will be going with my friend and her daughter, another very good friend and my sister. We're all gonna be fairies and we're acting like school girls in all our excitement! We've found 3 other renaissance faires in our area throughout the Summer and plan to attend them all. I've never been to one of these so I have no idea what to expect. The other big thing I'm doing this Summer is attending my 40th high school reunion. I have no idea why I'm going because I'm such a wallflower around people I don't know well. But for some reason I got a bee up my bonnet to do it! My sister is going as my guest since Bill isn't really comfortable in large groups. I bought a beautiful outfit for the ocassion and I sure hope the whole thing isn't a bust! I was a theater/choir geek and NOT one of the popular kids. I hope someone from my gang attends! Other than a couple of day trips around the Portland area, Bill and I are not doing any vacations this year. It's too expensive. So we are just trying to find other things to do in our area. What exciting plans do you all have for Summer? Swannie