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  1. Interviews are harder than the actual making of the movie. Poor baby, we all know how he hates this part of his career. Love him absolutely, Sandy Someone tell me how to make this stop calling me AngelofMusic.
  2. In that business almost everything is insured by Lloyds. When I was in thebusiness they insured my nails, can you believe that? What a lovely interview. Ryan is right, all he has to do is stand there and most people are happy, but then that voice could literally say anything and be impressive. Love him absolutely, Sandy I don't know how this picked me up as AngelofMusic but I am shirsan. What happened?
  3. I would listen to this, but I truly dislike Howard Stern, and the tastlessness and constant vulgarity he considers entertaining...even Gerry can't make me listen...pity, never thought Gerry would agree to be on that show.
  4. gotta love him having a new movie out....talk show appearences galore! I am on cloud 9...
  5. when is Gerry going to be on Craig Ferguson?
  6. I have to say...I am usually pretty critical about the accent in an actor's performance, however, overall I was very pleasantly surprised with Gerry's accent in the trailer. The film looks wonderful, and I cannot wait to see it. Gerry works so hard, and while his accent change is def. noticable, I think he sounds fine and I know that accents are not always his strong point....and that's okay...a lot of actors have to work really, really hard to get the accent just right. And the vocal aspect of an actor's performance is very important, it's kind of a package deal you know...and I know, at least in my experience as a film buff, that if a person's accent sounds off, it kind of ruins it for me a bit, especially if they're portraying a real person. An actor having to change their accent is no different than them having to lose or gain weight, or change their hair or appearence.
  7. I just love it!! Like...oh my goodness...job well done to the person who designed it. If (big hypothetical 'if', because I SO do) I didn't want to see this before, I would now lol. I too also read that the trailer for it is coming Friday...dying of waiting...but yay, only three days away.
  8. The film looks terrific, and I completey agree with the article. I love Shakespeare so much, I always have, and it really bothers me when people do adaptations of his plays and make the adaptations so unrecognizable to the point where about the only thing that still makes it Shakespeare are the character's names. However, with someone like Ralph Fiennes who has had a very distinguished stage career performing those plays, I trust to do justice to the Bard's work because there is that genuine respect present. It is possible to modernize Shakespeare and also to have the original dialogue there at the same time, it's doing it correctly that can be very tricky. However, if this trailer is any indication, I have nothing to worry about.
  9. Got my copy in the mail a couple days ago...very cool to see him and his work gracing periodicals again.
  10. It should be interesting to see how Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher fair come awards season....it would be fantastic to see them get nominated for the big awards, but I really do not want to jump the gun and get my hopes up for Gerry to get nominated because I have in the past and I ended up getting disappointed, so I am just going to wait and see what happens. This year, it seems like there is going to be a good bit of competition as there seems to be so many great films out now or coming out in the next couple of months. I myself just saw Midnight in Paris yesterday....phenominal film, best Allen film in a very long time, and absolutely deserving of praise...could very well be one such film that's in the run for the big awards...it's that good.
  11. because the release date for the film in New York and Los Angeles is a little over two months away, and typically with a film...a trailer would have been released by now, if not an official trailer, at least a teaser...haven't seen one for Coriolanus either yet...curious....
  12. Gerry looks great and as handsome as ever...however, he looks positively annoyed and aggrivated too, and understandabley so, at the horrid paps...hate those guys!! Can't they just leave him alone for like two seconds?!? I feel so bad for him...like so bad. Poor G
  13. Great interview!! I agree though, what was with her pronunciation of Gerry's name? I've been a fan of his since forever, and I've never heard him say it like that let alone anyone else. I already knew Gerry had been an extra on The Bodyguard however....I think I can remember what scene he is in, its a big crowd scene, I know that, its just been a while since I've watched that movie so I can't recall specifically.
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