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  1. Gerry..... What else can you do? The movie was great. It was cute, funny, and so true! I loved every second of it. I went out with my sisters and parents and even they enjoyed it. My dad laughed his behind off. lol I called my grandparents and told them they should go see it because it's the kind of movie that would crack my grandmother up. Very, very funny. Two thumbs way up!!!!! Gerry is just as beautiful as ever.
  2. Mashed in face?!?!?!? What is that supposed to mean? A pug dog has a mashed in face. You can't compare Gerry to that! lol The history buff bit..... I thought I loved Gerry before! Also the bit about him gaining new fans from this movie. I don't know how anyone could be female and not know about Gerry!
  3. Thanks Dayna!! This is great news! I'm glad that the project was finally able to go through!!! I'm sure Gerry is thrilled about it as well. I would love to watch Gerry in a period piece again!
  4. Ewww more snow is coming!!! Go figure I have class at 8 am when it is really supposed to be coming down. They say we are only supposed to get like 6 inches but driving still sucks in any form of snow no matter how much. What fun to live in New England
  5. Ohhhh!!!! I hope it happens!!! I love period movies and was hoping that this would come to be at some point!!!
  6. I'm not typically an outspoken person but when it comes to Gerry I think I would say pretty much anything. He just has that effect like you can hold nothing back at all. Oh Mr. Butler..... Hehe!!!
  7. Gerry on Broadway Broadway I found these articles the other day and was wondering if anyone else read them. If you haven't what are your thought on it? In my opinion I don't care how bad a sequel might end up being, if Gerry or Hugh Jackman are on stage then I intend on being there. I missed Hugh last time he was on Broadway I won't miss him again! And if Gerry is there.... OMG!! Live and singing right before me! Yes, Please!!! I apologize if this has already been posted. I didn't see it anywhere else so I figured I'd share.
  8. I posted a bulletin up on myspace so everyone I know can see it. Also I'm going to go talk to a friend of mine who's dad is some kind of head honcho type people at showcase cinemas. I'll see what he says and maybe his dad may have some say if I can convince him to see what he can do. We will just have to wait and see and hope for the best! Gerry's movies have been put on the back burner for too long!
  9. Haha well I'm watching 300 right now and if I don't watch out I might drown in my drool!
  10. I can't believe I've been away for so long! Between school work and everything else I haven't had a chance to come on. I've been a very bad gal! But I'm back now! I've missed out on way too much Gerry talk. I've noticed lots of changes and loads of new members!! The site looks awesome!
  11. I've been out of the Gerry movie loop since like December but recently heard about his new movie that he's filming called Butterfly on a Wheel. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Thanks! ::
  12. April is sooooo far away!! What am I supposed to look forward to watching on all those cold winter nights that'll be coming?!?! I need more Gerry films to keep me entertained whilst locked indoors away from the cold snow that'll be piling up outside. :cry:
  13. Does anyone have Gerry on Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Ellen, etc. ? I seem to have misplaced all interview files on my computer. :cry:
  14. Was it just me or did it say at one point that The Game of Their Lives was supposed to be on DVD in November? I could of sworn that over the summer I saw that the DVD went on sale November 22 but now all the sites are saying April!! They didn't show the movie anywhere near me and I was so looking forward to buying it!!
  15. I love that and I looked at the shirt.. I would so buy it, except I don't think my mom would appove.. :depressed:
  16. I say put Gerry as the Phantom in NY because Tussauds is right where most of the theaters are. Personally I would rather see Gerry as Gerry but if the company would only put him in as one of his characters I'd be more then happy just to stand next to his figure..
  17. Ok I wasn't sure where exactly this post fit in among the topics so mods feel free to move it if there is a better area for it. Anyway I had this idea a while back and it had to do with Gerry and wax. For all of those who've been to Madame Tussads you know that for the most part the celebs look real. I was thinking well wouldn't be great to be able to stand next to a Gerry figure one day? Especially for all of those who won't ever get to see or be near the real thing. So I emailed the company enquiring how they choose who to use as a figure. I just got an email back and the woman who responded said basically this, we actually have a group of specialists within the company that decides on what figures are made and what experiences to pair up with each figure. Since we're allotted only 6-8 figures each year these meetings are extremely important in planning out product development for the entire year. Although we do accept and encourage suggestions it is ultimately up to the company as to what new figures are made With that I was thinking maybe if we did a petition or came up with some kind of clever idea and incorporate Gerry into it they might consider using him as a figure. I mean if they put Colin Farrel (sp?) in I think London as Alexander why not use Gerry (who is a million times better looking) for some kind of character or just do him as himself. What do you guys think?
  18. Thanks!! *hugs back*My friends are exactly that way. They think that it's dumb to put so much interest into one person or thing. Oh well someday I hope they find something that they really enjoy and follow very closely and then look back on these years and think "wow I was an arse"
  19. Me and my sister usually have a pretty good relationship. It's not the only time it's happened it was the same sort of thing with a few bands I really liked before they split. She knows that I hate when she rags on me about things I like and to do it in front of everyone just made it worse. The worst part of it all is she's my twin so you think she might get at least try and understand, especially when I gave her the look of death letting her know she had to stop picking on me and because I've asked her in the past. Oh well life will go on. I'm not going to let something like that stop me from going to these boards or stop watching Gerry's movies. Atleast on the boards we are all here for the same reason and no matter what our individual differences are.
  20. I generally am not one to complain but I'm fed up. I can't stand the way my sister treats me. For instance my parents had my uncle and grandparents over tonight for my uncle's birthday. We were talking about trips and things and I mentioned that I was going to go to NY in Nov. for the charity event thing they are planning before Gerry's birthday. So my dad askes me why I was going and I explained that I wanted to meet some of the other people from the board community and have a good time. Then my sister butts in and she's all like "oh yeah Amanda is obsessed, she made a collage from the movie, watches every single movie she can find with him in it and she calls him Gerry like she's buddies with him. It's so messed up." I calmly explained that Gerry is his prefered name and that's how all his fans refer to him. The collage was made because it was from my favorite parts of the movie, PONR and MOTN. I admire the man as an actor so natuarally I'd want to see his films. It just bugs me how she's always going on about me being "weird" and how it's creepy that there are other people who are out there who share my opinions about Gerry. It's not only her either because sometimes my friends just role their eyes and :grump: it just makes me feel like crap and then I start thinking well maybe I am weird. It's not like I have a shrine to the man or fantasize about sharing a life with him. I simply admire his work and think he's really good looking. Oh and I go a step further and talk to others on messages boards just to share opinions and ideas. Sometimes I feel like I just want to go hide because people don't share the same view as I do and they almost critcize me for it. Yeah I can take the criticism then but when I'm by myself left with only my own thoughts I start to think maybe what I'm interested is weird and so on. :paperbag: Ehh, I don't know. I'm sorry for rambling on and on but I needed a place to write it out and what better then a place where there are other people who share my same thoughts.
  21. Yes Verizon does have them!!! I have PONR and MOTN on mine. If you have a phone with get it now on it go to get tones...go to true tones... Sony music box has them. Search Andrew Lloyd Webber and there you go!! They are 2 credits each! I love hearing Gerry when my phone rings. It's a nice little perk to the day when you hear that man singing because someone's calling you. He sounds soooo sexy!!
  22. Well I certainly know what kind of shirt to wear if I ever bump into Gerry...
  23. Wow this was an amazing film. Gerry did a wonderful job. He's one gifted man.. in more ways then one.
  24. I think that last part is really well said. When people from all over the globe are posting on a message board of course things are going to be said that will offend some others. Maybe it's not intentional but people have to understand that our cultures are different and that people have all been brought up differently. What would be acceptable in one place may not be in another. There's nothing wrong with having a difference in opinion. If people would just keep that in mind then there would be no problems. No one would have to choose one site or another. We all make mistakes and say things we shouldn't but we shouldn't be restricted from having a bit of fun. Gerry seems like a fun guy to be around so why restrict our little fantasies and jokes if they aren't harmful? Would Gerry want dull fans? I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong but I will not choose one site or another. It's sad to think someone would want a person to choose. Well those are my thoughts.*runs away to watch POTO for the millionth time*
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