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  1. So very sad to hear this. I am so glad that I was able to meet her in Vegas. Sending prayers to her family and friends Sara
  2. Dear Barbara Sending love and prayers for you. Hugs Sara
  3. I vote off The Ugly Truth and put Phantom in the vault. Sara
  4. I vote off vote off HTTYD 2. POTO in the vault. Sara
  5. I vote off Bounty Hunter and Mrs Brown Sara
  6. I vote off Gamer and The Bounty Hunter Sara
  7. I vote off Harrison's Flowers and Shooters Sara
  8. I'm voting off Tomorrow Never Dies and Please Sara
  9. I vote off Fast Food and Cherry Orchard. Sara
  10. I vote off Movie 43 and Tale of the Mummy. Sara
  11. I vote off Gus and Chris Kumac. Thanks Sara
  12. I vote off Chris Kumac & Peter Thanks Sara
  13. Chaun - Movie 43 & Sea Captain – Tale of the Black Freighter Sara
  14. I'm so sorry Bill is going through all this. Praying for both of you. Hugs Sara
  15. Fandango is giving away a trip to the premiere. http://linkis.com/www.fandango.com/swe/8cL6X Sara
  16. Continued prayers for your sister. Hugs Sara
  17. Happy Birthday Hugs Sara
  18. Do we have a final head count? 25? 30? Want bring enough of something I made. Thanks Sara
  19. Sadly, need to vote off King Leonidas. Sara
  20. For those of us flying, where can we ship auction items and game prizes? Thanks Sara
  21. I vote off Johnnie Donne Thanks Sara
  22. I vote off Johnnie Donne. Sorry, I missed last week. Sara
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