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  1. "Phantom" is my favorite everything! Sara
  2. Sent mine today. Hope we get lots of entries! Thanks Sara
  3. Just wondering what the status is for the auction. Also, do we have the final total of what was raised for TST and AOEA during the convention? Thanks Sara
  4. Sara

    Picture -

    Yeah, Ginny. I sent mine in but I didn't take that many because the professional photographers always take so many. I know it always takes awhile for them to send those to us but usually we have more GALS pictures by now. Oh well... Sara
  5. KB: Please don't feel like you "failed!" People change, times change, all kinds of things contributed to low numbers. We'll find a the right blend and hopefully the next one will be even more spectacular!
  6. KB, I want to thank you and EVERYONE who has contributed to help make the conventions wonderful experiences for all. And thank YOU for taking on the "request for feedback" project. I imagine, at times, some of the opinions and/or suggestions might have been a little painful to read, even though they were given with the best intentions. Throughout, you have been honest and gracious with your responses and I applaud you! Hugs Sara
  7. I posted this on Facebook and KB asked that I post it here as well: A weekend in Vegas or anywhere is going to cost money, no matter what changes we make. We now have some wonderful suggestions, so maybe now we narrow it down to what SPECIFICALLY do YOU want at the con that you would feel is worth the cost of registration, travel & lodging? An option to go to one or both events, a Gerry related special guest, any special guest, no special guest, Gerry related Friday themed event, Katie and Holly performing, less charity focus, same charity focus, more Gerry related auction/raffle items, better mix of Gerry and non-Gerry related auction/raffle items, a Thursday get-to-know-you pizza party, jewelry making, scrapbooking, a trip to the Shade Tree, another option if emotionally you can’t go to TST…etc. If you’re comfortable doing so, provide the $ amount you would be willing to spend on a convention weekend including registration, travel and lodging. (Leave out raffle and auction expense. It’s an individual choice and NO ONE should feel guilty if they just want to come for the fun and not participate in the raffle or auction) For the sake of anonymity you could PM your “wish list” to KB, being honest about the scenario that would bring you to Vegas in 2014. Obviously everyone doesn’t get what they wish for, but maybe it gives KB and the others in charge a better picture of our individual choices. Here’s an example: $1200.00 amount I am willing to spend to go to Vegas. My wish list agenda is: Thursday: Pizza party meet & greet in hospitality suite with a Gerry trivia game for small, inexpensive prizes instead of a swag bag. Friday: AM Registration Craft workshop (jewelry making or scrapbooking with a nominal supply fee if appropriate) or a Gerry movie discussion group (share mementos, special collected items if desired) Friday evening: Gerry movie-themed dinner (casual dress or themed costume) Rising Phoenix Inspirational award presentation Sam & Lynn Childers special guests Music: Songbird, Katie & Aaron Hendra Project Holly comedy routine Proceeds go to Angels of East Africa Saturday: Shade Tree Visit Tiffany Hendra motivational/style workshop Saturday evening: Formal/Semi Formal dinner Event open to Vegas community (little or no Gerry references) Two levels of raffle items and ticket price. Mix of Gerry items and non-Gerry items. Live auction. Music: Katie & Aaron Hendra Project Proceeds go to The Shade Tree
  8. I always feel so uplifted when I return from Vegas, and this year is no exception. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so much a part of this wonderful group. I hope we raised lots of money for Angels of East Africa and The Shade Tree! Aaron Hendra Project was fantastic as usual and Tiffany Hendra is as beautiful inside as she is outside. You should all follow her on the Sanctuary of Style page http://sanctuaryofstyle.net/ or Facebook or Twitter. Chris Mann was a true delight and was so gracious to stay to sign autographs and take pictures. What a blessing to have Sam Childers and his family with us again, as well. Of course, Gerry's video was a wonderful surprise. He really does appreciate what we do and our support of his career. Thanks, again, Susan for the ride to TST and to Suzie and Elissa for the ride to just about everywhere else and anyone who gave me a push when I needed it. Danya, Jenni, Katie, Holly, KB, Cheryl, Susan, Lisa and all your helpers, you should be extremely proud of what you accomplished this year with the transition to Rising Phoenix CF. I pray that whatever challenges life throws at all of us, that somehow we will find a way to be together again next year. Hugs Sara
  9. Hey Stuart, congratulations, again, for being this year's Rising Phoenix Inspiration winner. I know you are floating on a cloud right now. Well deserved! Hugs Sara
  10. Thanks Melissa & Veronica for taking care of the arrangements! Sara
  11. There are a lot of restaurants in the MGM. Their website is a little difficult to navigate for the restaurants, so I googled and came with a Yelp list: http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Mgm+Grand+Restaurants&find_loc=Las+Vegas%2C+NV#! They have Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck to name a few. I vote for staying at our own hotel. Sara
  12. 1 of 3 is completed. I'm getting there... Sara
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