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  1. Just got home from the OHF screening. WOW! Talk about "bringing out the full package..." The man sure did deliver! Can't wait to see it again...and again...and Sara
  2. Great news! You rock, Holly!
  3. So excited to see that Sam and Lynn Childers will be with us again this year. I wonder if we can get Sam to wear a kilt on Friday night?
  4. Thank you Barb for posting all the GREAT pictures! Gerry looks so happy and Madalina is beautiful. Hope you got some sleep last night Sara
  5. Booked! Spoke with a lovely lady named Carmen who took care of everything.
  6. I will be doing a Phantom themed gift box (as always) and something with a Scottish theme. Don't have everything together yet, but getting there. Sara
  7. Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Butler...you sexy thing! Hugs Sara
  8. OMG...This is going to be fantastic! :gameon:/>/> Sara
  9. (AND roll!!) Holly, you are too funny girlfriend!
  10. Stuart, Thank you so much for doing this. Hugs Sara
  11. Gerry: Happy Birthday to my favorite actor! I wish you another year of love, laughter and success. I loved “Chasing Mavericks” and look forward to all your upcoming movies as well. Thank you for your kindness and generosity to your fans and I hope this Birthday is the best ever! Hugs from Sara in Arizona
  12. I don't know if I should thank God for His wonderous gifts or pray for forgiveness! Sara
  13. There is no stopping us now! Beautiful logo. Thanks Sara
  14. Just got back from the screening. WOW it was incredible! Gerry was just wonderful. There were a few surprises for me about Frosty's story and the surfing scenes were unbelievable. I was holding my breath watching them. Can't wait to see it again. They told us there was going to be another screening On October 23rd here in Phoenix if you go to www.gofobo.com/rsvp and the code is WOMM4JX. Not sure if this will work for other cities but I guess you can check and see. Sara
  15. Congratulations, Peridot! Great job! Sara
  16. I'll be at the Phoenix (Scottsdale)showing as well. Hope to see you there! Sara
  17. Really looking forward to this movie. Pictures are great! Sara
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