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  1. Just wanted to let you know, Dee that Scotty and I had a fantastic time together and that he misses you very much and so do we here at GALS. As he's having the time of his Angel Doll Tour life, I know that you're having the time of your after-life. Much Love for you...<3

  2. I was feeling blue, and thought I'd stop in to check on my favorite Angel. Scotty's having a blast, we wish you were here to join him! Much love sweetie!!


  3. Dee, I know that you are up there in Heaven with God and he has welcomed you into his loving arms. May you forever be in his embrace and enjoy the glorious rays up there in paradise. You will be loved and missed by all.

  4. I know that in adition to your family, that you will be watching over Gerry and all his GALS from your place on high. I will miss you sweet one!

  5. Dee, your beautiful smile and gentle spirit will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.

  6. I'm so sad. Looking at your last log-in.

  7. I thought I had congratulated Kitty and Anna, but couldn't find it. So here it is: Kitty and Anna CONGRATULATIONS Dee Anna, I received your card today. You are so sweet. And yes, I did make the sandals myself. Talk about a labor of love!!
  8. Suzie....Congrats. You deserve it!! Can't wait to hear what you won. Hugs, Dee
  9. Hey Alice, I, too, do payroll on Wednesday and when I take vacation, I run payroll early and estimate each person's time and give the checks to the Office Administrator so she can give out the checks on payday. Of course, when I return I have to check the actual time worked from that week and the time for the new payday. Yuch!!! But, it's worth it because I'd never get a full week off if I didn't do it this way. No one's complained yet. I can't think of anything worth more than making everything work out so I can be at the con and Vegas. There are so places to see there and I hope to do more next year. I came in on Wednesday and left on Monday, but I'm thinking of Tuesday, too, just to give me an extra day. Please entertain us with another dance. Your hula was amazing and the song was so beautiful. Dee
  10. Susan, this is true. I never saw anyone so prepared for anything as Suzie was. The only thing she didn't have with her was dental floss!!!! Next year, or during the coming year, just let me know what you, or anyone else, need help with. I'm semi-retired and have lots of extra time and will be glad to help out. All the suggestions are great. Also, I agree with Swannie, Pam should be our unofficial official hostess. She is so full of energy. The mods and admins did a fantastic job..what is the saying? Grace under fire!!! The con was so much more than I had expected. GREAT JOB! Hugs, Dee
  11. Gerry is WAY hotter than Matthew...WAY hotter than anyone mentioned. By the way, I guess I'm feeling my age because there are 5 names on the list that I do not know - NO CLUE!!! And it's about time the People people woke up. I haven't spent a dime on People in several years because of their apparent ban on Gerry, but I will buy this issue. Hi Pam. Glad to see you've "recovered" from Vegas. Dee
  12. Okay, I was not watching E!news a little while ago, but it was on and I could swear when they were mentioning some of the Hottest Bachelors, they said GerARD Butler. Did anyone else see/hear this? I will watch when the show airs again later tonight. Dee
  13. A little bit of a double chin...grey at the temples...oh my, what a gorgeous man!!!!!!! :tasty: He's just the epitome of perfect imperfection. But, he does look tired. Get some rest, baby, you've got a lot of places to go and people to see in this next week. Thanks, Sancre, for the pics. Dee
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