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  1. I’m so happy P S I Love You won and joined POTO❣️❣️ Now the Hall if Fame has my two most favorite Gerry films in it❣️🥰🥰 Im looking forward to playing in the future! Thank you Elissa for doing this for us❣️
  2. I love Timeline, but I really love P S I Love You❣️ So I am voting OFF Timeline.
  3. This is a hard decision, but I choose to vote off Dear Frankie.
  4. I loved it, but I am voting OFF Atilla this week.
  5. Tough choice, but I will vote OFF 300 this week.
  6. I vote OFF The Jury. And I would have to own P S I Love You because it is a wonderful movie and I am IN the Karaoke Scene with Gerry and the other stars❣️🥰
  7. I’m voting OFF The Jury. I think Timeline was very entertaining as it switched between time periods and kept everyone on the edge of their seats wondering if the characters would be able to return to their proper time period.
  8. I’m voting OFF Beowulf and Grendel. I think P S I Love You had the best plot. Just when one thinks Holly and Gerry are all set to make a great life in NYC, it is startling to realize everyone is at Gerry’s wake! Then we follow Holly as she tries to go on without him, and miraculously Gerry’s wonderfully supportive letters arrive throughout the film. Holly grows, and meets a new love and even though it is sad, with Gerry’s encouragement, she finds a satisfying future❣️
  9. I’m voting OFF Beowulf and Grendel. For Immunity, I loved the chemistry between Holly and Gerry in P S I Love You❣️ They were so cute together, meeting on that windy road in Ireland and again at the pub as Gerry sang to her. It was meant to be...and they really loved each other as they started their married life together. And they had the ultimate connection from beyond the grave, as Holly still received poignant notes from Gerry encouraging and supporting her❣️
  10. I’m voting OFF The Jury. Since P S I Love You is Immune, I think 300 had a stellar cast. Each actor portrayed their character with valor and determination and many went on to starting roles in their own right. 😊
  11. I vote OFF Den of Thieves and put Timeline in the VAULT. 😊
  12. I am voting OFF Chasing Mavericks and putting P S I LOVE YOU❣️ in the VAULT. 😊
  13. I vote OFF The Jury and put Timeline in the VAULT. 😀
  14. I’m voting OFF The Jury and sending P S I Love You❣️ to the VAULT. 😊
  15. I vote OFF Chasing Mavericks and put Timeline in the VAULT. 😊
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