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  1. Saw that you stopped by my profile. Just saying hi!

  2. Hi, Everyone, I am on a mission! Since so many GB fans have bound together to get B & G released to so many people, I am on a grass roots mission to get Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married released! I have been in contact with the company that produced the series, and finally got an answer: Thank you very much for your e-mail. Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married was never released on DVD or VHS, and there are currently no plans to do so. The show was never sold to America, but you can contact ITV for information about forthcoming UK repeats. Please refer to our website www.carnival-films.co.uk for more information on the production. We are so pleased you enjoyed the series. All best wishes Jessica PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW CONTACT DETAILS _________________________ Jessica Hughes Secretary to Brian Eastman Carnival (Films & Theatre) Ltd 47 Marylebone Lane London W1U 2NT Tel: +44 (0)20 7317 1370 Fax: +44 (0)20 7317 1380 http://www.carnival-films.co.uk _____________________________ I wrote back the following: Dear Jessica, Thank you for your response. The reason why I contacted you is because I have been unable to see "Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married." I live in the United States, and was unable to see it because of that. I might suggest that your company consider release of this series. At the present time Gerard Butler is becoming a major star of film, and I am totally sure that you would sell many, many copies of this series because of his popularity. If you would like, please visit the website Gerard Butler Gals.com to see his popularity. Again, I thank you for your time. I do hope your company will consider this matter. I'm sure it would be financially beneficial to you. My mission: To get as many GB Fans to write to Jessica and ask for release of Lucy Sullivan. Maybe with such a strong grass roots effort, we can finally see this little gem! Let's all bind together again!! How 'bout it, Tarts and Tartans? Hugs, Susan -------------------- A day without Gerry is a day without sunshine!
  3. Gerry looks good - relaxed, happy - and Bianca looks beautiful. Best wishes to them! Susan
  4. Alla, that was a beautiful poem. It says so much in so few words - everything that I have in my heart, every wish, every thought. The poem seems to have entered my heart and stolen the words that are there, the words that I can't bring myself to use. From the bottom of that now fulfilled heart - thank you. Susan
  5. Swannie, I had to copy your quote because it hit so close to home. I have had those feelings periodically and thought that I was the only one who felt that way. I have done so much of what you have done in the course of my infatuation (or whatever) with Gerry. I have often felt depressed and weepy, knowing that I will likely never meet him. It aggravates me when I feel that way because I have a wonderful husband and four crazy, adorable kitties here at home - and that should be enough. I, too, would never leave my husband for Gerry, and that is my reality. I love him beyond measure, and always will. But there is something so special about Gerry, and I wish I could experience it for real. Sometimes when I read posts from people who have had that special encounter, I actually begin to weep - in happiness for them, but in sadness for myself because it is a dream that will never be realized. I begin to feel left out and wonder why I continue to care. But then, someone will post something and I'll be right back where I was - in love/lust (please forgive me, Father) with Gerry, and excited by any little tidbit I can get my hands on. HereI am, about to turn 55 on September 11th, and I am acting like a teenager. I have a new mortgage so we can move in with my mother, I have a job that might be ending, I am about to have gastric bypass surgery to lose 60 pounds, and my hair is graying (thank you L'Oreal). What am I thinking? So yes, Swannie - it does hurt - a lot. But sometimes pain is worth it. Susan
  6. I could not have said it better. Gerry really opened his heart to the role and as a result, broke mine - and continues to do so every day when I listen to the CD. Gerry embodied the Phantom - I'm afraid that I would never be tempted to see it on stage or with Michael Crawford because it is no longer his role - it's Gerry's, lock, stock, and barrel.
  7. He was wearing the hat at the after party for BOAW...
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