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  1. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    Thank you Elissa for doing this fun game. I'm sure you put in lots of hard work to run this each week. I so glad now that my two all time favorites of Gerry's and in the Hall of Fame. Looking forward to next's year game. Hugs, Lu (Barbara)
  2. I think Gerry put that little ditty in there for his fans. Many have asked him to sing some more.
  3. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I can't believe that Dear Frankie got the boot. Although I really loved Gerry in Timeline its time to go. Its PS I Love You all the way for me.
  4. lugerry

    Yes and No

    No, still enjoying my Christmas tree & decorations until Little Christmas. Jan.6th. Do you think the stores rush each holiday season no matter what time of the year it comes?
  5. lugerry

    The ABC Name Game

    ABC Name Game A) Andre B) Betancourt C) Curtis D) Daphne E) Ebenezer F) Flossy G) Gertrude H) Hildegard I) Isabelle J)Jordon K)Kronos L) Leopold M) Muriel N) Norbert O) Oscar P) Penelope Q) Qbert R) Robert S)
  6. lugerry

    The Last Letter of the Last Word

    Nathan Fillion (actor) N
  7. lugerry

    Keep One, Drop One

    Barbecue Sauce
  8. lugerry

    The Name Chain

    Edmund D
  9. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I'm voting off "Dear Frankie". For no particular reason just like Gerry better in the remaining two movies.
  10. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    This one hurts the most my fiery Attila - good by for now - see you in my dreams!
  11. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    Hate to do this too - but voting off 300 - it hurts to do this - those thighs - GAL down!
  12. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I vote off "The Jury". Although lots of GALS loved it I just couldn't get into it. I thought it dragged too much, but that's just me.
  13. lugerry

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I'm voting off Beowulf & Grendel. As for the immunity question this is a hard one. I think that Marek & Claire in Timeline had the best chemistry - their love was so strong. You couldn't not noticed it in all of their scenes.
  14. lugerry

    Gerry's Golden Girls

    Meant to post Gerry's Birthday first - I'm still learning here! Barbara (Lu)