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  1. Steph--bless you so much for the download of that video..
  2. Several years ago the History Channel did a series about the rise and fall of Sparta. Later, they showed all the episodes on one long Sunday showing...hopefully that'll be done again. Also, I noticed that the original 300 Spartans movie was on one of the cable channels yesterday.
  3. Sorry I just don't think she's pretty. And, why is that Gerry's never seen smiling when in pics like this with her...he looks bored/detached and almost embarrassed. There is one pic where he's baring his teeth but definitely NOT smiliing...
  4. Thanks for the address. There are tens of thousands of members of the SCA (an international medieval re-enactment group that I'm a member of) who are chomping to see this movie. Brigantia
  5. If the rumor about another movie is true...I just hope it's one that Gerry doesn't have to die in....again.... Brigantia
  6. I can't get the link to open...where else is it found? Just dying to read about it...now, if Gerry only knew the hell I've been through for the past 15 months.... Anyway, can't wait to read about it. Brigantia
  7. AHA! I have finally figured out the holes in Gerry's jeans. Look closely at the second picture....he's holding a cigarette in his right hand...now, look at where the hole is in the jeans. I think those holes are actually burns from being careless holding cigarettes. And in most of the pics, the holes are at about the same level. Brigantia
  8. OK, I'm somewhat evil...I call those "tongue slots" instead of "thumb slots"-yep you can tell where my mind is <G> Brigantia
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