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  1. I love the longer hair.Actually,he is starting to look a lot like Leonidis again
  2. My husband and I just got home from seeing TBH and we loved it.It is everything Gerry said it would be.I just wish the critics would lighten up when it comes to movies like this that are fun and entertaining.Gerry and Jennifer were adorable together.
  3. I am here all the time but seldom post.I have to say that I agree with your evaluation of Gerry 100%.Gerry is a very complex man and he is loved and admired partly because of his flaws.Nobody is perfect.We all have our crosses to bear.Gerry exemplifies how people can overcome those crosses and become very successful.Life is a journey and Gerry has found his passion in acting.May we all find what makes us happy.Keep on doing your thing Gerry...you inspire so many of us to follow our dreams
  4. My husband and I saw it in Toronto on Tuesday.It was FANTASTIC.I am seeing it again tomorrow with 2 friends.It is truly worth the price of admission.GO CANADA !!! GO GERRY !!!
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I have purchased the bracelet and all the charms representing Gerry`s movies.I would love to be able to add to my bracelet. Karen
  6. I cannot believe that SNL is still on the air.Who the h*ll watches it anymore?? It hasn`t been funny in a very long time.It is rather pathetic now.
  7. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: Faenwyn--I noticed that also! Good point! Debrasue Swannie ,SEND THAT LETTER.I also purchased more than one copy.I bought it for one reason only.I will never buy it again. I have also subscribed to Rodale magazines in the past and have purchased many of their hard cover books.As of this moment I will never have another of their publications on my home.. My friend has just cancelled one of her subscriptions to another one of their magazines. Nobody here or on any of the other sites were using those photos for profit.. What a foolish ,foolish decision they made
  8. Do to copyright laws,the clip can`t be shown outside of the United States.I live in Canada :woah:
  9. Hi SwannieI do not post often but I visit here all the time. I have read this thread thoroughly and like you, agree that Gerry is just Gerry and nothing will change him.He is one unique and wonderful guy.
  10. What a beautiful couple!! I am so happy that Gerry has Bianca in his life. :yippee:
  11. karenb


    Oh my god girl!!!you`ve got talent!!!
  12. Tonya,I was not in Vegas,but thanks to the generosity of the girls here,those of us that couldn`t attend felt as if we were there through the stories and the amazing videos that they shared. You are one beautiful lady. I am sure that your job may not be as glamorous as it may seem.I do not doubt for a minute that dear Gerry can be a handful at times.There is no doubt though, from the look in your eyes and your kind words, that you hold Gerry and his well being very close to your heart.He seems to be quite a remarkable person on many levels and I am so thankful that he has someone like yo
  13. My feelings exactly.Some people aren`t happy unless they "stirring the pot"I have a feeling that they live their lives through other people and then jealousy takes over.I feel sorry for the poor somewhat pathetic souls that get their kicks out of bashing others..
  14. Hi Ladies.I am just jumping in for a minute to post this link from the COMICON last weekend.It is an interview by i-film with Gerry.I hadn`t seen this one yet and wasn`t sure whether you guys had or not. Cheers Karen http://www.movieweb.com/movies/film/30/3730/summary.php
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