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  1. Has this video already been posted? I just thought it was great! He is tooooo cute! http://celebseeingbycurls93.blogspot.com/s...Gerard%20Butler
  2. I've been looking since the movie came out...no luck. I really, really love Holly's chest, the white one with the flowers painted on it...and the rug in the bedroom. I've searched all over the net and at stores...no luck. Let me know if you ever come up with something! I fell in love with this stuff the first time I saw the movie. My best friends aunt is a set dresser for tv shows so she's been looking for me. Kiltphan
  3. Abaigail is on Jay Leno right now...she talked about the swear jar and how Gerry had to put in $2 each time he swore...I think she said is was $120 that they donated to charity. Very cute.
  4. I have to agree...too young. But then what else is new. That's pretty much all that's available around the clubs especially in LA. Let's face it...most of us more "mature" women are over the clubbing scene. Just not my thing...too many drunks. I've been up in LA near some of those clubs and the young girls just drive around and around "star stalking". Good way to end up with a fatal attraction. Hey, I'd like to meet the good looking guy he was talking to. Flirting with sweet young things. He is considerably older. Another one of those cute things he does. They were giving out phone numbers, so it may have been more than flirting. You know that when I pop in here, I have to give my honest view. It made me cringe a little. He is single, and he can pursue whomever he wants, but on camera, it didn't look that good, to me.
  5. I love his "relaxed" style....I can just imagine him on a Sat morning --- throwing on whatever is lying on top of the heap --- some well worn favorite t-shirt and jeans. Still smelling like his favorite cologne. You know how every guy has that one t-shirt from college or whatever that they've worn a million times. I think that's very sexy. That's the kind of shirt I like to confiscate for my own and wear it to sleep in. Hmmmm....maybe we can get him to donate some of his old t-shirts for a raffle at convention. Can you imagine!!! I agree---I hope he never gets a stylist and goes all "hollywood". It has a way of stealing a person's essence and I'd hate to see him lose the uniqueness we all love. Kiltphan
  6. I find myself constantly singing Galway Girl...its making my kids crazy. Its kinda like the It's a Small World thing...and it just gets stuck in yer head. Thought ya'll would enjoy these different versions..including the Fenians and Gerry's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpsyzmZQ7KI&NR=1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=_Nt_TirDyKU&feature=related http://youtube.com/watch?v=yjgbsvHjkVQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8m9EOgUs68...feature=related Now its gonna be stuck in your head!!
  7. These may have already been posted. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/some...nglasses-03.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/some...nglasses-01.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/some...nglasses-02.jpg http://sometimesticklish.spaces.live.com/b...!1762.entry I don't really care for this guy's commentary...I mean obviously Gerry had been traveling for awhile on a plane and he wouldn't look like he's straight from the red carpet. I think he looks damn sexy.
  8. Good luck to all those bidding on these items...I know some have already been sold, but it looks like the auction is still going strong and I understand more items will be added. I wish I had the money to participate...but oh well. Keep us posted if you win! Kiltphan http://www.premiereprops.com/index.php/cPath/109
  9. I've seen it 3 times....saw it at the first showing opening day (while kids were at school) by myself with only about 12 other people in the theater. It was perfect, I got to hear all the lines and really get into the movie with no distractions. Cried several times. I had read the book before and even though it was totally different I still liked this version a lot. 2nd time was the next day with 4 other friends, packed theater and we laughed and cried together, gushed over GB etc. etc. 3rd time was with my daughters home from college on Christmas Eve and they loved it!!! I think it gets better each time I watch it because I catch another nuance I missed before. I loved Holly's wardrobe, esp the shoes! and I loved, loved their apartment set...loved the rug, the comforter, her white painted chest and "the urn". So many set details I noticed esp the 3rd time around. I always wanted to be a set dresser...so I get a bit obssesive with looking at the sets, which drives my family and friends crazy. I'm like "ooohh I love that rug" or "look at that cool pillow". Weird, I know. One of these days....I've gotta work on a film. My youngest daughter is just starting out as an FX makeup artist...so I told her she has to get me on a set of one her movies when she gets there. She just missed a chance to work on a film in Scotland because she hasn't received her passport yet...oh mi god...she would've had to take me with her on that one. Anyway...I think the critics should all find other jobs and just let the audiences do the reviewing. All 3 audiences I watched the movie with LOVED the movie! Everyone was gushing over Gerry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan...laughing and crying in all the right spots. I agree that one of my fav scenes was watching Gerry walking along the road. When he first comes walking up over the hill, my daughter said "Oh look Mom, its Mr Darcy". :tasty:
  10. Yayyyyyy......just saw this movie poster on the wall at our local theater AND saw the trailer at "The Water Horse" showing today!!! My son thought it looked great and now is interested in reading the book! What a wonderful surprise to get to see the trailer on the big screen today!
  11. Hilary is on The View this Friday to talk about PS I Love You. I'm sure Gerry would've been on Leno this week if the writer's weren't still striking....darn it!!!!
  12. Hey I see a couple of familiar faces...Hi Cheri and Susan! I've run into you both a couple of times at the Highland Games and the Celtic Faire in OC. I'm the ditzy blonde that's usually just lurking around here living vicariously through you guys! From all the pics and videos it looks like a great time was had by all...and Gerry was as charming as ever! Lucky girls! One of these days I need to break away from my "real life" and come have some fun with you guys!!! PS...... Cheri, I still have that card you gave me a couple of years ago at the Celtic Faire in Irvine (when we were watching Bad Haggis) in my wallet!
  13. Oh well....it's probably close enough to real thing! Heck...I'm still trying to recover from the "hot cowboy" outfit! :tasty: Completely off topic.....I just saw the sneak preview of August Rush tonight and it was amazing! Hot guys with hot accents and of course the PS I Love You preview.
  14. I saw this pic of Gerry on My Space...Is this really him? http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=210403558
  15. kiltphan

    Sandlot Spoof of 30

    Another 300 parody set to one of my kidz favorite movies "Sandlot". And here is another one from South Park ... http://www.budster.net/videos/south-park-300-parody.htm
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