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  1. Amen to those thoughts, Isabeau! Now I'm afraid the days are going to just crawl by, tooo sloooowwly, because we are all sooooo excited! Guess we'd all better keep super busy so the time goes more quickly! I, for one, won't have a problem there......so much to do....life is GREAT, ain't it? :yippee: :yippee: Brace yourself 'cause the GALS are coming for an amazing :gerrytacular: weekend, and you may never be the same...or at least THEY won't!!
  2. Yeaa, me too, Isabeau!! Hope some of the other GALS will be able to do it as well.... :headspin: :yippee: :dance3: :dance3:
  3. Wishing EVERY ONE of the GALS good health until then.....or just hurry up and get sick real fast right now and get it OVER with beforehand? Doc, if you DARED get sick, we'd just have to bring you to VEGAS on a stretcher, then we'd all nurse you back to health when you got there--but it's NOT going to HAPPEN! *repeat* IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! Don't even let yourselves think those kind of thoughts.... *sending good, healthy, positive vibes to all the GALS so EVERYBODY stays healthy between now and June 8th!!!!!* :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:
  4. What am I looking forward to most--Where do I start?! Let's see, meeting other GALS for the first time, seeing Beowulf and Grendel :mopboybeowulf: , attending the workshops, the Dracula Ball :Draculababy: , the talent contest, viewing items from POTO the movie :mopboyerik: , meeting other GALS, laughing/talking until my jaws ache, letting my hair down and truly reveling in my GB obsession 'cause I know everybody else there will totally understand because they feel EXACTLY the same (WOW, what a luxury!), :Yippie: hmmm...oh yea, did I mention, meeting other GALS for the first time?
  5. Just spoke with the Venetian ticket office...it appears that all POTO performances before 12 June have been cancelled, I guess due to problems with readiness. I am soooooo BUMMED!! ... :depressed: :spontaneous: I just spoke with the ticket office again, and asked a few more questions...she said it was a safety concern--a problem with the chandelier, but she reassured me it WILL happen on the 12th! For some of us, that unfortunately won't make a difference because we have to get back to work, can't change flight arrangements, etc., etc. CURSES!!! :angry:
  6. I think I'm going to bring along my smelling salts for any of us who might just faint at the sight of these "Gerry artifacts"....yup, I think that's a good idea... *sigh* Criminy, I feel light-headed just at the very THOUGHT of the sight of them!! :mopboyerik: :inlove:
  7. Amen to the above quote...I just now came across this thread, and was crushed to hear that he's started smoking again. I was so happy for him when I heard he'd quit for filming "300". I guess his return to Canyon Ranch when filming wrapped up didn't take this time. I so hope he will have the desire--and the strength--to quit for good when he's finally ready, and I hope it's sooner than later for the sake of his health. This ol' planet needs Gerry around for as long as possible--it's a better and brighter place because of him! Loved that story, Sporran--it was hilarious--but I'm afraid the
  8. I am getting SO excited about seeing this movie that I can hardly stand it!!! The anticipation is practically killing me--I get huge butterflies in my stomach just THINKING about it!! I know they say it will be in theaters in 2006, but WHEN, specifically?? I suppose it's too early to know for sure.....but it can't be too soon for this Tart, and I know I'm not alone in those feelings, right GALS???
  9. I wonder about that same thing, Sporran! Especially Emme Rossum....I can't even understand how she was able to do those scenes with him in POTO, plus all the time they must have spent together around the set even while not filming, without falling madly and hopelessly in love with him. :inlove: Imagine having to kiss that mouth, to feel those arms around you :ripoffclothes: ...those on your neck, those eyes burning into yours, :mopboyerik: then whenever Joel said "cut!" to have to just pull away, step aside, and act as if you hadn't been affected in the least!! :inlove: :wub: I don'
  10. Thanks, Becozy! I pm'd Sarah for the info, and right afterwards I noticed the CafePress link she'd already sent to Debbie.....guess I was temporarily blinded by the fear they might already be sold out! :depressed: :cry: I ordered it right away, and now I can't wait 'til it comes! :yippee:
  11. That's my question, too! I've been away a lot the past couple of months so I obviously missed out on what we have to do to get a calendar...was there an e-mail sent out letting us know? If they're all gone, I"M GONNA DIE OF A BROKEN HEART!! Please tell me there are still some available, PLEASE!! :cry:
  12. Same here, Aussiepamjam...hard to believe, indeed! The influence he has had on my life since I first saw his beautiful face in POTO the week after Christmas is hard to measure, but like so many of you, I will never be the same.... :wub: I haven't had much time to spend here lately either, but as soon as I read the e-mail announcing the Phantom 1st Anniversary Celebration, I dropped everything and went immediately to check it out! What a thrill, and what a great idea! Thank you so much to all the Mods for all your hard work putting this together, and donating to the Scottish Youth Theat
  13. Swansong, please don't apologize for saying a prayer for Gerry--that's a GOOD thing! I pray for him every single day, that he'll be kept safe, that he'll find happiness, and that he'll continue to remain untouched and unspoiled by all the Hollywood/celebrity crap and danger that's out there. He is such a gift to us, isn't he? :wub: I doubt that there's a single Tart who wouldn't be willing to help defend him in any way possible if the need/opportunity ever arose......so rather than worrying that he might be in danger and feeling helpless that we can't do anything about it, I believe we can h
  14. I know you said you didn't want any of those, but that's about all I could come up with at the last minute--I ran out of time to be creative.... I'm not even smiling in this one, (very unusual for me!)which my DH took at a reception we attended while we were in Hawaii last month...hope it will do! Phanphorlife/Alison
  15. AMEN TO THAT, Phantomslover!! How could you be anything else to this wonderful man who gives so much of himself to his fans over and over and over, in spite of how he might be feeling.....I think it's remarkable that he is still so accessible; in spite of how much his popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, he still manages to remain polite and civil, and oh so lovable! How many other actor/actresses out there make such an effort? None that I'm aware of, and he deserves our utmost respect and admiration, whenever any of us is so incredible lucky as to occupy the same air space as him!
  16. I agree, and of course, I prefer to believe it's the latter.....he's too intelligent and aware to be that naive--I really believe he's just that down to earth--let's pray that he never changes. He is truly a treasure for the ages--one in a million!!
  17. (.....heavy breathing, audibly pounding heart....) Okay, here I sit, glassy-eyed and nearly incoherent in my thoughts as I type this, after just seeing those pictures.... :eye: As someone mentioned a ways back, I'm mostly a lurker around here, but this time I couldn't restrain myself from responding... :drool3: :*: Okay, now I'm gonna go take a cold shower and beat my head against the wall for a few minutes to try and regain my sanity!
  18. As much as I thrive on hearing the POTO soundtrack over and over again, the idea of hearing him sing again--I mean fresh, new stuff, even if it's the same songs--almost makes my heart stand still!! And now I CAN"T WAIT!!!
  19. Hey, I can read Italian--what was it you wanted to have translated?
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