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  1. Hahahaa...probably not a bad idea at all, Susie...I'll need to remember to do that myself! I can definitely tell that I've been spending too much time on Facebook though...as soon as I read your comment, I laughed and started looking around for the "like'button!
  2. Amen, absolutely, to those thoughts, as well as all others expressed here....my blood ran cold for a split second when I first read the headline..too close, Gerry..way too close, and thank you, God and Gerry's guardian angels, for watching over him!!
  3. I did not know Suz personally, but do remember reading many of her posts and feeling her spirit...so sad..so young to leave this world...my prayers go out to her loved ones at this very difficult time!
  4. Frannie, my heart goes out to you and your entire family in this time of great loss! I never had the privilege of meeting Peggy in person as some of you did, but I always enjoyed her postings here and felt her strong spirit that shone through them. You were blessed to have each other as sisters, and we have all been blessed and enriched through our association with you both as GALS sisters...may she rest in peace, and may God give you the peace of knowing you will be together again! Love and warm hugs, Alison
  5. My heart breaks to hear this latest update, Swannie, and I must apologize that I haven't been aware before this of how difficult things have continued to be for you in getting the proper medical diagnosis and help with Bill's medical condition. I am also baffled at how your doctor could have the audacity to suggest that any of this is YOUR fault?? How I wish there was something more I could do for you than just sending my prayers your way, but please know that I will continue to do at least that... Love, Alison
  6. Frannie, words are inadequate to express my sorrow at the passing of your dear sister...I never had the privilege of meeting Peggy as some of you did, but I always enjoyed her posts here at GALS and gained a sense of her great spirit through reading them. Our loss is Heaven's gain, and I sincerely add my thoughts and prayers to all those others offered in your behalf, that you will find comfort in knowing that she is finally pain-free and in a better place, and watching over you from above. Love, Alison
  7. How fitting...a movie you won't soon forget, starring a man you couldn't forget if you tried!
  8. "A fantastic performance from Gerard Butler!" ?? While this statement is true, I believe that's what we call a "redundant" phrase...since "fantastic" is Gerry's default setting!
  9. I'm sure many were disappointed that Gerry wasn't able to attend as planned...I know I would have been! I can imagine it was rewarding to see the real Mr. Childers and hear his story though...can't wait to see this movie!
  10. Hahaa...don't you love it how they use these catchy titles to reel us in? Plus, how we tend to fall for it every time?
  11. Hi GALS! I've just spent the last four hours or more here in the SC, reading everyone's latest posts and trying to catch up a little, since I haven't checked in at GALS for quite a while. Glad to see that there are still so many familiar people here, plus a number of new faces! I found myself looking around for the "like" button to click on several times... a sure sign that I've been spending way too much time on Facebook! I'm always happy to read of your joys and successes, and love the stories you share here, as well as sending out my prayers for those of you who are struggling and facin
  12. Wow..where have I been for so long...never saw this thread before, but I'm officially added now!! 300_LawAbidingCitizens - Ray AbandonThought- Steph or Stephanie Adelheid (well that's my name...) Allie_luvs_GB~Alexis almadenannie - Annemarie Amiee- Amy-(Used a different spelling due to all those Amy's out there) andismom - Lois Anna ~ Anna wave.gif annette79-Annette annieday – ANDREA aqcheryl - cheryl lol Aussie_Stace - Stacey [or Stace] B-elle ***** It's for Bénédicte L (my name) .. Ah, it's the new of the day. Thank you for the idea, it was difficult to follow all t
  13. This sounds amazing! First I've even heard of it, but I can't wait to see it now...I'm sure it will be as awesome as it sounds!
  14. What else can I say but a huge, "AMEN" to all sentiments expressed above!
  15. Yes, Mumbleram, 23:00 is the same as 11 p.m., and the original language is Italian. Go, Gerry! Such a very busy man these days...
  16. Wow...it's been ages since I posted here...gotta get back more often. Had plans to come this year, but unfortunately, my niece (withOUT consulting me in advance, obviously!) decided to get married that weekend, so I'll be involved in family stuff instead of GALS stuff, and that means I won't even be able to do the virtual convention. Wild horses won't keep me away in 2012 though!
  17. Drat...like I needed one more reason to feel terrible that I can't be there...Next year, wild horses won't keep me away!!
  18. I too, love the live I've lived, and the time I've lived it in, with all it's modern conveniences, but have very often thought how much I'd love going back in time to certain eras..for a visit...whenever I wanted to, but with the knowledge that it was only temporary, and that I could return to my own time whenever I wanted. Too much to ask, I know..but I figure if I were fantasizing anyway, why not fantasize any way I want, and have it all on my terms?If that were so, I think the first on my list would have to be Renaissance Europe, then Victorian England, just for starters. I'm a hopeless rom
  19. It's the reason we're all here, Jill...the caring and connection Gerry shows all of us, and that we strive to show one another...it doesn't get better than that! So proud to be one of Gerry's fans...he's the best!
  20. Linda, I also hope next year will be your time, and I'll look forward to meeting you then!As always, the convention was wonderful...full of good stuff and good friends, united in a good cause, and it just doesn't get any better than that! I am so very happy that we have added the Shade Tree visits to our schedule each year...it makes me more appreciative than ever of the relatively easy life I lead and more wanting to do what I can to help those who need our support...thanks GALS, and see you next year!
  21. A sentiment shared by all the rest of us GALS, I'm sure...oh, the thought of it! Just took a closer look at the pictures...are those GERRY..SWEAT..STAINS?? :faint:
  22. Hey Beejay! I was wondering about you last night when we went to see POTO, wondering if you were coming this year, so you've answered my question, and I'm so sorry to hear you won't be here, but get your knee(s)all better and I look forward to seeing you next year! Hugs, Alison
  23. Oh doggone it , Frannie...for some reason, I thought I'd read that you WERE coming this year, and I was so looking forward to meeting you...for sure you have to come next year!My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...hitting the road from AZ here, as soon as bad traffic dies down...butterflies and all! Why am I so nervous?? Oh wait, that's not nerves...it's just sheer EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION! Sorry, Ger, it ain't gonna happen!
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