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  1. Sounds great to me...I'll be there too!
  2. Yes, I AM, and yes we ARE! I just couldn't resist, once I started reading this thread...haven't seen POTO for several years..I think I was one of those who ate at the Grand Luxe that time too, Poppy, and it was great..good food, good atmosphere, and best of all, good GALS! PALS too, of course..yes you are a brave man, Bill! Can't wait!!
  3. Hey KP (or should I say "cousin"?)..You can add me to your family tree...I'm of the MacDonald clan as well!
  4. I had planned on arriving Thursday around noon, but may come a day earlier so I can catch POTO Wednesday night...
  5. Wow...I need to check in here more often...sorry Holly--just now saw this! I booked one room, with code..
  6. Finally saw this last week with my son and grandson...LOVED IT! Now I can't wait to see it in 3-D!!
  7. I agree...an extremely unprofessional job on the reporting here...guess it never occurred to whoever wrote it that Gerry's many true fans would know better than to believe some of this junk. I kept thinking, as I read the article, "WHO in the world are they talking about here? That doesn't sound like Gerry!" Also, my thanks go to you too, Tamara!
  8. Yep...Isn't it exciting when others become aware of what we GALS have known all along??
  9. Yep, gotta agree with you there... Gerry + towel (or anything like unto it )= Happy GALS! I haven't seen the movie YET..but will definitely be going this coming week..always makes me more determined than ever when the critics start spewing their negative opinions, since that's so very often a sure sign the movie is worth seeing!
  10. I was initially disappointed, as I was expecting it to be a Roman-times depiction, but now that I know that isn't so, I'll adjust my thinking accordingly and enjoy it for what it will be...Gerry will do a great job no matter what era it's set in! Thanks for the link so we can follow along on the progress of filming!
  11. Okay, am I doing something wrong? I'm much later than I'd hoped getting registered, but I do plan on coming...problem is, when I go the site and click on "registration", then on "registration form", it's blank...there's no registration form to fill out. I don't know if it's a problem with my computer or what, but I can't bring the form up on either my laptop OR my other computer...HELP! I've been trying to register since yesterday...
  12. Glad to see all the good reviews so far...I hope to see it this week sometime..Go Gerry!!
  13. Amen to that, Cheryl..she was taken totally by surprise, and by her own account it took her several seconds to realize what was really going on..that his sudden appearance by her side wasn't just part of the program..sheer arrogance on his part! Guess I'd better add my name to that 'oldies' list! Although there were a few bright spots, I wasn't much impressed with most of the program myself, including Russell's hosting efforts--I thought he tried a little too hard to be vulgar--and succeeded admirably. (wow..I'm an oldie AND a prudie!) This was also my first time watching the VMA's, and Ger
  14. Another great interview..not that we expect anything different from our dear Gerry!!
  15. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! It's been ages since I watched SNL on a regular basis, but I always loved the idea that Gerry might someday host...I wouldn't miss this for the world! *runs off to mark calendar*
  16. Amen to that...your little "video surprise" was truly inspired, Katie, and I LOVED it! Many thanks to you and Mel for a highlight among the many treats we enjoyed during another amazing convention! ~Alison
  17. I've been traveling more with my husband on his business trips lately, and now I'll make sure to collect those various toiletries from the hotels where we stay and send them on for a great worthy cause, rather than them collecting around my own bathroom, where they might have eventually gotten used, or just ended up being thrown in the trash...such a great idea!!
  18. Hey, best anniversary wishes to the three of you and your hubbies!...and I can just envision our dear Gerry as he takes pen in hand and signs his John Hancock--with a flourish, no doubt--to the auction items...what a guy! Kinda makes your heart flutter a little to think how recently he touched those items! *sigh*
  19. Wish you could be there with us, Glasgow Lass.. ..maybe next year??
  20. Okay, a question here...and I'll probably figure it out on my own right after I post this and then feel silly, but just in case... I just went to the website to buy my ticket, and when they show available times for the exhibit, it only goes up until Saturday, the 27th...how did you guys that already bought your tickets go about getting one for Sunday, the 28th? It doesn't even list Sunday as an option, plus the only available time they show for each day is 10 a.m...I know--I'm probably missing something obvious... Alison
  21. Wow, Mrs. C...can't imagine how frightening that whole experience must've been...so glad to hear that your husband is okay now! In the middle of getting things together for Vegas...goosebumps are taking over!! I'm especially looking forward to this year after not being able to come at the (very) last minute last year!! Can't wait! *rubs hands together in anticipation* Alison/Phannie
  22. Add me to the list...this is an exhibit I've been dying to see...can't wait!! Alison
  23. Just found out I'll be driving to Vegas, and I'd love to go...I can fit 3-4 ladies in my car!
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