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  1. DRAT...me too! I'm leaving early Sunday to be home with my hubby for Fathers' Day..and I was sooo looking forward to this! Oh well, if you guys have a real blast, maybe it'll be on the agenda again for next year...
  2. Me too..please put me down for Saturday...first showing post-POTO, and I will need transportation. I had originally planned to drive and stay until Monday, but then I remembered it will be Fathers' Day weekend, so I'm flying instead, leaving early Sunday morning so I can spend the day with family, which means it's Saturday or not at all for me. Thanks for all your efforts getting this together, Issy and Aimee, and a special, HUGE thanks to you, Martin and Susan, for all the work you're going to for us. Really, you are going so above and beyond the call of duty on this...you guys are wonderf
  3. So very sorry..I did finally pm my info to Miklyn right about the time her computer died, so mine was obviously one of the ones she never received. The crazy thing is, I filled out the questionnaire part weeks ago and had saved it on my computer, with plans to send it as soon as I found what I thought was a suitable picture of myself to include, but I guess I was being too vain, 'cause I kept procrastinating...Back in the original thread, I asked the question, "Is there a cut off date for submitting all this stuff for the yearbook, or are you just going by the deadline for paying the balance
  4. Foxie, you are an amazingly talented GAL and will do a wonderful job no matter which picture you end up using, but as much as I swoon over the "Attila Eyes" (and all the others!) I had to go with the "300 smirk" too...that's priceless!
  5. Okay, rather than me searching through all threads to find the answer, can someone tell me what that was about? Did he assist Gerry in his stop-smoking efforts somehow?? Just curious...I have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Chopra, and he is fascinating to listen to! Alison
  6. I enjoy thinking about those women who WERE only there because they took their children to see it and had no idea who Gerry was..I can see their reaction now..."Who IS this guy, and why in the WORLD have I never noticed him before??"...and BINGO! GALS experiences another growth spurt as many more women's lives are changed forever by the magic that is Gerry! It happens every time one of his movies hits the theaters!!
  7. Amen to that...he's just the whole package..the real thing, well read and well educated, and definitely in touch with his sensitive side. What a catch!!
  8. Wow..I'm flattered that you had thought of me and I'd have been honored to do it, but it wouldn't have been the same without you, so again, I'm just very happy that you'll be able to come after all...and POTO on the big screen...ALL OF US TOGETHER!!! It just can't get much better than that, short of HRH showing up again! I know, it ain't gonna happen, but still, I can hardly WAIT for June...here come the !!!
  9. It's been a while since I've had much time to check in here at GALS, so imagine my excitement to see that you're back on board to be with us, Swannie!! I have to tell you..my heart broke just a little when I first read that you wouldn't be able to come this year, and especially because I was so looking forward to the POTO round table, so I am just thrilled to hear your--and therefore OUR--good news. I will certainly be there, with BELLS on, so please add my name to the list! I also have some great POTO items to bring along for display...Phannie/Alison
  10. 300 sequel...don't think so, as much as I loved it... Dear Frankie sequel...we should all be so lucky, and I'd be one of the first in line to see it if it ever happened!
  11. More great news! ...and oh yea..that VOICE...it just kind of makes a GAL go purrrrrr..and then *thud*
  12. A huge AMEN to that one...and a GAL can always dream, can't she?? *sigh*
  13. That's great news, and maybe it's because this is aimed at girls 9 - 17 years old, but HELLOOooo!! Anybody ever hear of that guy named Gerard Butler?? He's in the movie too..just thought I'd point that out...
  14. It's a sad fact, but we all--including Gerry--know that fame has its downside. So far he's been pretty lucky in that his fans have been mostly polite and respectful, but as he becomes more famous there will of course be wackos out there--"fans" or others--who invade his personal space...(can anybody spell p-a-p-a-r-a-z-z-i?) I hope his true fans will continue to respect his personal space..as hard as that might be, since we all know that what we really wanna do is run up, wrap ourselves in those amazing arms and plant a big wet one on his cheek! (I know, some of us would rather aim for the li
  15. Congrats to both Christines...about the doggy, and the new job...GREAT news on both counts! Mel, it WILL happen for you too..let's just expect something amazing to come up for you, and it WILL!! Susan...hope you're having a good one! Fran, I can't wait to see your bar stool when it's done...you have to be sure and post a pic for us! Cassie, hilarious job on the new lyrics...I guess even the little purple guy is getting older... Holly, I believe you truly missed your calling in life..you should've been a stand-up comedian. I still laugh everytime I think back on your monologue at th
  16. Well, I suppose they could if they really needed to, but even a guy in a kilt would have to sit on it just right or it could be a tad uncomfortable! I had saved that picture for sharing here on GALS when I felt the time was right, so when I came across Big Mike's Grand Entrance into the SC last night and saw what was being discussed, I knew the timing was perfect! It really is quite a work of art and would be a great addition to your bar, Frannie, although I have no clue where you might actually find one...sorry!! Good luck on the new job Sue, and on the continuing job hunt, Christine! So so
  17. I agree..that would've been great, but I certainly wasn't surprised that it didn't happen...just more of the same from Hollywood She really is a beautiful young lady, and I'll always think of her as "the one who might have been Christine"... althought I didn't know she could sing..?Yep, Cassie, I'd say that emoticon is entirely appropriate for us..and your little Cullen is adorable! Sue, it means a lot to know that someone missed me, especially because I'd been missing all of you here on GALS so much...don't think I'd ever gone that long without checking in before, so it is good to be back
  18. Wow, Suzie...how did I miss those pictures the first time I read through here?? *scratches head* You do have a fine looking family; you must be so very proud of your granddaughter! And what fun it must have been for you and Betts to meet each other! Fran, great Jamie pic! I started reading the first book; haven't finished it yet, but I certainly can't picture any face but Gerry's whenever Jamie comes on the scene...I know, I know, he's too old for the part, but who the heck cares? So much to catch up on here..not sure that's even possible, but I am reading that Anna is ill..so very so
  19. How's about a few MONTHS..it's been that long for me since I've posted here in the SC--almost feels like I'm starting all over. Anybody even remember me? No?? *sigh* I get that a lot...Heck, I even got a laptop for Christmas and thought that would make it easier to post more often, but pretty much the opposite has happened..go figure! Hi Christine..nice to meet you! Hope all goes well with your dad's dog..my dear old dog will be 17 years old next month, and I'm going to be absolutely broken-hearted when his time comes..in fact, I start getting emotional even thinking about it! I also went to
  20. So glad to hear that, Naoma..it really is a great idea! Unfortunately, like several others have confessed to, I tend to be a procrastinator and put things off until the last minute, but I WILL get it done, I promise! Alison
  21. phanphorlife

    "The Wall"

    Wow...you guys have done such great jobs...gotta get going on mine now!! This was a brilliant idea, Naoma!!
  22. Can't WAIT for this to hit theaters! ...and might I just say, based on the pants Gerry is wearing in the desert scenes, and specifically, the "freeze frame" shot Zany posted on the Trivia game, that rumors of him having "no butt" (his words, not mine!) are GREATLY exaggerated. If, however, they felt the need to pad his rear a little as he has said they did in the PONR scenes of POTO, then might I also say, "Bravo..well done...looks completely real and natural! (and I mean that in SUCH a good way...) *thud* Alison
  23. Just one more reason to love this wonderful movie! I had heard a while back that he'd quit again, but didn't dare believe it was for good this time, so I am beyond thrilled to read this! I know I have prayed constantly that he'd one day find the strength to kick the habit once and for all..thank Heaven it seems to be working for him this time. I will continue to keep him in my prayers that he can maintain his resolve...we need him to be around for a long, long time...can't imagine the world without Gerry!
  24. ..and that would be one doggone LUCKY Blarney Stone, I'd say... *sigh* :wub:
  25. Ohh yes, yes, YES..and wouldn't that be a refreshing switch? Sounds like another flick just tailor-made for the GerBear!! BRACE yourself, Ms. Heigl..you're in for a TREAT, working with this guy!
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