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  1. Wolf

    Poop Eating

    Do *not* put garlic on or in something your dog is eating; it contains thiosulphate, which is toxic to dogs (Source). Accent has MSG (monosodium glutamate); two teaspoons of MSG is enough to kill a dog. This article by a toxicologist provides details. Used all 3 for years.....Accent espically and this was recommended by several vets and other breeders. Garlic, if you read about natural youi will find it is use in many things and again recommended by vets. 2 of my dogs were going as far as eating out of the litterbox and rabbit poo from outside. They are still alive. Again, I did extensive research to make sure there was no MSG/toxins.....and the doses were very small. *Not even a teaspoon.....
  2. Wolf

    Poop Eating

    Rayne; Just because I have been training dogs/horses since I was 17 and work in a Vets office and have been a animal advocate does not make me an expert and with what I have learned is not doing either of these but research. Try: 1. Accent (food seasoning) 2. garlic 3. brewers yeast. The smell aone will deter
  3. I have to agree. I always told the Units I was attached to if I was ever hurt DO NOT repeat DO NOT take me to Bombai but to London....no matter how serious it is DO NOT. Have you guys ever seen the movie "Rules of Engagement" with Samuel Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones? Great movie but what you see ie the "hospitals" etc increase that by 2-fold if not more. I have friends in the MedCorps and to hear them describe some of the things like conditions, water sewage etc......India would not and is not my place to vacation visit or anything of the sort place to go to. JMO. Peace. LW
  4. Wolf

    Botox: Yes or no?

    Just speaking from personal experience and not telling anyone what they should do or not do: Prior to the Marine Corps Ball that year when Botox was the "going rage" (not as heavy as it is now, but just the same). I thought I'd give it a try-I to the curiosity thing...... and the worst thing was not research my Doctors-though mine came highly recommended! And then the reaction, etc. (Puffy wouldn't even begin to start describing things). Long story short, due to my skin complexion/color, how my skin reacts to even say makeup and facial cleansers not only did I have a reaction to the Botox he injected to much in certain areas!!!!! So, if you are that curious be careful in who you see, ask first the possible reactions and know what your skin can and will tolerate and those with olive complexion espically are at risk-which includes plastic surgery!!! A honest Doctor will tell you not just the pros but also the cons..... Peace LW
  5. yeah....could handle the beach scene right bout now....not the sand though just the water....seen enough sand in my time......wonder if the Gman knows how to surf! with those legs....
  6. he was, which is the same thing I thought which is also why there are no pics..... (cousin lives in Atlanta and attended it...)
  7. Don't worry - I got it! And I wouldn't mind handling him, either. As for this "report", of course it's poppycock. Like Erik's Ebony Eyes said, and Moira, it's almost verbatim what was said about CD (right down to the thigh thing), and the stories are just repeating themselves. If and when it's real love for Gerry, he'll let the world know. He's way too demonstrative to keep it hidden for very long. Lisa Im with you Lisa. Not to make anyone p'od at me but: LOL-The Sunday Mail-UK was the exact same culprit that help initate if not start the Cameron Diaz/Gerard Butler "relationship". And what was the outcome....same place, same time yaddy yaddy ya......He was in Toronto and attended the "Burn.." premiere, she was in Toronto for her premiere......and the same thing with posts being entered, that he and Jennifer would make a cute couple......YET! when the Cameron and Gerry thing was on wasnt the same comment made that he and Cameron would make a cute couple as well? (instead of Jennifer it was Cameron.....)sorry, I will not support a rumor or tabloid who-ya......only when Gerry says he has found the "right one" then Ill say "Gerry and ? make a nice looking couple because he himself validated it. Jus' my opinion ladies. But think about it. Everytime something like this happens...... here is the article (sorry if its been posted already): Scots Hollywood hunk Gerard Butler gets close with Jennifer Aniston September 14, 2008 - Sunday Mail.co.uk - Lynn Mcpherson http://www.sundaymail.co.uk/tv-showbiz-new...78057-20735911/ HOLLYWOOD hunk Gerard Butler has another A-list number in his little black book after getting Friendly with Jennifer Aniston at a top hotel. The Scots star was spotted getting pally with the former Friends actor at the five-star Hyatt Roof Lounge during the Toronto Film Festival. Fellow party-goers noticed a special chemistry between the couple, with Paisley-born Gerry, 38, seen patting Aniston's thigh during the close encounter last week. The 300 star, who has been linked with some of the world's most beautiful women, was also spotted rubbing the 39-year-old actress's shoulder and leaning in close to her ear. Butler left the festival two days before, so some were surprised to see him. An insider said: "There was a definite chemistry. He's so tactile and flirtatious and she seemed to love it. "They were so comfortable together and make a striking couple. Gerry is not fazed by her fame. This could be the start of a serious romance." The previous evening, Aniston had dinner with model Matt Felker, with whom she has been linked in the past. But any rumours the pair were enjoying anything other than a business meeting were dismissed by her sizzling encounter with Butler, who stars in Guy Ritchie's gangster movie RocknRolla. The actor has been linked to Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Chiara Conti. Aniston, who divorced Brad Pitt in 2005, recently split from singer John Mayer, but said: "Things couldn't be better."
  8. It is exactly the same thing like Gerry and Cameron Diaz. He and Cameron just happened to be in the exact same spots at the same date. DIdnt GB clarify this? And as he also stated, that just because your in the same place at the same time doesnt mean anything (dont remember exact words). Same with Jennifer. What is the old sayin....here we go again...its things like this that gets people into trouble....
  9. Mel; Totally off the subject, though Moira looked pretty in that pic with GB. Love the top. Anyway, is that you with the "numchucks" awsome moves-good exercise BTW....
  10. theres one thing missin' to make his outfit complete...........his cellphone/ipod.
  11. I definitely agree with you here, Ive been caught up in "groups" who have professed such things. And like you said there is the Bible, Koran and so forth. At the same time though, to find inner peace shouldnt one start with accepting what has been done, dealing with it and moving on? Plus, know that when you get up in the morning the only one that looks back at you is you....in turn that is the one you have to answer to and most of all even though like say with Gerry, he has the strong faith and love of his fans, he needs to strengthen his own faith and when he does this, all this faith combined will give him the peace he is looking for plus much more because with faith comes strength and perseverence. (Hope not to mushy and making sense). And me to, not out to offend anyone just trying to say there are better ways to find peace or whatever it is you seek.
  12. First, as for Cameron Diaz being the worst to ask for an autograph, that is without a doubt true........when Mask came out my Aunt, 2 of my cousins and their at the time boyfriends, my Uncle and a neighbor of theirs was out in LA out and about, well, not to go into a long story, they and several others who were in LA for the movie, were waiting and OMG what they had to say when they got back, rude and nasty would be the nicer way to describe it. My Aunt said the older couple that was in the crowd just turned around and left, it wasnt pleasent. And like I said when the wind blows in the same direction, meaning the stories/comments are he same then to me there is truth in it. And I feel for you regarding your family and what they are dealing with. When my Mom was told, they had also notified the papers, and even Social Security...it took forever to get things straightened out. A lie is a lie is a lie....same as a rumor or gossip. (If you cant preach the gospel, dont carry the bible per my Papa when I was little).
  13. per sponkit.com (www.sponkit.com) Feb 5, 2008 is another confirmation of her and Scott.......Scott BTW is the actor if I remeber right that was with Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies. HOT also. I think he is either English or Scots (something about them Scottish dudes......)
  14. BTW-I thought she was going out with Scott Speedman (www.hollyscoop.com): Excerpt is with a picture of the 2 (Jan 2008): Cameron Diaz and Scott Speedman? I know I thought the same thing. Who is he again? But Scott Speedman is actually a really hot piece, and he's rumored to be hooking up with Cameron Diaz. Cam's been doing some traveling lately for her show Trippin, and has most recently found herself in the Bahamas. Witnesses say the two have been smooching and frolicking all over the beach. I think they'd make an unusual but really hot couple. Then again, poor Cam has been linked to everyone and anyone in Hollywood so I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't even true.
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