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  1. He would have been nearly 26 on Halloween in 1995 -- and didn't he get fired as a trainee lawyer that year? I wonder if this is shortly before he hopped on his motorbike and headed for London. Facebook can make a whole lot of skeletons pop out of the closet and into public view. I wonder how many celebrities are gritting their teeth waiting for it to happen. (Not that this is much more than a harmless blast from the past, of course. It's fun to see how little Gerry's looks have changed since then.)
  2. Leave it to a Scotsman to pay $75,000 to kiss a Haggis!
  3. Most days this week: Ellen Access Hollywood Once a night during prime time David Letterman or Craig Ferguson, alternating They're everywhere!
  4. I thought he had to at least be one of his doubles because there is something similar about them. If that's his half-brother, nice gene pool, Butlers.
  5. Oh, well. The real White House is faced with wood cut to look like bricks. So is Mount Vernon. Builders have been "styling" materials at hand for effect since architecture began. Theater and the movies borrowed the idea, they didn't invent it.
  6. The same old indies are languishing in our local arthouses, I've noticed, even when they're also showing at AMC Select locations (which are more convenient for movie goers, in multiplexes). Makes you wonder about the distribution system: are they just milking the nominated films for as much money as possible before putting in new ones? (My guess: of course.) There were 12 people watching "The Artist" on a Saturday night when I saw it in Northern Virginia. And it deserves to be seen, IMO. But it's not selling tickets (because it's silent, probably). I remember when "The Hurt Locker" opened. It drew small crowds and was on DVD before it won Best Picture. Didn't hurt its critical stance but didn't waste theater space either. (I just saw it last weekend, finally.) Things have apparently changed. But why?
  7. He looks to me like he's wearing an Eddie Vedder grunge disguise. He must have been tired. He hasn't had much time off and it's a long flight. Hopefully he's gotten some rest by now and is enjoying family time while he recharges his batteries.
  8. Gulp. That was the FIRST scene they filmed? Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! (Won't say more due to spoilers but this is a great article and I agree with the sentiments expressed. )
  9. I've got confirmed tickets from my flex pass to see "MGP" on Friday, Sept. 16. Yay! But not for the morning showing of "Coriolanus" on Sept. 17. Wonder what's up with that? Still gonna call for premiere tickets to "Coriolanus" on Sept. 12 but we'll see. Otherwise, I guess I'll be on the red carpet rope line.
  10. Do they show films more than once at TIFF? Gala Premieres are very expensive and most fans would just want to be at the red carpet anyway. I'd like to actually see the movie there if possible but not break the bank. Just wondering.
  11. hi Sue,

    glad u are coming. post here closer to date when u are coming.

    looking forward to meeting up with u

    Megg (

  12. I'll be there with my husband from Sept. 12 through Sept. 18. We're huge movie buffs and have already ordered a ticket package to catch as many as we can. Hopefully Gerry's time there will overlap with ours and we're always up for a meeting with Gerry's other fans, of course. Sue
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