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    My two wonderful little boys, family, friends, laughing (alot.) Learning something new, reading, writing, creating (such as sewing, woodworking, crafts, gardening, drawing a floor plan for my perfect house.)<br />Movies, traveling (although that's slowed considerably since the boys) <br />Music, classic rock, alternative rock, <br />Health Education,(it's the area of nursing I most love.)<br />And of course, all things Gerry.

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  1. Hey! GF! Where are you?

    Miss you! =)

  2. Good God!!... did he look GORGEOUS!!! And that burr.... OMG! Marianne
  3. Just stoppying by to wish all of you a very Happy and safe Holiday. We've been having a rain/ice storm all morning here in the east. YIKES! In a few hours my boys and I will head over to my Mom and Dad's for Christmas Eve fesativities with our whole family. May be calling on Santa and his sleigh for a ride over. Have a great day everyone, Lots of Love, Marianne
  4. Thanks Barb! Gerry looks so cool as usual. Mighty fine hat ya got there! Marianne I need a Christmas siggy!
  5. Can I join you? You can pick me up on Rt 80 on your way down!! LOL! You Got It !!!
  6. This is sooooo cool! Philly is 2 1/2 hrs as the crow flies! (what does that mean, anyway!) lol Hey Marg , care to go on another road trip with me?!?! Marianne
  7. Oh my! I feel a sin coming on! Marianne
  8. Count me in!! I hurt my foot recently but I'm thinking it will be ok by then. If not, I'm sure the Hilton has a wheelchair I can decorate! WOOT WOOT!!! Marianne
  9. Great interview! Thanks. Gerry is just so freakin adorable. Marianne
  10. OMG!!! ***and lots of gasping and grunting sounds****
  11. Hey there all you East Coaster's. Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather we're having. Zany, I wish I could go with you GF! It sounds like sooo much fun! Take lots of pictures. Marianne :
  12. What a great interview!! Too funny. Thanks Barb, Marianne
  13. Awesome pics!! WOW!, does our guy look hot!! Thanks for posting, Marianne
  14. Thanks for sharing those GREAT pics! Looks like soooooo much fun. Marianne
  15. Hi Marianne here! I live in Northwestern NJ in the town of......wait for it........ SPARTA!!!! I just love saying that, lol Nice to see ya all here.
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